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The Drunkenmiller Legacy 2.2

Last time on the Drunkenmillers, I finally got control of the heir, Emma Jean. She found her way into a quaint Tiki themed shack in Desirita Valley where the IDKs live. She went to the park and met alot of townies, then turned slut and got knocked up by the paper boy.

Being super pregnant, Emma was the worst pregnant person EVER!!! Her needs dropped faster than the stock market.

Hi JAS!!! Why are you coming to steal the newspaper?

Pop #2 from the paperboy baby.

What the hell?! How did you get fired from an entry level job?!

Hey Emma, meet the mother of the wildebeast baby, Audrina Hale.

Thomas: *I wonder if he knows im banging his chick like a drum*
Me: You havent had sex yet.

Praying mantis syndrome? She stuck her arms through his body o.0

Thomas: So you wanna do it?
Emma: I totally wanna do it *maybe it will get the baby out faster*

They totally did it...for some reason i always get 2 shots of the woohoo.

And then they kiss good nite, cuz apparently 2am is the witching hour and everyone becomes pumpkins or something.

Ya for this reference you need to have read this post (If you cant read, my computer froze when i had like 60 pictures for an update and i couldnt save, but apparently i saved a lil bit after the last picture.)

Well lets see, of course you can, you slept with the paperboy and got knocked up. You are pregnant with child #3 and you still havent been caught cheating.

Drew here is totally adorable with FYI, if i had the child crush hack, i totally woulda used it. I need something to do with her anyway.

Drew decided to go outside and make a snowman..he is really smart, after he was done he went inside and didnt get cold or anything.

See, right to studying for him. Cooking to start with, he definitely needs to start with that.

She apparently just fell in love with someone...i cant be bothered to remember who it is anymore, just know that shes a whore getting away with cheating.

See, right downstairs is Anthony and her kids.

FMLs baby time!! WHo i apparently forgot to take a picture of...Its a boy named Noah (well i think its Noah)

Onto seducing baby daddy #4, Mario Larkins of selzi's name

Things moved super fast, he was in and out within an hour.

Ahhh here is the baby, brown hair and grey eyes (Before my computer froze, he was black haired and green eyed)

Anthony: Isnt it completely odd that some random guy is walking around my house in his underwear.

Chess is hard for Emma, i mean just look at her face.

Isabella is just totally adorable...its gonna be hard to pick an heir. Lemme tell you.

*cackles* Excellent, things are going according to plans.

FYI: Would you wanna travel the world with me when we get older Drew?
Drew: Sure, i could use a vacation from the winter that will never end.


Awww cant you see, they look adorable together!!!

Emma: HEEEEY! Im home, and someone totally wants me to get the roach flu!!
Co-worker: Why do i keep coming home with her?

Pop #1 on baby #4...seriously...its baby #4 already

So i totally need to get his genes into one of the families!!! Whos with me?

OK so It said Anthony brought home a coworker...whatever, then i get the cut scene and the BOOOONG! Oh shit.

Ya, Emma isnt quite happy to be cheated on, though she can cheat all she wants.

Me: Ooo shes gonna gut someone with a rusty spork!!!

Emma: WTF!! How dare you cheat on me with some ugly ass bimbo?!
Anthony: *takes it and feels guilty*

Its Toddler Noah...and hes totally Evil looking...when i tell you the last time he looked alot better, please feel my pain.

Please do not be flaunting new girlfriend in front of Emma, she will eat her.

Emma: Say Daddy hunny
Isabella: That fucker is not my daddy!!!

Emma: So DNA is like the building blocks of humans, do you get it.
Drew: Stop distracting me mom, you know youre gonna lose anyway.

Emma is now actually paying attention to her kids...its not like shes paying any attention to Anthony.

So look who happens to walk by, Alejandro...She wants to be friends with him too. But he will not be reproducing with her until one of racetrakds sims gets into the IDK line.

LOL and what update of mine would be complete without an appearance from one of leenylands the current Date or Incinerate phenomenon, Shamrock Crayola.

And at last we end with a baby update will be another baby, or babies ;)

SO this is part 2 from me, remember to visit leenylands journal to get the story about Miller and Emma Jean as a kid. Also we decided that All of Emma Jeans kids will be eligible for heirship, and not just the first 3. See you next time.
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