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The IDK Legacy 4.5

Last time, JAS got super bitchy with his aunt, STFU when she barged into the house and hit him for being a peeper. All the toddlers that were running around the house grew up into kids, and LOL became a teenager. GTFO got his mack on with Kelly Drunkenmiller and HHHE (from rikkulidea). and GTFO heard the wonderful news that he was going to be a dad again.

So this is most of the house...all the boys have been left off apparently. Don't worry though, only one of the has any real part in this update anyway.

Fairfax has lost his ever loving mind, I don't really know how he got so low to be this bad, i tend to keep everyone high. JAS is wondering why he ever married him in the first place i bet.

I promised a better look at LOL, so here you go. Shes absolutely gorgeous.

So, Michael and JAS havent been together in a while, what with Michael skilling like a lunatic. Its not like JAS has a shortage of love and affection, what with going after Fairfax and all.

Well, if you just wanted a little action Michael, all you had to do was ask.

Oh what fun, bye Fairfax. Ya the telescope is getting after this.

Everyone: OMG OMG Fairfax got abducted.
Me: Miranda, why on Earth do you care? He wasn't your friend.

Fairfax's abduction isn't going to stop these two from their date. They get right back into the romancing.
FYI: I wonder if the aliens will come back and take IMHO away.

LOL still has a bit of time before she hits the town, cuz she has to have her wing chick FYI with her. She still had some skill points to get so I had her work out with GTFO. It works two-fold, relationship boost, and skilling!

But then Fairfax has to come along and ruin it by coming back from being abducted. At least he's to close to elder to get pregnant.

JAS and Bot get into yet another fight (i could never imagine how many this would be if i had to count for an ISBI), Fairfax just doesn't wanna think about the fighting, so Prof. Von Ball has come to pay another visit.

Pop #2 for Gordon

Someone went and mastered all her skills. Go LOL.

So, the ballet bar is awesome to have, but the skilling on that shit sucks ass. I find it kind of sad that Michael's teen daughter is training him to skill.

But Michael does have a job to keep going to, so when he leaves, i stuck LOL to the sewing machine...child labor at its finest.

GTFO: Hi there, how are you today?
Random: Im good, but you totally would get along with my friend Melissa, here's her digits.

So back to the punching bag, LOL is just being an awesome older sister and showing IMHO how to get his little body in shape.

Gordon decides that this would be the perfect moment to go into labor. He should be used to this by now.

Meet L8R, green eyes, brown hair and tan skin. She's adorable!!

FYI: I'm awesome!!! Come pay attention to me!
IMHO: God bitch you suck! Boooo!

And it's birthday time again!! My little FYI is growing up! It seems like just yesterday when she was stalking the Drunkenmiller house.

FYI: Wow my hands are huge, much better to grab boobs with.
Ya i found out through gameplay but FYI is a lesbian, it was kinda interesting to find out.

Some interesting stats for FYI.

So now that LOL has her wing chick (even though she's a lesbian), we take a trip to start prospect hunting.

We have Kay Harrington of rikkulidea's Moore generation.

Me: Oh hey Trent, hows Whitney and James?
Trent: They are home, i need to find a new man to get with because you wouldn't let me marry GTFO.

HAHA! Thomas Green of my round of the Drunkenmillers is apparently barking up the wrong tree...She's not interested dude!

Philip decides to make an appearance too, but since Otis was one of selzi's sims, he's ineligible for mating.

Thomas: You know you are pretty cool.
LOL: You bet. I'm awesome!! Everyone wants me.

LOL isn't one for modesty people.

The club was seriously a bust. I really should do something about using that place, with the restaurant being annoying. So now to the sports park! I need someone athletic anyway.

Well look who decided to make an appearance in my game again, it's AFK. I think it's about time he met his sister, don't you agree?

Hestia Randolph decides to take a spin. She knows she's safe from this generation of the IDKs. LOL is straight and looking for a man.

We get visits from Venus Drunkenmiller and Alvaro Leeny as well. Both of them are also ineligible, but FYI is excited for the beauty that is Hestia. Someone's smitten.

Logan, the bad witch of the world, decides to come check in at the sports lot as well. Now seriously?! isn't this the bestest shot ever?!

Now they did spend like forever here, as i was waiting for one of two sims to actually show up. Apollo here is not one of them though.

He apparently was not too pleased when he found out.
Apollo: What?! I'm not good enough for your family?!
FYI: You definitely aren't good enough for my niece.

Oh look, its random townie that I created. Kindly leave so we can get eligible people here.

Charleton: I can show you the world for only a dollar.
Hestia: You are scaring me sir. Can you take a step back please?
Daeiel: She gon get raped. *walks away*

FYI: So do you think you would wanna go out with my niece? I think you two would be perfect together.
Cameron: Um I don't do blind dates girl, and besides, you are coming on a little too strong for me.

FINE! You don't do blind dates? Well here she is, what do you think of her?

She seems to love you! She already wants to hit on you and she just met you, i know she seems easy but she isn't.

No way! You totally are rebuffing her?! Well I guess its a good thing I can't marry you in anyway, or else it may have been an issue.

We do need to keep non-elf options open just in case. What better way than the gorgeous piece of man known as Arthnír Moore. Also I have no idea why Hestia seems to think she needs to stalk my family everywhere.

But as darkness falls, Hestia finally decides to go home, and we get another member of the infamous Randolph clan, Tyche.

