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The IDK Legacy 4.6

Last time on the fun world of the IDKs, LOL became a teen and waited a day to hit the town with her fellow wing chick, FYE. Fairfax went psycho and everyone was bed hopping with each other. FYE grew up thirsting for knowledge, and Gordon gave birth to a little girl named L8R. The first trip downtown with FYE brought about meeting so many people. We saw Thomas Greene (Isabella Drunkenmiller's dad) trying to get his flirt on with FYE who happened to roll lesbian. Upon changing lots, FYE met her half-brother AFK, and we saw the legacy stalker that is Hestia Randolph. It was a regular array of who's who at Spark! with Cameron Roberts, Venus Drunkenmiller, Apollo Randolph, Alvaro Leeny, Daeiel Moore, Arthnír Moore, and Tyche Randolph to name alot. The following day we took another spin around with newly teen, IMHO. At the art museum, we realized that it was a horrible place to go and i bulldozed it later on. They went to Lucky Shack and met a ton more people, and David Peet started hitting on LOL.

We rejoin the family, back at Lucky Shack. David is continuing his pursuit of LOL. Its weird cuz technically, he is her great-uncle. So off we go to Club o Crypt or whatever. Gotta keep trying.

Well well, its Anteros Randolph. I'm trying super hard to not breed in alien genetics, as the family is purely human right now...shocking i know.

She does still have high chemistry with Jazz though, so she tries, and boy do i mean try, to have a decent conversation with him, but nope, utter failure.

Its a P_T a thon...Dale Forest, Mila Hale and Amir Goss are all here. Who else could possibly show up, besides the one damn one I want to show up.

Well, Anteros decided to step up his game and start goin after LOL, time to move.

New place, new townies? Maybe *begs*

LOL: Star light, bring me the man of my dreams.
FYE: Did i slam the door on my hair again?

LOL: OMG Amir!! You came here too
Amir: You threw me in the trunk, remember?!

This picture could look really awkward. Taylor and Drew were just passing by each other, not holding hands.

LOL: Deal or No Deal was so awesome last nite, I can't believe that they got the $1 case.
Sutherland: I know how greedy can you be. *please marry me*

Oh look, its the legacy stalker. Too bad that IMHO is gay or she may have had a shot.

Hestia: OMG! Did you guys see that?
Everyone else: why is she still here?

Following morning, Rafe Roberts decides to come around,

with Alec Wolosenko,

and White Chololate Von Prism. Why won't she love you White Chocolate.

And Ingrid Selzi, and yes Selzi is her last name.

Damn you!! Stop hitting on her! She's getting a reputation for being easy this way.

OMG!! FINALLY! Just who I've been looking for.

LOL: Hi, I'm LOL.
Eros: Nice to meet you LOL, I'm Eros.
Rocko: Why the hell does he get to marry into that fortune.
Me: Bitter much Rocko.

Eros: Babe, you are one hott piece.
LOL: Success! I snared me a man.
Me: You snared yourself like 4 men, slut!

Rocko: Hi there, I'm Rocko.
LOL: You look familiar. Have you been stalking my house?
Eros: *he needs to leave so I can get my mack on*

WOW, they move faster than she did with David.

Ingrid: She is a very lucky girl! *watches some more*

No no! Bad IMHO! Drew is not gay! New target please!

Fug: I wanna get with her.
Me: Not gonna happen buddy.
Drew: I haven't even been de-flowered yet. I need some action.

IMHO: I so am not turning around, I know what they are doing. I don't need my face rubbed in it.

Eros decides to ditch the gardens after giving a good macking to LOL.

WOW that is some relationship, they haven't been together that long. With that though, its time to get the tushies back home, with a good mission accomplished.

We get home and JAS is like frozen blue, talking to that tramp that decided she wanted to bang GTFO three ways from sunday.

Only for him to get up, freeze up and fall over. Wow good job there JAS.

I sent Michael over to warm up his beau, and he doesn't even get a thank you. How the hell is there no thank you option for that? Next time i let him thaw on his own.

