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The Drunkenmiller Round Robin Legacy 2.5

Last time, before my life got turned on its head, Emma Jean finally tied the knot with Anthony. Jared and Kelly became teens, and Emma continued to pop out a few more kids, giving us Venus, the alien skinned baby whose father is the mailman, and Danilo whose father is Billy Drop of selzi fame. Drew continues to show off how awesome and hott he is, and brought home the townie that got zapped by BOT IDK back a few months ago.

I decided that the baby stage was completely useless after all these babies, so Danilo got grown into a toddler...he kinda looks devilish, doesn't he?

LOL either Kelly is showing off how gullible she is, or Jared is just a really awesome liar. I mean he is GTFO's great grandkid.

Wow, Emma Jean is gonna be old!! It feels like last week i actually got her to start playing. Let me tell you how fun this was, I basically played the entire generation before even posting it.

Everyone is here for her, I bet she feels the love.

Emma: WOW! I actually look good older. *vogues*

Emma's doing well growing up. And Venus is back to getting her gold badge in fishing.

Well Emma decided to get it on with her hubby, much to the dismay of Elias. He caught her cheating. :p

Chance card...sue them for doctoring the pictures!!

Whoops, poor Emma. Damn crooked executives.

Danilo grew up into a kid that nite though, so Emma can have a little joy knowing that she can have the house to herself during the day. Also for some strange reason, Anthony kept bringing home FYI from work...shes like 8, why is she working?


Me: What the hell is your problem Jared? Why are you kicking over the garbage can?
Jared: Well I am the rebel bad boy.

Jazzberry Jam Crayola decides he has to come by and steal the paper. Why on earth are there so many evil sims in this neighborhood?

The nanny still comes around though, apparently she was hooked upto Anthony's schedule and not to Emma's. And Danilo missed the bus because i have him fishing til he gets his gold badge....there is only like 2 days til winter.

Anthony and Drew have their birthdays today. Awww more family closeness.

Seriously?! What the hell is it with you guys and kicking over your own trashcan? Do you want to get sick?

LOL i kept Danilo all green and had him fish all night, but he finally got his gold fishing badge. Also take note of the trash can.

Synchronized birthdays. *tears up* Drew is gonna be an adult.

Anthony doesn't look half bad as an elder either.

Oh. My. DAMN!! He's just a sexy bunch of pixels. Now he just needs a wardrobe change, after all, he is not in the far east.

Emma: If you think you are just going to lounge around the house and drink beer all day, you are out of your mind. Get a job!
Drew: When the hell have i been a lazy person, I already have a job in the medical field right now. I just need to save up my money and move the hell out of here.
Random Townie: *I wonder where the hott silver fox is?*

Apparently the kids didnt like the fact that Emma was arguing with Drew, they all ran from the room.

Taylor went and had a birthday too. Stats.

She looks great with this hairdo, so im going to keep it on her. Doesn't she look pretty?

Drew is getting caught up on the weather, because all the weathermen have been saying different things about the massive snowstorm in the area (Gee think this is being current to the northeast?)

Now I know I have held off doing sexual orientation until all the kids have become teens, but this LTW really makes me wonder.

I also decided that all the fish should be given to one person, just to see how many fish the family have actually been caught.

Did you take note on the trashcan, because this is what came about when i went to the bathroom. Someone found roaches, and got roach flu. DAMN IT!

Drew has decided to gain some creativity on his day off. Getting dressed however, was not on his to-do list, not that i mind at all.

Venus also had a birthday, she looks stylish in her pink nightgown.

Stats. Romance sim, sounds fun.

Everyone is keeping themselves occupied with another sim in the house, at least they are friendly with each other rather then attacking each other.

I decided that the family should take a hike through the woods, except that Anthony was at work and i had selected him, so they kinda got stuck waiting around for him.

Taylor: OMG So which one of us is going to be the first to have a baby?
Kelly: What are you talking about, how about we finish high school first?

Drew's first day of work, and boy does he look hott and sexy doing it. I think this is a Saturday too so the kids even get the day off, how unfair.

More fish for Emma.

Final tally of the fish gives us these numbers. Do you think they caught alot of fish?

I made alot of decisions this update apparently, because this is where i decided that Emma should make sure she has great relationships with all of the baby daddies. Shes hanging out with FML IDK, while Fairfax gets molested by a LotP.

So this picture is here for me, does anyone else like it?

