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The Simpson Legacy 8.3

Last time, well the house got filled up pretty quickly when 8 of them decided, hey im bored, lets all get pregnant simultaneously. Each one of them gave birth, and Griffin wound up pregnant again (Damn ACR). The 3 heirs of Gen 7 all achieved their LTWs and Fox got him some loving. Aidan decided that he would not be second fiddle vampire to Marlon and started to pop out a few LTWs.

Fox, continuing on his quest to sleep with the whole town, gets a date from the well. Dont let his appearance fool you, that dude is an elder.

Russell Sexcasual decides to take a stroll by the lot to see how things are, and i sent Fox to greet him, hey, its still a viable human being.

Fox gets his flirt on, but the reason for the picture is the walkby. That is one of Betas kids, which one though i cant remember. (i have played Beta, Drake, Drew and Delphina after Uni if anyone cared to know)

Holy Shit thats alot of birthdays...I will never have that happen again.

God all that cake is making me have an upset stomach. There actually is 11 birthdays today.

Finn and Genesis. How adorable are they?

Toddler madhouse anyone?!

And here is Heather, Haley and Happy growed up!! adorable, but short-lived.

Ya, I'm not gonna deal with that BS again, everyone gets birth control!

Really, Is it too much to ask that the townies dont hook up with the underage children? I dont think Beta will be happy.

POP #2 for the last H baby, Birth control will make sure of that!

Griffin: Why cant I understand this?! Maybe theres a transcription in the front.

Griffin: Shit! That book hurt. Why did it bite me?

So while everyone is out skilling, I decide its a perfect well opportunity for Fox.

Oh YUM! Its rikkulidea's Oren Manning. He will get into this legacy!

I sent Griffins very fat pregnant ass to work (i mean seriously look at that stomach), because staying home wont get him that 2nd LTW.

Aidan continues to be made of super win sauce by getting another LTW under his belt, and DAMN he looks hott as a doctor!

More LTW goodness, YAY!!

So much toddler skilling too little time for it, especially when 3 of the viable adults are in a coffin all day, bloody vampires.

Oh joy, the last baby in this damn house for a while...and this is where the lot started to lag something fierce.

This baby is named Hamlet...because i really couldnt think of another H name. He gets to be named after one of my favorite Shakespeare plays.

Dominick: Are you fucking serious?! You had another baby?! Were already crammed into this house, now we have to give up more space.
Griffin: But hes adorable, and babies dont take up much room :(

GOD FINALLY!!! Thank god for the well...and why wish for love when you can wish for friends and woo them all!

another LTW down for Giovanni, Hes hott sorry!

Kid time for the basically octuplets!! (Top to bottom: Finn, Flower, Heidi, Genesis, Hedwig, Gage, Honey and Honor)

With all that going on, i moved out the vampires until Gen 8 heir comes home.

Fox: Bye Dad, thanks for leaving me with the house.
Emmett: Ill be back soon you wont get any inheritance from me.

And since I have already decided that neither Honor or Heather (Honor is as dumb as bricks though, so she has a special place for me). Glory and Dominick move out as well. At least he wont pick on Griffin anymore.

And the non H siblings were grown up and sent out to Uni

Apparently i forgot to take Gage and Genesiss stats, but they arent important anyway.

And the lot lags a little bit less.

Mr Mickles always is a favorite for private school time...Griffin, Harlequin and Giovanni all had wants for private school so why not, they wont be around for long anyway.

LTW 3 for Griffin, hey once you max skills, you get through career LTWs easily.

Grandpa has taken a shine to his first (and only) grandson.

Well hes totally adorable, but no shot at heir...i have the heir picked and im not having another male heir.

Birthday spam...Randy and Fox are going to be old.

So adorable!!! I thought this was a nice picture of them.

And they are old...and Father Time came out o.0

Much better, and they still have the hotts for each other.

Harlequin gets himself a LTW, bout damn time!!

Stats for Gen 8 before the big Uni sendoff

And off they go.

- Like i said, its the last short update is a full Uni.
- I updated the family tree up to generation 8, and fixed up the tree a bit, so go have a look.
- the heir is a surprise for everyone. But Generation 9 is already born in my game.
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