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The Simpson Legacy 7.4

So the last time at the Simpson house, Fleur decided to move out when it was decided that one of her kids would not be heir. The game crashed when i had 3 instances of Aidan thrown into the mix, destroying the time space continuum. Fox decided to get his groove on with a slew of people, including his great great aunt Catalina, and great uncle Drake. The teens hit the Crypto Night club, where Glory was the object of leenyland's Pierce Francis's dreams. The legacy bicycle made his appearance known, and got into Emmett's and Fox's pants, continuing the way of screwing every heir. Giovanni became the ultimate supernatural sim by being the first Vampire Werewolf Warlock ive had in my game. At the end of the last update, the kids had been dropped off at Ivan Laurince's dorm to enjoy college life.

Dormie #1: So did Drake cheat on his wives with you too?
Dormie #2: I didn't even get the chance to cheat with him. *flounces*

Dormie #3: You totally wish I would sleep with you.
Ada (The only one i actually remember): Oh I totally got Drake in the bag, he said he was gonna leave his wife for me.
Dormie #3: You are aware he has 2 wives...he converted to Mormonism just for polygamy.

So Griffin's match...Harlequin Von Prism (radiationpoison) This is going to be a tough heir race.

Oh and apparently Dominick Deline was actually Glorys perfect match, because BAM! 3 bolts!

So while the matchmaker is actually still here from when Giovanni cured his vampirism, the mascot, yep thats a mascot not a streaker, hits on her. I guess hes a geriatric stalker.

Glory: I totally grew up awesome, and I get to spend 4 long years at college enjoying life.
Dominick: Well I actually had my years at college, and cloned myself.

OK! You have not known each other that long to be in bed ALREADY!!

OK so Glory is a slut. Oh well, when havent my sims been sluts.

This picture is really important, i swear it!! Griffin had a want to be a werewolf, and Giovanni wanted to bite someone. So Giovanni 'bit' Griffin.

GOD! Will you two stop it!! Go do something productive that isnt going to make you reproduce.

So Glory calls up Fawn, the frat place holder. Gotta keep the Frat alive.

I would normally be pissed off about the flagrent cheating i didn't cause, but the mascot is pretty hott, and I dont know exactly who heir is yet. Also Dominick already marked his territory.

And with entrance to the frat, Glory gets her tushy there to start getting ready for adulthood.

I send Giovanni with her, because i love him!! He will be around for a very long time.

I get a message saying YOUR FRAT SUCKS! ITS LEVEL 3!! So Giovanni starts calling everyone he knows to make friends. He will not be part of a loser frat!!

Streaker: Hey hott mama, cant wait until i get to see you naked.
Me: You slept with Bevin, shouldnt you be DEAD!!

Glory: Oh hey Dom, do you wanna come over for some booty?
Dom: Sure babe, be right over.
Fawn: What is my life?

Me: Boring life Fawn?
Fawn: This is bullshit, when do i get some action?

Stop! Werewolf time!

Glory: *Thank god he doesn't look like Gio*

Well, someone wanted to be a werewolf! Damn knowledge sims!!

Though with my hack, he's still hott!!

Werewolf sex! I wonder if its any different.

I think Glory is making Gio uncomfortable. Poor guy has no love interest besides his distant cousin, Garnet.

Though i guess when you're part of triplets, you have a closeness too. Maybe that was the weirding out part.

Oh YAY! look who went and got themselves abducted.

SERIOUSLY!? You went and got yourself knocked up?! Just like your dad huh?!

Look who returned, and apparently not alone either >:)

Seriously?! Tell them to fuck off!!

*cackles* thats what you get for getting pregnant in Uni!!

and pop 1 for Glory. Shes not even through her first semester.

Fawn: Why did he kick me out of the booth?!
Me: Because he doesn't want to be associated with a whore?!

Cheerleader: Gooo Llamas!!
Glory: GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. BITCH. God, don't you know I'm pregnant?

Dude, It's Brandy!! I promise to get you out of Uni Brandy!!

So i sent Gio and Glory downtown. After all, Gio needs some loving too.

