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The IDK Legacy 4.4

Last update started off with alot of pregnancys. Fairfax, JAS and Gordon were all pregnant heavily and wanting to pop. The house was still a cesspool of love, with everyone hopping into bed with everyone and no one getting jealous anymore after GTFO had his slap-a-thon. GTFO had a blind date with rikkulidea's Pollux Randolph and they fell in love, bringing his love count upto 6? 7? I cant remember. JAS, Fairfax and Gordon all gave birth to healthy baby boys. JAS had IMHO, Fairfax had Jacob and Gordon had FYE. FML grew up into an adult and kindly moved out, and JAS beat the shit out of Bot. GTFO had another blind date with an exterminator who was eventually moved out onto his own with a makeover.

JAS would like to fan service you back to IDKs by walking around in his skimpy underwear. He's still hott.

Toddlers run wild...its totally the new show on Fox.

Gordon decided to join Michael in a concert. They were actually pretty good too. No screeching cats for these 2.

STFU: How dare you peep in on me? How much did you see?
JAS: What the hell Aunt STFU! What makes you think you can barge your ass into my house?

STFU: ...uh I think i'm gonna leave now.

So the girls finally had their first school day, and in turn, the kids both get to learn to study and do homework. I bet they are just super excited that they get to have homework now.

Birthday time for IMHO! He has ears too :D

IMHO: Daddy pretty!!!
JAS: Yes baby, and its all for you!!!

DUDE!!! He totally looks like Pinocchio!

JAS: Oh Hey Einstein. Ya I'm totally enjoying married life. No I'm not married to that idiot anymore.

So inbetween these updates, i did play the whole Drunkenmiller generation. GTFO did decide to deflower his great-grandson Jared, and apparently has all these wants for Venus and Kelly. Why, I'll never know.

Diane: Damn, gay men seducing each other is hott.
Me: What the hell you perv!!

Bot: Dude, this chick is so boring.
JAS: Damn, she's hott. Baby you can call me anytime.

You totally can thank me for this picture.

JAS: I would totally have an affair with you. You are just smoking hott.

GTFO is getting closer and closer to the end :( So i have him calling all of his kids to boost up his relationships.

JAS has decided that he wants to bein a boring schlub. He already has a gold sewing badge, a gold pottery badge and a gold fishing badge...So next up is flowers apparently.

And Bot decided that he found Diane's bajingo more entertaining than her, so poof ACR kicked it up a notch.

Bot: Child would you fucking more already, its been 10 minutes!! I have chores to do!
LOL: What. The. Hell. This is a thinking game you bucket of bolts.

GTFO: Hey Kelly, its been a while since I have had sex with a chick, does your bajingo smell like a fish?

LOL: You know my dad is totally sleeping with Uncle Fairfax right? So you can't have him.
Diane: I don't wanna be related to you whack jobs!!
LOL: Then why do you always come home with Grandpa?

Meanwhile, GTFO is rekindling his love with Bot. I wanna try to get that 20 love want without the well.

Badge status: Bronze (I have nothing witty to say, sue me!)

Bot and Fairfax: *make out*
GTFO: Any possible way we can make this a three some?

Using the crystal ball, we get this lovely setup. Wow Kelly is high up on this list! No wonder he wants her.

GTFO: I totally wanna fall in love with you.

GTFO: Hey baby, how bout you come a little closer and we can get to know each other.
Kelly: *swoons*

This would be the wrong way to give a massage, I can not see how this would relax anyone, let alone be comfortable.

But they did fall in love with each other. That makes, forget it, i don't even remember anymore.

Oh, and someone brought home Isabella with them, and she has not been friendly with ANYONE in the house, she's been a total bitch.

Last minute toddler skilling, after all tomorrow they become kids.

OH MY GOD! Thank god this isn't an ISBI...Bot has attacked everyone and their mother. I think he has some anger issues.

But it's shit like this that could cause these issues. Gordon can't even contain his anger at Bot.

Fairfax: OMG! You are so sexy JAS I still love you.
JAS: God! he's sexy. I love him.

Michael came home with a promotion, and with Apollo Randolph. Well he's still an eligible spouse.

Seriously! STOP FIGHTING!!! And ya, Apollo is not getting any nookie.

These 2 are so adorable..its like LOL is teaching IMHO how to play chess like a big sister would.

Ummm FYI, that may not be the best idea. You wouldn't want your aunt to come by and beat you senseless.

Birthday time!! No more toddlers in the house.

Gordon is talking about his love of sports with FYE. Jacob is trying to get into the conversation.

and LOL is studying her little butt off. Heirs needs their adult years for child rearing, no time to study when they are an adult.

Why yes, yes i do have child study habits going off like no other. everyone studies until they max out their skills.

Finally! Do you know how many bundles of flowers he had to make to get that gold badge. Its a good thing that the IDKs are loaded beyond belief.

Now we try to get the kids into private school again! And look, its HHHE from rikkulidea's game. I SimPEd him over the headmaster from last update, just because i have no idea his name.

I...I just can't. All this house does is everyone screws everyone.

Gordon wanted to max art enthusiasm, so i had him paint. Most of my custom paintings come from other peoples games, as this one is from rikkulidea's Randolph Legacy. I actually had this as my cell phone background for a while.


So remember how i SimPEd the headmaster...well he had a relationship with the headmaster beforehand. This should be very interesting.

Birthday spam.

Haha, wow they get a move on each other so fast. Shouldn't I have gotten bonus points for him in the hot tub anyway?!

Wow jumping the old man? Someone needed some action. Virginity much?

WHAT! THE! HELL! Even though you screwed him three ways from Sunday, you didn't give him extra points! Bastard, no more woohoo for you.

:( GTFO is getting close to the end. I don't want him to die.

I really just don't get it anymore...Its either violence or sex. PICK ONE OR THE OTHER PLEASE!!!!

LOL hasn't spent any time with Michael, basically because this ballet bar is absolutely HORRIBLE for body points. He's been at it for like 4 days and only has like 6 points.

Gordon: Um excuse me!
Me: What are you gonna curse my existence because I married you into this house? Are you gonna blame your mental issues on me?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM MY LIFE!

Gordon: I just wanted to say i was pregnant, you don't have to yell.
GTFO: You're pregnant *rubs belly*
JAS: GREAAAAAT! Just what I wanted. ANOTHER sibling.

JAS: Congrats Gordon.
GTFO: *God, put me out of my misery*

I am sooo close to throwing Bot out of the god damn house. He does nothing but fight with JAS and Michael. Its getting annoying to no end.

The landscaping sucks. I keep getting weeds and the flowers kept dying. I had to hire a gardener because it's not like Bot is actually going to do anything useful. Plus, random alien tone on gardener looks hott.

Well look whos here, yet another rikkulidea sim. This time its Miranda Charvet Moore. She just wants to be noticed. Must have heard today was a very important day.

This was almost going to be my teaser picture. Why didn't i pick this you ask? Because i liked the other one better.

Birthday pop up means only one thing.

LOL has finally become a teen. I can actually move on to Generation 5 soon. Just another 15 days. This generation feels like its gone on forever...well that migth be because real life got in the way.

Stat picture. This will make everything so much easier to find a guy o.0

- I have tons more caps of the Simpsons and IDKs but i thought it was about time i actually updated this. I started playing them the week i was off after Mom so sorry if the caps dont seem very quipy and sparadic, but my mind was just not there.

- I updated the tree a bit to include Gordon on generation 2, but I cant do much with generation 3 until Gordon is done with the kid popping.

- I may update tomorrow with a simpson update or possibly i may start playing my ISBI.
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