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Blah Blah Meme! Weird I know


Taken from goneplatinum

List all of the television shows you have on dvd, no matter how obscure or embarrassing. Even if you only own one season, list it! Let's see who has what!

My List

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer s1-s7
2. Angel s1-s4
3. One Tree Hill s1-s6
4. Animaniacs v1
5. Tiny Toon Adventures v1 & v2
6. Point Pleasant
7. Undeclared
8. Bones s1-s3
9. Supernatural s1 & s2
10. Garfield and Friends v1-v5
11. The Tudors s1-s3
12. Veronica Mars s1-s3
13. Brothers and Sisters s1-s3
14. Merlin v1
15. Gossip Girl s1
16. Secret Diary of a Call Girl s1
17. Secret World of Alex Mack v1
18. Sonny With a Chance v1
19. Family Guy v1-v5

Im surprised...i thought i had less
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