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The Simpson Legacy 8.1

Last time on the simpsons, it was Uni time. Glory met the love of her life, Dominick Deline, while Griffin also met the love of his life, Harlequin Von Prism. It was a lackluster update which went quick when everyone in the house wound up knocked up in Uni. Fawn and Glory dropped out while Giovanni and Grifin were abducted and able to graduate before going back to the house, leaving poor Gareth bewilderred as the frat holder.

Upon returning to the homestead, everyone is stripped down to their underwear because I WANT THE TO BE IN THEIR UNDERWEAR! Also they got super horny, and all decided to call up for booty calls, but o.0 Gio will not be getting together with Garnet, sorry.

This shot kinda reminds me of the Beatles, even though i am not a fan of them, and i have no idea why, but it does. Its just fun for me.

While i cancel out Giovanni because COUSINS WILL NOT GET TOGETHER, Griffin and Glory move in their SOs.

Wow, 4 pictures in, and Glory is already giving birth, Is that a record or something?

We have Heather, a solo birth (even though i have raised percentages for multiples). A girl with Daddys black hair, a mix tone, and grandpa Randy's eyes.

Fox: OMG! Giovanni, you experimented in college! Whos the lucky baby daddy?
Giovanni: Dad i am as straight as ever, i got abducted by aliens. Remember, i called you right after.
Randy: Gio, your father is just living in a fantasy world. Just let him live in it.

And just for proof of his straightness, Garnet comes over and flirts with Gio.
Fox: I am not pleased by this at all.

Well if Garnet wanted to be with him, she definitely should be around to watch the birth of his child, right?
Fox: He does remember that i had to push out 4 kids right!?
Me: God, Fox stop complaining, leave him be.

Again with just a single birth. The father would be my PT Hung, whos made from skittleboxs Hung Hooker.

Here we have Haley, she inherited everything from Hung, hair, eyes and skin. Awww poor baby.

BWAHAHAHA!! I absolutely hate hate HATE that all they ever do is crowd the baby, must pick up baby and feed the baby. So lets just lock the door and not let them at the babies.

Either this is a huge preg morph, or Griffin is housing a fucking village of kids under that shirt. I am praying for the prior.

Skill time for one and all, after all, Griffin and apparently Harlequin wanna max 7 skills for their LTW. I just have Gio painting. Right now its Eros Randolph.

These two, are the most adorable pair. Im happy i took Randy out of his eternal youth for Fox.

Me: Hi Marion!!! Hows the bigamy life?!
Marion: Why did you torment me with that again?!

And Griffin finally decides to pop out his baby.

Say hello to Happy, her 'father' is PT Jesus, as in Jesus Venturi. She again got the alien dna and nothing from daddy (though they share hair color).

Me: Damn it Giovanni!!! You just had a baby!! Why get abducted again?!

Oh, probably to escape the endless sex-a-thon at the house.

Wow that wasnt a long time now was it?

Im sorry what was that?!

OH DEAR GOD!!! And yes it the end of the pop-ups...i had 8 pregnant sims in the house o.0 poor Dominick.

Well with all the damn pregnancys, i started curing the rampant werewolfisms...No one had fears and i decided that only Giovanni and Griffin would keep it for now. Bevin is just laughin at me because i though the house was crowded before.

THANK GOD!! Harlequin will look 1000x better. I hate that he didnt have a wolf hacky thing.

And to cure more, Emmett gets to work on brewing the potion to cure everyone, hey hes a warlock for a reason right.

Me: You know Randy, you wont come back more pregnant than when you left right?

Glory taking her antidote...i wonder if that potion actually kills them a little bit inside.

Haha, hes back, and this pose made me laugh.

So Fox still has this pesky LTW of 20 loves, and quite frankly hes boring the shit out of me just trying to get into the nursery, so we get him back to the loving.

I could swear i have seen this alien dude before in the legacy...i think its time to go townie killing, dont you agree?

Alien townie: Daaaaaamn, boy is hott!!!
Fox: I hope he didnt impregnate me by kissing me.

as we can see, Fox isnt the brightest bulb in the patch.

But he still got some sexing from the alien dude.

LOL then he went after the butler with the voodoo doll. The butler was cute though, so i cant deny him.

No! Bad Harlequin!!! You cant get alien pregnant when you are already pregnant!! You arent even a Simpson yet.

And we start with the popping. I did put everyone in their underwear because I like to see them strut around half naked. Griffin starts us off

then Glory, after sexing Dominick.

Giovanni pops while painting his dads heir portrait.

and Aidan pops while studying for his promotion. Poor Aidan has been stuck where he is for god knows how long.

Heir wall update while Fox decides to fix the damn piano that breaks because anyone whos on it gets scared by Seth.

*rolls eyes* Seriously you two, i already know you are pregnant, just get on with it.

Giovanni: Uh dad, are you sure your ok with the two of us being pregnant again.
Fox: This house is just getting more and more crowded. *sulks*
Griffin: Dad, did you know that you can still get pregnant upto 65 yrs old?!
Fox: Why me?!

Emmett pops and then fears the sun, cuz hes a fun stupid vampire to have.

Fox pops while making some 'plates'. I cant really have him do much else, hes maxed skills, studies, and a few badges already.

Harlequin gets up from the piano to pop, i guess his Mozart studies will have to take a back burner to that big belly of his (awww look at him in the cute underwear) (he turns out to be my favorite pregnant sim in the house for a reason soon)

And finally Randy pops. it takes about 10 hours for the cycle to go through of everyone popping. Do you know how much gameplay sucked cuz everytime i wanted to get a fun shot, the damn camera panned to a popping.

So I decided that i couldnt have Harlequins kids have the last name Von Prism, so Griffin and Harlequin finally decided to get engaged.

These 2 are just so adorable...i am so unsure on whos trail im gonna follow. I guess we will have to decide soon though before the house explodes.

This was such a great picture of the wedding, I wish i could have them do cuter poses cuz then i could redo my pictures of them at their weddings, but i guess that will never happen.

I dont even remember who i invited to the wedding, but after the ceremony was over, i ended the party before everyone decided to go into labor during the party.

Honeymoon time for them, and Dont the just look so hott. Kinda like GQ men, in their suits.

Fawn decided to stop by and leave her 2 kids unattended at home, But Fox was always willing to have free child care see his family.

And Glory, who decided that her new work attire would be her underwear, came home with a promotion, coincidence?! i think not.

But damn straight that her ass deserves to get abducted for parading around in her underwear at work.

And as everyone runs out to see the big commotion, I decided to close out for the night, with 8 pregnant sims.

And this is where i left the house for this update. Seriously, cant you tell im just so enthusiastic.

So i have actually played out this generation for a while, so i do have the next two updates capped and are ready for posting. I dont know if i want to update them again or if i wanna update the IDKs first as i have about 3 updates of IDK and 2 more Simpsons. I also have the start to my other family but i need to get the IDKs updated first because there are spoilers. We shall see.
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