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The Drunkenmiller Round Robin Legacy 2.4

Last update, Emma turned into a much bigger whore than normal, having 3 more babies by 3 different fathers...bringing the total to 6 kids by 6 different dads (she may turn out like my nephews mother). Two baby girls, both fathered by selzi's sims, named Kally and Taylor for famous female musicians. Drew grew up into a teen and started showing off for everyone how awesome and hott he is. Isabella and Jared both grew up into children and got to accompany Drew to school. Emma started to have emotional issues while pregnant with the last child, she turned away from the affection of live in boyfriend Anthony. You were left off with Kelly becoming a child, Isabella a teen and Taylor a toddler.

This class act decided that she should let one loose right in front of Isabella. Isabella disapproves though and left the table at that point.

Drew here just couldn't deal with his parents making out and flirting anymore, so he succumbed to the draw of the exercise bike.

Taylor: Please take me home with you!!!

Townie: You wanna be tickled, don't you?
Taylor: God this bitch has got to be kidding me!!

Emma: So hunny are you excited to be having another brother or sister?

Kelly: I think that this place is bad as it is, IT should be a crime!
Emma: I should know better than to ask her.

Mario is still trying his hardest to eliminate Jared from the heir competition.
Drew: It doesn't matter anyway, with my hott body, i'm going to win.

Kelly: Dad, the desks in school are too big for me. We should petition the school for smaller desks.

Anthony: Oh hell no, don't you get all smart on me and then call me your father.

Isabella is better to have around then a maid, she cleans without even being directed to do so, and LOL at Anthony helping Kelly with her homework.


Isabella is a bit jealous though at how everyone is getting along with a father figure, everyone except her.

Or she was just wanted some Jared time. Jared is just awesome for a kid of a main legacy spare.

Well, every kid has a gold fishing badge, so Kelly has to get one as well (as will Taylor and the baby). Anthony, i assume, never had a childhood, so hes actually having a kid moment now.

Mario has decided to just get in well with all of the kids, except his own you know. I guess he figures that one of them could marry him.

Lighting strikes the umbrella, i can see Drew hopping off the bike to run around OMG fire!!

But Anthony, Kelly and Jared, i just dunno about. They ran from somewhere and appeared outta nowhere.

Then, everyone went fishing again...gotta get the gold badges people.

These 2 are getting awfully chummy. I'm gonna keep my eyes on them. Isabella doesn't have a sexual preference yet, so that may work against him.

Oh so you wanna be all chummy with the family, but the second Emma goes into labor, its like Peace out

And here we have Venus Drunkenmiller, Emma's eyes, Claude's skin and both their hair...well fuck i wanted her to get the eyes.

Isabella: Woohoo! New baby!
Anthony: AY! Baby! *damn Isabella is hott*
Venus: *Uh oh, he's a creeper*

Well, this is such an encouraging surprise after you know, her basically abusing the shit outta him last update.

Drew maxed out his OTH, and is still going. Damn, if i were a sim, i'd want him.

Isabella: Today is a beautiful day.
Taylor: Its a fucking lousy day, isn;t it Mr. Bunny. They get to go out and im stuck with a batshit nanny.
Me: Im starting to think she's become another Stewie.

Drew decides to be completely awesome and cook some of the fish he caught,

and shows that 1) he can actually cook, and 2) he should be the next bachelor.
Drew: Thats right, im totally awesome!!

Ugly chick shows her wonderful table manners, and Drew thinks thats hysteical, Isabella is not amused.

Anthony, not to be outdone, decides to break wind. And not one person chooses to give into the attention ploy.

LOL next day, because apparently it was a boring night, Drew decides to bring home the teen that Bot IDK electrocuted.

Everyone around town knows what Anthony has been thinking about, and hes just the talk of the town.

Townie: I think we need to make cars that don't use oil. We're wasting away our natural resources.
Drew: Ya i dont care about this topic.

Emma goes up another level in the corporate ladder.

Apparently, Emma is just a slut. Billy Hardy was just walking by the house and I had her greet him and *BAM* bed. I may have to turn down ACR.

Billy: Wow my cousin was right, you really are the best hooker around.
Emma: He called me a hooker?

Birthday Spam.

Jared is first upto the plate, it does seem lacking that his parents are nowhere to be found, but Mom's banging a stranger and Dad is wasting away in the sim bin.

Wow im kinda impressed, but why is this blonde hair in the brown bin?

STAT picture

And Jared post makeover, yes hes officially hotter than Drew.

Venus's turn...

She's pretty, though I still woulda loved her with the eyes.

GOD! Emma does know she's not a Romance sim right? She's banging everyone for crush.

Billy: See you later hooker *Damn that was the best sex ever!*

Alot of skilling, Isabella has taken over Taylor rearing right now.

Emma finally decided to get hitched. I decided Anthony was spouse since, you know, he was already moved in and everything.

Quickie wedding.

Then she runs to the toilet...shes pregnant again.

Good to know her older kids decided to make her wedding, or almost make the wedding.

Jared: Theres a spider in your hair.
Isabella: OMG! Get it out.

Now that these two are officially married, ACR has deemed them the hotts for each other. Emma may not be screwing random guys anymore.

Jared has felt the pull of the bike! Don't get sucked in Jared.

Yet another townie: Daaaaamn, he's hott
Me: Daaaaamn no orientation yet.

Woohoo, another promotion!

Taylor's birthday! Everyone's super excited.

Including Taylor. She doesn't have to be home with the nanny anymore.

Emma: OMG! I'm too old to be pregnant again.

Emma: It's giving me more back pains than my age was.

I did decide to keep up all the relationships with the fathers though, its kinda nice.

More birthday spam! It always occurs when you have tons of kids in the house.

Jared: Come on, hit me as hard as you can, then I'll hit you as hard as I can
Drew: Sure let's go.

Drew: God what the hell man!
Jared: Don't be suck a pansy

Preggo Emma, she loves to fish in her underwear.

Time for Kelly's party.

Kelly: I wish for a different life.

Ya, the outfit works on Isabella, you not so much.

Really...after the debate about school and crime, I would not have expected her to be a pleasure sim.

Venus's turn.

She's super am i...NO NANNY FOR A WHOLE DAY!!!

Kelly: Don't you know how awesome I am?
Drew: Im your older brother, I've changed your diaper.

Oooo Yay, its a bragger.

Baby time...and it will be the last...too close to elder to get pregnant again.
Also...I'm watching you Anthony.

Its a boy! Dad's hair and eyes and a mix tone. He's named Danilo, after my coworkers cousin who had accepted my facebook request when he was born.

And here's everyone fussing over the new baby. This kid is gonna be spoiled.

Ya so I've been working on this update for 2 days now, and I just finished it now. But i really do love playing this house. Next Update will be the last one of my round.
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