OK she seriously looks like she is going to pop any second, not that she has another DAY left.

Gio scans the room, and finds Reese. Shes a sim i created just to create kid townies. But of course she did the whole lets sit and eat and not be interactible at all!!

Glory called up Dom for a date, and Jayden Nota actually walked in. Leeny, the Notas want to be played!! They are coming up everywhere!!

So, Dom showed up and left right away, dunno why. But Reese gets up and ready to interact and we find out she's gay. Sorry chicky, Glory isnt giving up her baby daddy for you.

The cab comes back and im greeted by this beauty!! WTF Fawn...I am not playing a pregnant placeholder through college.

With the current placeholder on her way out, I call up Griffin to come pledge and hold frat holder.

Awww its kiss kiss, a bit weird for brothers to do though. I do love Griffin though.

Bitch! You werent even in love with him? What kind of whore are you?!

Well at least its a two way street, he just fell in love with her. But seriously, these two have issues!!

I used the ball to bring over 2 of the chicks Gio had chemistry with, and he thinks the chicky that i didnt make is hot.

I really dont even know what is going on with this picture...So you think up stuff for yourself.

Fawn is showing her pregnancy, sucks to be you bitch!!

and Gio has his first case of morning sickness as well.

Only difference was that it was his only case of morning sickness. Pop 1 for Gio.

Fawn called up baby daddy, and Gio called up Griffin...he met enough time to be a full member.

After moving in, i had Griffin use the well one time...just to see who else he could get. Im missing the picture but he got some fug Harlequin is his man.

Fawn decides to get in a quick bang in full view of an audience.

Fawn: Ummm Hi school people...i go byebye..i got preggers.

Grew up well and she's out like last weeks garbage.

Griffin: Hey Harle, wanna come on over for a nice date?
Harlequin: Absolutely handsome!

Griff, you totally do not look attractive in that ugly sweatsuit...go change.

Griffin: Is my underwear more appropriate?
Me: Ummm i uh *drools*

This is here to show you what huge pains in the ass knowledge sims are with supernaturality. Everyone wants to be a werewolf.

But Harle loves Griffin, so i will totally let him be a wolf if he wants to be...i've grown attached to Griffin.

LMAO his first kiss is in bed with his boyfriend!! I'd say he was worse than Glory but Glory got it on as a teen with my simself's kid!!

Speaking of Glory, I missed a picture of her second pop, but its time for her to get the boot.

GIO! Stop getting abducted when your sister is dropping out of school!!

After Gio's gone, Griffin gets a call from Gareth, Glory goes out with cheers and the other cheerleader is talking about all the violence on TV to Harle. I don't think Harle cares for the topic.

See, Griffin and Harle want to get it on again, and the ghosts apparently want to scare the shit out of Gio whos nowhere around.

All the wants for Werewolf Harle...Well thats it, Harle gets to be a wolf.

Hes a wolf, but why is he hairy? My hack is supposed to be for non hairy wolves. I is a sad panda.

Harlequin: OMG! Thank you so much for making me a wolf, this was the best date ever!!!!

Gio got back in time for me to speed his ass through school!! Hes mid junior year right now and doing the one and only term paper.

Which means the telescope was free, Griffin decides he wants a turn and gets his ass abducted...welcome to the fastest Uni ever for you Griffin.

This hottie right here, is one i randomly made one day. His name is Jesse Radclife. Wouldn't you want to come home to this guy in his underwear? *drools*

Gio decides that we need to get a frat holder into the house as Griffin is heading home too. We get Gareth to be a frat holder...cuz well hes hott and family.

*giggles* Werewolf run puke...its hysterical to watch lemme tell you.

Griffin: OMG I think I'm pregnant
Butler: Do i really have to clean that toilet again?

Gareth: So I'm frat holder because Glory, Gio and you are all pregnant?
Griffin: Yup, enjoy the frat, You'll be here a while.

- Well sorry that it sucked, but i wasnt really concentrating on taking caps when i was playing.
- There are 3 heading to the house, but Gio's kids are ineligible for heirship...he's just around cuz i love him.
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