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The Storm Legacy 1.5

Last time on my really embarrassing ISBI where i have stats of a 6th generation ISBI, everyone passed out, and everyone fought, and well everyone peed themselves. The did manage to have tons of kids though. Alex was pregnant with the last baby of generation 2.

Good riddance Danielle!! Off to Uni you go.

Alex: Holy shit i hope Hermoine didn't impregnate me.

You know, i hoped i would get further in the update before the fail started...i guess i was wrong. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO NOT CHEAT!!

I decided that we needed to start skilling the kids though, after all they do need to be able to manage themselves in Uni without my help (well the idiots anyway)

Alex, do you have to pop in the bathroom with your son using the toilet?!

Ok, the Simpsons are crazy but manage...the IDKs i couldn't understand but whatever...HOW THE MOTHERFUCKING HELL DOES THIS FAMILY GET A LAMP?!


And here we have the final baby of the generation...Karl. His 'father' is Jesus Venturi, of simplicist fame.

And boy did he take the baby weight off fast. My sisters had 7 months and still hasn't lost it.

Awwww my Alex is all old now, no more red headed eye candy. :(

The trips also grew up into teens...Gaston and Ivan here.

and Hermoine. and if you haven't seen Jeanne, here she is as a child.

LOL 20 grandkids...are you serious?! i gave you 10 kids, you ain't gettin 20 grandkids.

Alex: Sweet i got demoted, lets throw a fucking party!!!

Gaston: Feel how buff my bod is!
Ivan: This is getting a lil too sick for my taste.

WTF! You come home with the plague and pass out on the fucking curb?!

More skilling, and we see the little shit Jeanne jumping on the bed. *resists urge to cancel action*

Hi 2 leaders of the pack...why are you here?! Jacob Black is not inside!!

Oh you just wanna up my fight count by fighting on the lawn. I may hurt you for that!

Alex: You totally shoulda been here when the house went up on fire!! It was awesome
Asparagus: That isn't something you should brag about dude!

And the trips have been sent off to college...and yes i actually did lock the 20 grandkid want.

Jeanne had a birthday...not bad looking if i say so myself.

Chance card win and Jeanne going to college.

Floating dolls are all around.

Karl grew up into a handsome man himself. Love it!!

Uni spam time...nice to see Alex taking the kid to Uni.

Danielle - Romance

Earl - Knowledge

Frances - Popularity

Gaston - Romance

Hermoine - Knowledge

Ivan - Pleasure

Jeanne - Family

Karl - Fortune

This poll is closed.

Who do you vote for heir?


Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 1
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 3
Self-Wettings: 10
Pass-Outs: 26
Fights: 11
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 1
Alien Abductions: 7

If you click the storm tag, you can find the Storms uploaded as well :)
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simsforaranya December 13th, 2009
I really like Jeanne. She is pretty in a different way, and she will make such cute alien bbs. :D

kingmike1224 December 21st, 2009
LOL i personally am rooting for either Karl or Hermoine cuz they have elf ears, Also Jeanne pissed my off because she just kept jumping on the bed i was like YOU little shit!!!

simsforaranya December 21st, 2009

Yeah, that is so annoying. Very useful for warming them up when the social worker wants to take them away for freezing to death though! XD

racetrackd December 13th, 2009
I reallyreally admire you for doing an ISBI, Jeanne for heir. :P

kingmike1224 December 21st, 2009
Oh i seriously have no idea how i havent cheated yet...this is a rough thing to do, especially for a control freak like myself, but i guess that makes it more challenging

leenyland December 14th, 2009
You LOL at the 20 grandkids want but you locked it in! ^.^ I did that one for Nora and it's not that bad. Especially if you move the non-heirs out and baby them up though I think they only count the want being fulfilled if the Grandparent is on lot when the baby is born... I think, but I'm not sure.

It's like Flu Season in the Sims. ^.^ Everyone's sims are getting it!

kingmike1224 December 21st, 2009
LOL well Alex came home from work with it, your sims were stupid and ran to the roaches...which im surprised havent shown up here yet.

quinctia December 23rd, 2009
I voted for Jeanne because I liked her skin, and she's a family sim so you can have fun with that. :P

kingmike1224 December 28th, 2009
LOL you just want her to get 10 kids too dont you?! you know how horrible it was, look at the fights!!!

quinctia December 28th, 2009
Let's be honest here. Whoever you pick is going to end up with a lot of kids, so you might as well pick someone who's going to be a little happy about it, right? XD

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