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So i decided that i would start my new ISBI...but i just have to make everything challenging for myself...so im gonna do a ISBI/Awesimsauce/Pixel Trade legacy....how nuts am i?

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quinctia March 4th, 2010
Aren't there some parts of Awesimsauce that require you to, like, run a business and not get a real job in order to survive? Because that on top of ISBI sounds like DEATH INCOMING.

kingmike1224 March 5th, 2010
haha well Laurie said i dont have to follow everything but i think that having them home may be a chance for nuts...i started it already and its too normal

quinctia March 5th, 2010
Some personality types make for better autonomous sims than others, I've noticed!

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jensmustles March 4th, 2010
What on earth is a ISBI?

Re: n00b comment

kingmike1224 March 5th, 2010

Re: n00b comment

jensmustles March 6th, 2010
Now that sounds completely awesome and stuff.

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