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(no subject)

So I got an iPod touch for christmas! Now to. Figure out how to read my friends page

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racetrackd December 25th, 2009
I have one too :3
Aren't they awesomee!
Merry Christmas!

simplyn2deep December 25th, 2009
so lucky! I want!!

kingmike1224 December 25th, 2009
Lol I'd love your christmas card, but the mail destroyed it

simplyn2deep December 25th, 2009
lol stupid mail! if it isn't being sent back to me for one reason or another, it's being destroyed!

its_davy_baby December 25th, 2009
They should make an app for people who didn't get a Christmas Card from you. I would be on that list. *sniff*

kingmike1224 December 25th, 2009
LOL no ones received my cards yet, I was only able to get them mailed yesterday cuz I was so busy with work

its_davy_baby December 25th, 2009
You lagger! :-P

its_davy_baby January 6th, 2010
Still have not received it. :-(

la_bellavita December 29th, 2009
Hey sweetie. think you can link me to some good free sim 3 sites?

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