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from simgaroop
Q: How long does your game take to load?
A: Its not a horrible loading time to be honest...if nothing else is going, bout 5 minutes, longer depending what i have open. Do you know how much fucking memory farmville takes up?

Q: When making a sim, what do you prefer: adult male/adult female, teen male/teen female?
A: i make adults, cant really make any teens in CAS because they cant be made into a house for themselves. do you know the frustration at that!!

Q: How long does your Body Shop take to open?
A: FOR-FUCKING-EVER!!! and i know im not one of the massive download people either, so i feel for the people with bigger download folders than me.

Q: Do you make more sims in CAS or in Body Shop?
A: CAS definitely!! If i dont have to open bodyshop, i wont open bodyshop.

Q: What's your favorite hair color to put on your sims?
A: brunettes.

Q: How many babies have your sims ever had from one set of parents?
A: you are aware you are talking to me right?! the most babies ive had by 1 set of parents was Landon and Ian Carter...they had 20 kids in their lifetime before they crashed. I miss the Carters immensely.

Q: How often do you experience a glitch?
A: I havent seen a glitch in a while, thank god...i used to have a glitch where the game would crash at 7am, but it hasnt happened in a while.

Q: Do you make your sims, straight/gay/bi/lesbian, very often?
A: I dont really know i mean i have settings for like 70% straight 20% gay and 10% bi but most of my sims seem to be gay just because i tend to favor them...well i think i favor them.

Q: Does your neighborhood have a theme?
A: Not really, i mean Desiderita valley or whatever its called is my pixel trade hood but thats about it.

Q: How many downloads do you have in your game?
A: thousands...i cant even begin to count.

Q: Who is your favorite CC Body Shop creator (meaning: skins, eyes, hair, make-up etc)?
A: It varies...i love confide formerly of TSR, i love simgarooops posters, rikkulideas clothes, stakeit_uks hairs...each person i like things from.

Q: Who is your favorite CC creator for build and buy?
A: i have tons of walls from simplanx....other than that though, i dont really have furniture downloads.

Q: How often do you play the sims?
A: i play when i get some time...its not very often i have time for myself these days.

Q: Do you watch sims machinama? (sims movies)
A: nope, its kinda weird to think about to be honest

Q: Do you read stories/comics made with the sims?
A: i love reading stories!

Q: What expansion packs do you have?
A: i have all of sims 1 and sims 2...but just the base game for sims 3

Q: What are you views on building and decorating?
A: i would love to be able to build and decorate as well as others, i dont really have a knack for any of it.

Q: What is some body shop CC that you tend to over use?
A: god i dont even know anymore. i dont think i overuse anything

Q: How often do you need to use "Familyfunds"?
A: actually no i dont, how strange is that

Q: Do you like doll sims?
A: wtf is a doll sim?

Q: Have you ever killed your sim(s) for the fun of it?
A: i absolutely have, i actually co-founded a sims torture group where you make a sim of someone you despise and torment and kill them to no end.

Q: How old are you? And when did you start playing?
A: 27. I started to playing when living large came out and stopped for a while after makin magic...i had actually refused to buy sims 2, but my friends talked me into it. damn them to hell

Q: Do you ever base a sims family after your own home life?
A: Nah, why on earth would i? its supposed to be a break from real life

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Nah, why on earth would i? its supposed to be a break from real life

heh, so true! To me its like how you're not supposed to sew/knit/crochet anything for your SO, cause it'll break the relationship.

And I have absolutely NO idea what a doll sim is either...

Edited at 2010-03-18 08:59 pm (UTC)

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