More synchronized birthdays, this time its Isabella and Danilo.

Danilo's stats. WOW thats alot of knowledge sims.

And he got a nice makeover, hes totally adorable. And that also means all the kids are teen. Time for orientation.

Everyone rolls straight except for Jared, who rolls bi. This could be very interesting.

So the sickos are confined to relaxing in bed until they are cured because i wont have them contaminating the whole damn house/neighborhood.

Dad and son are still best friends after all these years. Good to know that they can be awesome friends.

LOL This is totally adorable. its shy family dancing. Danilo is totally adorable.

Isabella here is off to find herself a job, after all shes a responsible adult. No need to get yelled at by her mother.

Drew here has a promotion and an Artemis Randolph. I did have to cancel them heading for the bed right after this though, as soon as they got out of the car they went for bed.

Taylor here is getting macked on by some teen she brought home from school too, Love is in the air.

Artemis is actually getting along with someone and not stealing a newspaper. What is this?

Oooo Networking. Its actually a good choice for her though, her LTW is Law enforcement.

DUDE! Emma done went LTA Platinum. She must feel like a million bucks.

LOL so they get their off time and this is what they decide to do...what is wrong with this family that they wanna skill.

LOL Wow Drew has some awesome picks for mate so far...and look, Moms old coworker is a 3 bolter.

Isabella, seriously, no wonder she kept eyeing Mario. She wanted in his pants.

Kelly: What the hell dude, i thought we were playing catch!

Jared: I guess i dont know my own strength, sorry.

Jared grows up into a sear sucker suit. He looks so dapper, but he needs a change.

Awwww Jared, im sorry you werent platinum growing up. But seriously, you werent red.

OH! MY! YUM! Jared is a tasty piece of meat.

Guy time in the hot tub, i bet they are telling all the stuff they will do to their future spouses or something guy-like.

Kelly looks like shes gonna choke a bitch, while Anthony brings home FYI yet again. Seriously?!

LOL all the girls are staring at Jared like a piece of meat except Isabella, whols playing oblivious....HAHA you can't have him, hes family.

Drew sat in the hot tub too long and apparently got struck by lightning. Poor guy.

Then reverts back to being a kid and playing in a puddle. Drew really needs some help mentally.

Jared comes home with his great grandfather. Poor GTFO is riding over by the tire...glitchy much.

Oh shit! i forgot about the fact that great grandparents aren't 'related'. This may cause a problem.

Looks pretty even, More chemistry with women then men on the lot.

Drew is making sure he becomes besties with all of his younger siblings (like he actually has an option).

OH GOD! Bad ACR. You are aware they are related.

Jared i am so o.0 right now at you. You are aware you are related. BAD BAD Jared. Im just highly disturbed.

No GTFO! Bad GTFO! You stay away from this family. You've sullied the poor family with your shenanigans.

NO *cancels action* Stop trying to bed each other.

Crystal ball dates for Kelly, Danilo, Venus, and Drew.

Dear God! This family seriously needed someone like you Savannah?! They are nuts enough as it is without you wanting both Danilo and Drew.

3 bolters...this cant be good at any place.

Isabella came home from work just in time for a date.

Wow She actually has some diversity in her choices.

Well i got sick of waiting, so it being Kelly's birthday, i aged everyone else up.

Everyone aged up well too. This is interesting.

Here are all the kids as adults, and you guys get to pick who goes to leenyland

Taylor and Venus are being removed from the heir race due to their aspirations. With Miller (Emmas father) being a Romance sim and Emma being Family, we decided to try and get a bit of diversity in aspirations.

Poll #1523561 Drunkenmiller heir
This poll is closed.

Who will go to Leeny as the next heir?


Who will start my new ISBI?


If both polls wind up with the same winner, I will take the second place person to start my legacy.


Alvaro Leeny deciding to hop into the hot tub after Kelly rolls him for a blind date

Danilo and Savannah Roberts going at it, while i was waiting for Danilo to come down for his 'photoshoot'

Some networking.

Kelly and Alvaro going at it.

- That ends my run with the Drunkenmillers right now. The poll closes on Saturday, so make sure you vote by then.
- The reason im picking a new start for an isbi is for some reason the Storms hood crashes when i try to load it. So the Storms are no more.
- The ISBI will run in the same hood as the IDKs, So you may see alot of people in both legacys.
- leenyland and I are trying to make a tree for the Drunkenmillers.
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