Or JAS can thank him in a very special way. If you wind up pregnant though i will gut you like a fish.

I sent LOL to go call up her new flame, the ridiculously hott Eros.

And he came on over with his friend...

Shane you really need to stop coming by the house, I can't marry you in at all.

L8R grew up into an adorable little toddler, but no matter, she won't be home after she ages up.

LOL realizes that her boyfriend is outside waiting for her, so she runs out to greet him. I'm sure he would have come in for the party LOL.

With the greeting done, we send off anyone who has no dealings in this house. Bye, don't let the door hit ya where we split ya.

Photo booth pictures YAY!!!...wait, i didn't direct you there.

Oh yay, autonomous sexing.

STOP WITH THE SEX!! You don't even live here yet Eros!!!!

SON OF A DODO BIRD! Teen pregnancy again :\

Seriously?! Slam Bam get you knocked up and peace...I thought you were a great family sim.

So LOL and IMHO witness their father being unfaithful to their other father. Wouldn't this bother you? Because i know it would bother me.

So it had been a while and i was debating deleting this, but gave it one more shot...and i actually got something good.

IMHO: Is it raining money?
(a/n: ya i was gonna make a golden shower joke but didn't)

NO! Bad Fairfax!! You are already sleeping with enough people in this house, you will not sleep with the teen girl.

I'm watching you!!

So Blind dates for poor IMHO and FYE leave me with these from the ball. Good choices right?

Seriously?! What is with the wanting to bedhop? LOL you will not sleep with Bot.

Right before the school bus shows up, LOL decides to give back her breakfast. Poor girl, though she deserves it.

And after school the light bulb just goes off in her head. And here i thought she was smart. Good thing she's pretty.

GTFO: You're pregnant aren't you? You better call up your baby daddy and get to hitching. My father made me get married, now I'm gonna make you.
LOL: You aren't my father, who are you to tell me what to do?
GTFO: The owner of the house, that's who...either you get married or you live on the street.

Ooooo Birthday bonanza!! This should be interesting.

LOL finally pops. Welcome to teen motherhood LOL. Should we call 16 and pregnant for you.

*glares* I'm watching you two. No funny business.

Go LOL, get your gold sewing badge. You may need to support yourself.

But she caves to her grandfather and calls up Eros. He does have a right to know about the baby anyway.

But he moves in when he hears. He's an upstanding citizen and a great guy.

o.0 Now how many times does a family sim roll a baby want before an engagement/marriage want? They definitely have a sixth sense.

We have love on one side...but she still isn't in love with him.

Though Eros tries so hard to actually get her to fall for him, there still is no love.


Party time!!! I think the fire department is on standby for all of those candles.

Did you expect anything but growing up well...they may be the ignored children of the update but they kept themselves good in Asp.

Stop eyeing IMHO, just because i forbid you to screw LOL doesn't mean you can screw her younger brother.

JAS looks decent enough in his old age.

This hunky nerd is FYE, GTFO and Gordon's middle wonder he gets no love.

And DAAAAAAAAMN Jacob grew up sexy!! The surfer look is so him.

So i forgot to get Eros's LTW when i moved him in, so here it is now...That actually is an easy target...but LOL better pop out 2 kids to accomplish that.

LOL: Uncle Fairfax, why are you stalking me in your underwear? Can't you see my boyfriend over there already knocked me up?
Fairfax: *whistles innocently*

o.0 Bad bad IMHO, do not try to pick up 'Uncle' Fairfax...he's probably infested with STDs.

IMHO: But he's so sexy, A hott sexy piece of beefcake.
Me: He just flirted with your father!!

Bot seriously got super annoying, so i finally decided to turn him off...when someone moves out...hes going too.

And Fairfax does what he does best...sleeps with everyone and ruins relationships. Good on you Fairfax.

- I do have another update lined up, but I can actually post up my Awesimsauce/ISBI/Pixel_trade legacy now, as the only hinderance was LOL walking around pregnant.
- Im actually debating now to let alien genetics into the family...after all i have some sims from people and they only are aliens. but thats a question for another day.
Tags: drunkenmiller, idk

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