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The Drunkenmiller Round Robin Legacy 2.3

Last time, we had computer FAIL! Emma started to show her pregnancy of the random sex with the paperboy, and showed how slutty she is by having kids with 4 guys. She caught Anthony cheating though she has been ridden more times than Seattle Slew. Shes given birth to Drew, Isabella, and Jared. We left off with her getting pregnant by Mario Larkins.

Anthony shows off that he isn't made of fail after all, by continuing to get promoted. However, bringing home 8 year old FYI IDK is a little distrubing.

Emma: So you totally know I'm going to be a mom again.

I guess that was a turn on for Philip. They ACRed it upto the bed...

While the cult downstairs surrounds Jared. Everyone must love Jared...poor Isabella is gonna have an inferiority complex.

Not that it matters though. Today is Isabella's birthday, shes gonna be going to school with Drew.

It's at this opportune time that Emma decides Hey, lets have me go into labor. And Alejandro decides to start macking on dothesmustle's FC3 entry (i think her name is like Ginger in this hood).

And Emma gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Kelly. Mom's hair, Dad's eyes, and a geneticized skintone.

Baby Daddy #5 time...leenyland and I decided that I could have as many kids as i wanted, but as long as i didn't overwhelm the poll.

STOP THAT!!! Hes still eligible for IDK marriage!!!

Sexy Times!!! Hi there Nipple....SUCK ON THAT PHOTOBUCKET!

Being the romantic, Philip shows just how much he loves Emma, not that he ever showed that affection for GTFO...

And Emma shows just how much of a slut she is by making out with him after they've had sex.

Emma: So you were amazing, wanna go take another romp in the sack.
Philip: OMG SEX!! *gets naked*

AM I the only one waiting for the option to release to send the kid flying off?

Birthday spam... Its the first excited!!!

And baby #5 is coming as well...Its actually been a day and he's gone and come back.

Philip loves the idea of being a daddy, rubbing the belly...

and talking to the belly...he is gonna be a great daddy isn't he?

Drew: Dad, i dont think there are enough candles on the cake for my age.
Anthony: Just blow out the candles and shut up.

Drew: Holy shit, I'm built!!

Stats: kinda interesting roll he got there.

Drew: Daaaaaaaamn! Im fine!!
Me: You will pay for your cockiness

Drew: Say awesome Jared.
Jared: *giggles*
Drew: say Drew is awesome

Jared maxed his charisma learning the nursery rhyme. Hes gonna be a rapper yo!

OK so I may have a fixation with Drew, but seriously, hes good looking by random chance!

Jared and Kelly also grow up, Jared starts school...and dear god JAS is a grandfather...thats kinda scary.

Jared looks totally adorable...i guess its all in Emma's genes.

Kelly...well lets hope Kelly grows into her beak

LOL Its one of those 'why the fuck did i take this picture' pictures.

Anthony: So i totally heard from my friend that he found this chick whos sluttier than you.
Emma: *I'm gonna gut him with a spork*

Emma: What the fuck? Did you think that was a come on line?
Anthony: But i love you.

Emma: Well in that case *makes out*
Me: *scratches head* what the hell just happened?

Anthony goes off to his hard day of work at EA to make sims games.

Emma though, despite being a horrible pregnant sim, needs to meet some more she gets introduced to the mailman who i want his genes...great eyes and alien skin.

She seems to agree with my sentiments *cough*whore*cough*.

Emma: So i told that loser to hit the road.
Mailman: Why is she telling me this?

Mailman: Are you sure you were taught the necessary skills as a kid? You seem to wanna overshare things?
Emma: Well I tell people everything.

So she chased away the mailman very quickly.

Fish til you pop...wait that doesn't sound right.

So i have like 100 fish...why not start cooking them up. Emma just don't eat them all.

Emma: Jared, im sorry but we dont have a cd player. You can't play that copy of Fearless
Isabella: *I can not be related to these people*

Anthony: Tickle tickle
Drew: GOD! Dad im not 8 years old anymore!

Anthony: You know when I was your age, i had a job as a paperboy.
Drew: Ya. Do you really want me to follow your footsteps. Wanna be a grandfather in 3 years?

Drew just showing how awesome he is.

Me: Oh, hey Artemis (rikkulidea). Whats up?

Emma: You put down that paper. It needs to sit there and rot.
Artemis: Is this chick for real?!

So what is it with this chick and popping and going into labor while fishing?!

Yet another baby girl, her name is Taylor, and she got nothing from her daddy.

I tried my hardest to get him here without teleporting. She couldnt call him, so i teleported him here to the lot, and she knew why.

And she got right down to business. No wasted time with this girl.

I hope she got knocked up. I don't wanna keep having her sex up the mailman...Anthony may eventually notice.

Success! Another bun in the oven...i don't think i have ever had a sim get pregnant by this many other people.

It's Kelly's birthday! So Emma invited over her dad for a little celebrating.

Shes actually adorable...she grew into her face. The tone kinda looks like one of stakeit_uk's.

What the hell is going on now!?!

So now we are back to the I refuse to let him touch me phase. What was with the making out then?!


Meanwhile, the kids are still fishing. I can't even fathom how many fish the family has now.

See, I was looking for a new workout outfit for him to show off his buff would have looked great. By the time i got a link, he was already an adult.

Emma you just confuse the fuck out of me...please just stop.

Mailman baby is on the way!!! It better be worth it!

o.0 Why are you reading your teenage son a bedtime story when there are kids in the other beds?

Taylor grew up into a cute toddler. I wish she woulda gotten the red hair though.

and Isabella hit teen. That outfit is awesome!! I don't even remember downloading it.

Stats: Well a fortune sim should be interesting to keep happy, considering the family is dirt poor.

This fear made me go awww! She's in love with like 6 guys and didn't marry any of them, should really work on that.

I did decide that since I aged Anthony up anyway, he should be that means i can use selzi men for more babies. Mario though is just as oblivious as Anthony though.

Drew is being adorable...i guess he figures that if hes nice enough to his siblings, he may get a guest appearance?

And Mario decides to try and eliminate the competition of Kelly being heir by flinging the kids into the next county. Bad Mario!

So i actually have played all through my round, and spent last nite cropping the pictures. (i needed something to do since i couldnt sleep). I hope you enjoy.
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