TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

God damn

Can't anything go right? So last update we were told moms doing great, off sedation blah blah blah

Well today we found out that she's sufferring from menegitis! Not only that but the menegitis has caused everything else she's sufferred from. She's been on the meds for it since last Sunday, which is the same meds basically that fights off the pneumonia (or so I've been told) which is good. Bad part is that she still hasn't woken up and it's been 3 days off sedation!

My life right now has gone from lots of work, sleep and computer time to getting bout 4 hours sleep (if I'm lucky) working my job to keep my mind occupied, then goin to the hospital every nite til bout 4 in the morning just to be with mom, also add in the fact that I'm barely eating because my stomach is in knots and you have run down little me!

Please just keep sending your thoughts and prayers to us, cuz they've worked a lot of a miracle already.

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