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The IDK Legacy 4.3

So last time, The IDK house was a bed of sex, cheating and all around hippy style!! GTFO got remarried to the shop boy Gordon, JAS had an affair with Michael Peet, and then divorced Fairfax after Fairfax cheated on him with Bot. Fairfax and Gordon found out they were both pregnant :)

GTFO is still working on keeping his relationships away from each other...after all...too many crazy people leads to crazy things and the next thing you know hes John Wayne Bobbitt.

Fairfax has been sitting here for quite some time...i think hes still trying to figure out how he got pregnant.

JAS here has been trying to get the story of his life turned into a storyline on One Life To Live, after all, you cant make this shit up!!

Poor Gordon is just emotionally unstable...hes peed himself, passed out in food and well been pregnant for about 3 years of sim life, that would make me hormonal too!

And even though everyones caught everyone cheating...everyone still swoons for everyone...did that sentence make any sense to you?

Mercedes isnt very happy to find out that GTFO was cheating on her. How she was stupid enough to think she was his one and only shows how stupid she really is.

See really stupid, doesnt she know i have sentry bots?

JAS: Dad your ex is trying to kill us with roach flu.
GTFO: Will i ever have sex again?!

GTFO: Bitch, i need a date fast, my husband wont give me any!
MM: That will be 5 grand!

Pollux Randolph...really?! Wow I like them apples!

GTFO: Pollux you are so beautiful, this rose doesnt do your beauty justice.
Pollux: Awww youre so sweet.

JAS meanwhile, has taken to stalking his ex-husband...normally you would think it would be to be like poke/slap etc...nope not JAS, its talk flirt chat.

Pollux: So have you ever video taped you having sex with anyone
GTFO: What kinda person do you think i am?!

Apparently thats what Pollux was looking to hear.

Aww and here is our little heir LOL, isnt she adorable?

Is being pregnant with a robots baby that tiring that all you do is sleep or relax all day?!

Why yes, i did take this picture for me, but i bet you like it too :p

Me: DUDE! You are a robot with maxed cooking...how do you set the kitchen on fire?

LOL I love how the butler doesnt even pay attention to the fire, he just cleans.

GTFO: Congrats on giving me another grandkid!
JAS: How did my life turn out like this *sad panda*

Gordon: You know what would make you happier, a new hat
JAS: Im a divorced father of four and you want me to buy a hat?

JAS decided that maybe walking around in his underwear would make him happier (what dont look at me *shifty eyes*)...and teaching LOL to skill and stuff made him happier

GTFO is still my adorable guy, rubbin Fairfaxs belly...Hes such a doting grandpa, though its not his grandkid.

Ahhh i see, GTFO is back to seducing everyone in sight!!!

Labor Time again!!

Only one baby again...ok i could swear i have better odds for multiple births than this.

Its a boy, IMHO. Dads eyes and hair...an inbetween skin.

And Fairfax ruins the moment by pissing himself...WHAT THE FUCK!! Is pregnancy that horrible on you?!

At least he makes up for being a useless idiot by giving me a belly rub!! I love this action...i wish i could make every pregnant sim take this picture!!

And FYI who is a girl mind you, grows into boy transition?! Im a bit scared of my game now.

So Pollux called and said WOW you screwed me so well the last time, lets go downtown. I took them to Crypt O Club or whatever. Only i realized that GTFO owned it and that there were no employees on the lot...Oops!

Castor apparently has come to visit his haunting grounds...after all, his brother is banging the owner.

Teen host,

Hired cook and waitress,


and bartender, who apparently showed up to work drunk!

Chicky, its GTFO...he dont need your job, you work for him!!

Well these two have finally gotten back together in lurve...and Awww Gordon wants to be friends with Emma Jean Drunkenmiller.

Even JAS has taken to the forgiving nature of the house...

a little too forgiving...the whorehouse is back to normal!

Fairfax: *i totally just screwed my ex*
Me: Look its the movie its complicated.

Poor Gordon, hes still pregnant, i think hes just fed up now.

JAS: So i hear that grandma was a bitch back in the day.
GTFO: She always seemed reasonable to me.