LOL: Nice to meet you, say you wouldn't know where i could find a hott guy to marry would you?
Tyche: Trust me hun, if i knew that, I wouldn't be here.

Arthnír decides to show me that he would be a great choice for spouse material by walking around shirtless. I do have to say, for a grilled cheese sim, he's very fit.

I keep stealing rikkulidea's ideas. I turned a few of my pixel_trade sims into teens so that the kids could have people when they come home from school, kinda like a high school sweetheart thing. Here happens to be one of the lucky few, Tyler Peet.

Meanwhile, Rocko Rose is still around on the market. I guess he's patiently waiting to get picked up and married off. He actually initiated the greet and everything, so it's kinda scary.

As we close out their 2 days on the town, LOL is getting to know Art some more, because you never know what could happen.

Returning home doesn't mean you get the time off, you actually get to skill yourself to no end, even if you aren't the heir, am I right FYI?

GTFO starts to train FYE on the punching bag, cuz its a quick body skill upper, but seriously, by punching the bag, shouldn't that actually be warming him up?

LOL calls up Tyche, because she actually had a want to invite her over. Maybe she was thinking about hooking her up with IMHO when he hits teen tonite? See, she's always looking out for her little brother.

LOL: I'm so done with school, I'm ready to start popping out some kids.
Me: You are like 4 days into teenhood, please don't think you are as awesome as GTFO.

Tyche: I think there should be stronger punishments for people who commit sexual offenses.
LOL: I guess i shouldn't talk to her about my desire to want to have kids now.

Woohoo, promotions are up in the house today!!

LOL: I wish i could see into my future to see what kind of man i'm gonna marry when i get older.
Tyche: The family sense is tingling in this one. She should really talk to my mother.

Using the crystal ball to just see who she has the most chemistry with, this is what i get. Not one pixel trader, and Drew Drunkenmiller.

LOL: Grandpa, I heard you lost your virginity at 13 down at the supermarket, Is that true?
GTFO: Um...well I did lose it at 13, but it wasn't at the supermarket. It was the general store down the block.

LOL: *why can't i be as lucky as Grandpa was and get pregnant early*
Tyche: Why would this family waste their money on a shitty robot like you?! Do you even do any chores?

Double birthday!!

IMHO gets these stats, and rolled gay for his orientation. This should be interesting.

Now that he's all made over, its time to get the show on the road.

A crowded birthday scene as the kids take yet another turn out in the public.

I decide to try somewhere i haven't been before. I think i want them to find spouses at different community lots. After all, what fun would it be if i kept going back to the same lot.

FYI continues to go nuts for any chick that crosses her path, as she does now for Camille Hayes.

While LOL gets herself a piece of White Chocolate.

LOL: Meh, you're ok i guess?!
White Chocolate: I wanna marry the rich girl.

Leo Spectra (cawleen) shows off that he was also turned into a teen, But yet again, no one showed any interest in him.

GOD!! Paul, you really need to stop showing up at my community lots.

Off to yet another place. (Hint: This art museum sucks!)

Three of the first visitors show up, Asparagus Crayola, Melissa Charvat, and Jazzberry Jam Crayola. Wow that is an interesting bunch to show up.

David: God! I need a drink, I just wanna punch my manager in the face!
I guess David had a really bad day at work, what do you think?

But he sure knows how to put on a nice face when a pretty girl introduces herself to him. Hey we need to keep all options open.

Pollux: Do you know you are absolutely the hottest man I've ever seen?
David: Was that a come on, or an actual compliment?
LOL: He said the same thing to my grandfather.

Pollux, it isn't nice to recycle lines like that.

David and LOL decide to dance away all their troubles, or maybe they just want Pollux to go away?

David sees that LOL is into him, and decided to turn on the charm
David: Hey baby, you looks so hott in that outfit.

David: I wanna take you away from all your troubles around here. We can get away to some exotic town somewhere.

David: I think i love this girl. Lets see what she thinks of me after this

Oh real smart David, prank the girl. Just remember that her ass only has 1 nice point.

LOL: WHAT THE FUCK! *pokes* Why the hell did you throw a water balloon at me?!
David: I was just trying to have a bit of fun with you.

Out of everyone in the room, Jazz has to be the hottest one that you see, really? Not like the guy who's been hitting on you for the past 2 hours.

Then, just to piss me off, the Count has to try and mix himself into this. I'm trying to keep the IDKs supernatural free. I haven't had a witch, vampire, wolf or anything yet, i wanna try to keep it that way.

LOL decided that Jazz wasn;t going to give up his poker game and went back to David. Oh hi there stalker Hestia. Its been what? a whole day since we've seen you?

WOW. Speeding it up there just a little bit? I mean he isn't a three bolter with you. I guess she really is desperate for that kid. Too bad David is on the can not use list anyway, I won't use the same creator, and even if i did, not the same family twice.

David: Daaaamn *whistles* You really do know how to kiss. How many people have you kissed before girl?!
LOL: You were actually my first.
David: Sexy!!

David: You are the prettiest girl I've ever met! I hope you decide to run away with me.

And we draw to a close with David going after LOL out back. She isn't safe anywhere!

- So this is 1 of three updates i have for the IDKs...I still have 2 simpson updates as well, Im just gonna alternate them.
- This was like a super plethora of people. When i was typing up the tags i was like holy shit this is alot of different families.
Tags: drunkenmiller, idk

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