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The Simpson Legacy 8.2

Last update was a short quick one. We saw the birth of the first 3 generation 8 babies. Glory had Heather, Giovanni had Haley and Griffin had Happy. Then everyone decided to drive me absolutely psychotic by getting pregnant. Griffin and Harlequin got hitched right after they entered their second trimester.

So Harlequin just decided to do this, and he gained my love. Hes my new favorite sim ever!!

Then Giovanni came home. Not only did he get his LTW already, but he has to belly rub too. Seriously, they need to stop that.

Toddler time. Here's Heather,

and Happy (growing up into Britney I's hair)

And Haley hanging out with her grandfathers. (you can ignore all the urns...i need to find somewhere for the cemetery)

Dom: Have you people had your head examined? Vampires cant have babies! And seriously, bringing in 8 more kids into this house is crazy!!
Emmett: He doesnt know that much about our family, does he?

Harlequin is awesome though, not only is he a great father to Happy, but he loves all of the kids equally.

Stop that! You already know I love you, no need to try and get more.

Seriously?! When the hell did you get abducted? You are aware that you can not get pregnant by an alien if you are pregnant by your boyfriend.

Oh yay! round number 2 going on. Its funny to see all of these pregnant men. Dom must feel completely awkward by this whole situation.

More round two going on. Sorry it gets annoying.

DAMN YOU FOX! Stop getting abducted!

Even 6 months pregnant, he still looks damn fine.

Giovannis 2nd LTW, in case anyone cared.

And Fox returns...more with the abductions...i dunno anymore.

Hello random skintone...I love when they just appear.

LOL everyone has second popped now...that means birth time eventually.

Griffin decides that this is the perfect time to start the child birthing though. Im telling you that this whole thing was a blur.

Only a single birth, as i did with all of these kids.

Here is Heidi, Harlequins full coloring. This should be a fun race.

Awwww Aidan belly rubbed for me *swoons*

Harlequin: Wow im actually a daddy!! Im gonna be the bestest dad ever!!

Now for Glory...

Honor here got Dads hair, a mix tone...and WOW her grandfathers? brown eyes. Though Dom may have brown eyes *shrugs*

Giovannis turn

again with all the alien coloring...her name is Hedwig and her daddy is PT Cale, as in Founder Challenge #1 RHEM.

Um excuse me, no more babies please!!!

seriously, no more babies....but always nice for your grandfather to walk in on you getting some.

Ooooo birthing in the room with your granddaughter getting lucky, thats just disturbing.

Ummm drawing that much attention, poor girl.

Wow its a boy...Finn is his name.


Giovanni: I hope he isnt adding another kid to this house!!

More birthing.

Flower here is a brown eyed red head...and apparently shes shy.

but heres a better picture of her, though its a baby.

Fox: *goes into labor*
Randy: Honey, you are so sexy giving birth

Genesis here just cant take a picture.

Harlequin: Ow labor isnt good, im hurting.
Griffin: Honey, just breathe, remember this is only your first, so its gonna hurt alot.

And we break labor to show Emmett getting another LTW.

Harlequin is holding the adorable Honey. Yes i am now stretching for names, please dont hurt me.

Randy finally decides to pop out his little one...his first personally actually

Gage is well genetically different...NOT.

Aidan has another LTW under his belt...hes got alot to catch up on if he wants to beat Marlon.

Giovanni has LTW #2 down

And Griffin has his first...its just a super special update.

There is some toddler skilling by the daddys, yes Dom actually is doing stuff.

Grrrrr...No more babies please!!!

Fox gets himself some loving now that he isnt pregnant.

Glory comes home with her first LTW, seriously...awesome sauce.

And we end this update with Fox and a well guy...Hey im still gonna try to get him lots of lovers.

- Wow sucktastic update just had alot of crap happen
- I still have another update, and again, its a rushed one because the lot started to lag.
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