The replacement papergirl is a total knockout!! Loving the eyes on you chick!

JAS: If you say dada, ill take you to build a bear.
LOL: Dada, now put me in the damn car so we can go!

So Emma Jean, whos just as pregnant as Gordon, is at work but the carpool wont pick up Gordon. Geez double standards.

I dont remember why i took this picture, but its probably like LOL saying get me a bottle or im putting you in an old age home.

LOL: So this is what its like to have the world at your becking call.

It literally turns 6pm, i get the pop ups and Fairfax HAS to go into labor NOW!!!

and not to be outdone, Gordon GOES as well...DO you know what 2 labors simultaneously together do to a game?!

Fairfax and Bot have a bouncing baby boy. His name is Jacob, as he has no lineage to the bloodline, he gets a normal name.

Gordon and GTFO had a beautiful baby too, and im shit for remembering not only sex but name, whoops.

LOL grew up into a beautiful girl, I mean my god shes adorable. And i have no idea, but FML grew up too.

I had GTFO go back to Crypt O Night club because i had GTFO sell it so it wasnt too much work for them. Pollux and GTFO are adorable.

Family shot, poor FYI has been cut off :p Also why is Michael holding Fairfaxs and Gordons baby.

LOL Dream date, and doesnt it kinda look like Grim is coming for GTFO...but hes not.

GTFO: Oh hey bitch, stop kicking over my garbage can.
Bun chick: OMG! You cheating slimeball...*kiss kiss*

IMHO is gonna enter toddlerhood, but in style.

Hes totally adorable!! I love him.

I also grew up FML...hes totally hott!!

Why on earth are Fairfax and Gordon fighting?! Oooh thats right, the whole cheating thing?!

Michael decided, though, to spend some quality time with his daughter. It raised their relationship a bit.

Oh who the fuck is fighting now?!

God seriously?! How is JAS and BOT that bad at each other to just fight randomly?!

FYI is getting her toddler training on though, Gordon and her are completely oblivious to the fight in the next room.

Dude, the robot got his ass beaten by a human, and is feeling pain?! Gooo JAS!!!

Someone got a blind date, and some nookie.

and some more nookie.

His blind date is actually a exterminator that came by the house, quite interesting.

And then goes to screw the headmaster...but unfortunately, they never got that far before the clock ran out.

LOL: Dad, where do babies come from?
Fairfax: Do i look like one of your fathers?

GTFO: Here you go IMHO, have a bottle.

Chance card win!! Sweet.

Birthday spam!! Lots and lots of birthdays.

Triple birthday!! GTFO gets FYI, Fairfax gets Jacob and JAS gets, apparently, FYE.

Ahhh FYE was a boy, well its nice to know now!

FYE gets an awesome shirt and to get her own food.

Jacob, has looks of his father, and apparently is pissed. Hes kinda mad looking.

JAS: Where did FYE go? Where is he?
FYE: *giggles*

Study time, we need to get the kids prepared.

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quinctia December 23rd, 2009
Aww, no good close-up of LOL and you said she was cute!

I just noticed a question you asked me a couple of months ago...sorry it took so long, but I don't think I ever got a comment notification for it. You wanted to know how many characters I had in the Laurince hood?

I just went and looked and I am utterly astonished, but it's only 510. Especially considering this is the default Veronaville and I had initially attached the official Sim State University to it. All I can say is deleting (properly via Pescado's methods) almost all of the Maxis story characters and townies, plus having clean templates for NL and on must have kept things neat.

You said you had a lot of Simpson characters, but you have a lot more EPs which means more townies and apartment tenants and tourists and NPCs at the very least. Also I think you tend to have considerably more children on average than I do, and that's saying a lot, because I let Laurinces spares spawn.

kingmike1224 December 28th, 2009
LOL actually the simpsons are in a hood with like 3 batches of townies spawned and a ton of Pixel Trade sims, but its a wonder that hood hasnt imploded upon itself! theres something like 900 characters in it too.

quinctia December 28th, 2009
After a certain EP, the danger of a hood exploding due to character files went way down. (The max # of characters basically went up.)

The downside to a lot of extra characters is load time.

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