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Mom update

Gee glad I get to type this a third time, fucking itouch!

Mom was brought in to the hospital on Sunday with what my brother thought was dehydration, turns out it was strep pneumonia.

Wednesday we got the scare of our lives! The hospital called my brothers cell, cuz he's a stupid fuck who thought there was a contact list for emergencies, and changed the emergency contact number from my sister (who dad put down cuz she sleeps with the damn thing) to his. He didn't answer the call/ ignored it idk. When my sister called like 3 hours later she found out that mom had a seizure and whatever person she talked to said she was severely deteriorating. She called my dad and everyone, picked me up from work and Iean it looked like a flash mob, 11 people in a room for her. The doctors kept using terms like high mortality rate and basically that she would kick the bucket. My sis called my aunt in Florida and she booked a flight here.

Thursday we were all just kinda around. Bro decided to stay at hospital overnight (open visiting hours) because he had a feeling the seizure was on by the way they moved her/something they did. Thursday nite I stayed til 4 because I had to pick up aunt from airport, then bro came in to relieve me.

Friday moms blood toxins/kidney function was do bad that she qualified for dialysis which apparently worked, better than the doctors even expected! She's been peeing like a racehorse all day since!

This morning (Saturday) we were given even better news! Mom has been fighting the bacteria and was taken off of sedation! That means she will be awake soon! And if everything goes as well as expected, she could be off her respirator as soon as Monday! Let me tell you how awesome my family is feeling right now, we can of course still use the thoughts and prayers, because I know that's helped alot!

Right now I'm on yet another nite shift watching mom! Tomorrow is work and who knows what next! I'll be happy if she's out by february!

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