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update on mom

Thank you all for your well wishes to the last post. it was just unfathomable when i went to bed last nite and saw her.

When i saw going to bed last nite, she was on the toilet, just kinda there...she didnt look right to me, so i sat with her and was making sure everything was ok, she had very shallow breath to her and had the appearance of an alzheimers patient who didnt know where they were...i was scared, then i caught a glimpse of her foot, and it was blue...it was the only push i needed and the family was mobilized to get her to the hospital (even though she didnt wanna go)

at the hospital, she was diagnosed with double pneumonia, which is fluid in both lungs...they had her on a oxygen mask, but she wasnt even taking 100% of the oxygen through that, they had to intubate her, which she again was against...they actually had to sedate her and keep her sedated so they can get her blood oxygen levels back to normal.

All i have to say is thank god i caught that glimpse of her...the doctor in the ER said if she hadnt been brought in soon, she coulda died. they do expect her to recover, and i hope she takes this as a wake up call to quit smoking. we made the round of phone calls (her job, our bosses, her sisters and dads siblings). they expect her to be sedated until at least wednesday, with the earliest release date from the hospital of saturday.

i just am beside myself...my mind keeps racing, and the family itself has barely gotten sleep, though they are all asleep now but me.

if this is how 2010 is going to go, im gonna hibernate until 2011.

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masheek2 January 11th, 2010
I'm glad she's gonna be ok. That's really scary. *hugs*

brilliantcat January 11th, 2010
Thank god you were paying attention and got her to the hospital so quickly! My mother was the same way, refused to allow us to take her to the hospital until she was so ill she had absolutely no choice. I'm glad you got her in. She was confused from the lack of oxygen most likely. Do not let her tell you no when she gets sick! I'm speaking as both a nurse and as a child who's been in the same situation with a parent, one who wishes she'd pushed harder when her mom said no.

I know intubation looks scary but it's best for her right now and it's a GOOD thing, it's taking the stress off her lungs and allowing them to heal and rest. It's not necessarily a sign that she's doing badly or will go downhill. Many, many people come off respirators successfully after needing them for short periods of time. Often keeping people on 100% oxygen via mask is more detrimental to healing than a respirator. I know how worried you must be but try to get some rest. Go back tomorrow with a clear head, hold her hand, talk to her. Even though she's sedated, she'll hear you and know you're there.

Sorry for the book, I tend to blab a lot where illness is concerned. Nurse habit :x Just tell me to shut up if it's unwelcome. My thoughts are with you and your whole family right now *hugs*

there_was_a_boy January 11th, 2010

so_goshable January 11th, 2010
I am so glad that you saw her, and caught that. Double pneumonia is so bad, my grandpa had that once & had to be hospitalized too, though not to this degree. I wish her a full recovery!

minotaurus January 11th, 2010

I really hope she gets better soon. Much love.

sparklediamant January 11th, 2010
I'm so sorry to hear that she's ill- but glad she's going to be ok! *hugs* you and mom are in my thoughts and prayers!!

leenyland January 11th, 2010
I'm very glad you acted like you did! We don't need any more tragedy in January! I don't know about writing off 2010, but I'm definitely ready to forget January exists!

Keep me updated!

feenie January 11th, 2010
*hugs* I told you to call me!!!! We need to get you back to earth and grounded.

stakeit_uk January 11th, 2010
Oh my, thats so scary! I'm glad you were able to tell something was wrong and got her the medical attention she needed. Take care of yourself :)

timberho January 11th, 2010
I'm glad she's going to be okay. I know it's really rough to have that happen to a parent. It was fate that you saw her!

katu January 12th, 2010
Oh my god, that's horrifying. I don't know what I'd do in that situation...you're really brave for keeping such a clear head about it. I hope she feels better. <3

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