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The IDK Legacy 5.1

Last time on the IDKs, LOL was slutty getting it on with her uncle David at the bar, then it was pixel_trade explosion time at the club as she ran into Amin Goss, Anteros Randolph, Jazz Crayola, Dale Forest, Mila Hale, and Emerald Crayola. As Anteros decided to get his game on, i sent them packing to Kings Garden. Amin stalked them there where they joined up with Drew and Taylor Drunkenmiller, Sutherland Green, Hestia Randolph, Rafe Roberts, Alec Wolosenko and a whole bunch of other pixel_trade eligible bachelors. Rafe got his game going on until the sim we've been looking for actually arrived, Eros Randolph. While LOL got her game on with Eros, IMHO found Drew to be hott, and well he is straight and not allowed. At L8R's party, LOL invited over Eros who decided he would slam bam thank you ma'am her and knock up LOL. Then JAS and Fairfax got old while Jacob and FYE grew into teens, and Eros moved in. We left off with Fairfax banging both LOL and IMHO.

Well, would you look at that? It only took her to be about 5 months pregnant for her to fall in love with the baby daddy.

Well, now that there is love, how about some marriage.

LOL: I'm a happily engaged soon to be teen mother, what else could a girl wish for?

Eros really likes the idea of being a dad. He wanted a baby before he even got married.

Pop #2...just one more day til generation 5...its so weird to pass where i lost the carters.

o.0 Why did she get a bad memory of getting engaged to Eros...hello...she's a family sim.

Too. Much. Fawning. Help please!

So LOL and Eros both have the same LTW, this should be fairly easy to accomplish.

Fairfax got his ass fired from his job...probably because he went to work in his underwear. But could you set off any more alarm bells for IMHO?! Unemployed, and facial hair...with a secondary romance asp.

Ya, like you didn't see that one coming.

These two are going nuts over each other...well at least its better than her going after her "uncle".

Um Excuse me?! How dare you get pregnant?!

IMHO: That woohoo was the best ever!! I want alot more of that!

IMHO: *gets morning sickness*
Fairfax: The way that kid moves is smoking.

GTFO continues to bang the whole town, now he has the gardener under his belt.

Its wedding time, after the kids finish their homework. (Tyche is the girl in the background). The kids brought home Henry Blossom and Harmonia Randolph (I did turn some of the P_T into townies [i blame rikkulidea]).

Brannion (yet another teen) tries to cheer up the gardener by telling him sunny days are on their way.

Wedding time, doesn't that bump just make you feel all squishy.

I require myself to always take at least one picture from the ceremony cut scene. They always turn out adorable.

LOL aces science....during her wedding party o.0 Unless that part of science was biology or sexuality, there was no science at that wedding.

Harmonia looks beautiful...If it had been a straight male heir...I woulda aimed for her to be heiress.

Seriously, you could have gone to your bed and taken off your dress, instead of ruining it in the photo booth.

IMHO gets a slacker job...but ignore the marriage...I had him marry Fairfax, but i annulled the marriage right after because i thought he may want a younger husband.

GTFO: Hunny, i don't know why you married that loser with the metal hand, couldn't you have found yourself a hott gardener or maid?
LOL: Grandpa, you already slept with them, I kinda want someone you haven't slept with.

GTFO bangs someone in the photobooth, but i really wanna know why the hell Harmonia is still here...the party ended hours ago chicky.

Family skill time...the only time i get a few minutes of sanity...

Until LOL decides that she wants to give birth right there. There goes skill time.

I, of course, live dangerously and clicked random. I don't know why i seem to be getting alot of single births lately.

Eros: OMG! I'm going to be a dad. *shock*
LOL: I got him all locked up now.

Here we have a new beautiful baby girl with Mom's brown hair, a mix tone and dad's eyes. Her name is NSFW.

Eros: She's such a fragile thing, no wonder my mother had a ton of kids.
Me: Don't get any ideas!

And intro the crib she goes...I'm impressed. (though i told him to do that)

Michael: Are you sure you wanted to marry young? There are so many great people to meet.
LOL: Not you too. Leave me alone with my choice.

Hey, she coulda married your uncle, Michael.

IMHO: Excuse me!! I think I need some maternity clothes. *pop*

IMHO: Dance if your pregnant! *boogies*
Ya, IMHO is as dumb as a brick, but I love him...Its why i'm doing double heir.

:( GTFO is in his final days.

Rather it was his final day :'( It's so sad.

GTFO: But i haven't slept with everyone yet, my mission in life isn't done.
Grim: You have done well. Its time for you to relax with your husband.
GTFO: Which one?! I have 2 you know.

GTFO: Otis will be there, I'm sold. *grabs liquor and runs*

WOW, thats just alot of death stuff for poor Gordon and the family.

IMHO: My poor baby will never know Grandpa.

Eros: Here you go hunny, NSFW will help ease your mind.

LOL: Awww she has Grandpa's skintone. I miss Grandpa.

LOL: *cries eyes out*
Eros: This is too much for NSFW, I'm gonna take her for a walk.

GTFO joins everyone in the graveyard...thats 2 generations dead. I'm a little sad now.

And these two, are as oblivious as anything...I'm tempted to kill them both...or hook them up with each other.

Gordon and JAS came home from work and just sighed....they didn't do anything. Its like their lives are over.

Gordon: It's ok honey, GTFO is in a better place.
IMHO: I just miss Grandpa so much

Praying on the poor kid, have you no shame Gordon! His poor pregnancy hormones are probably driving him nuts.

Just no! You will not do anything with Gordon! He isn't P_T approved, so you can;t have babies with him.

Apparently though, its cheating on Fairfax to be taken advantage of. This poor kid.

IMHO: If you can't take the fact that i will not be monogomous, then you need to get to stepping.
Fairfax: OMG! I'll be good. Please don't kick me out, I'll have to eat cat food to survive.

And IMHO racks up love number 2. Banging your grandfather's widower is not healthy!!

FYI: Hi little baby! I will be such a good aunt to you!
IMHO: I'm glad i have alot of family to dote on my little one.

Everyone has neglected poor NSFW. Poor child has lost her place.

Now this is not to be confused, He actually fell in love with Gordon, who kept ACR-ing up interactions with him. FYI is just trying to keep him happy.

Oooo LOL, again...You are not as awesome as your grandfather...There was actually only one sim who could compete in my books, and he's long gone (Poor Landon Carter).


Gordon: Awww I hope he turns out to be as cute as you.
IMHO: He will definitely be hott. Have you not seen his lineage?

HAHA Gordon works out in a leotard!! I definitely needed that!

Study time again...IMHO is actually studying parenting, as he's maxed all his skills already.

HAHAHAHA!!! Michael brings home none other than Aphrodite herself...This could be a bit awkward for everyone in the house.

I hope so IMHO, cuz that baby is definitely going to need you with his other father bedding his ex husband.

LOL: Tyche, you won't guess the wonderful news I have. You are going to be an aunt again. I'm pregnant!!!
Eros: Greeeeeeeeeat! Tyche will be coming over more often now

Ummm she hasn't been around at all since NSFW has come.

Eros: Mom did you hear? You are going to be a grandmother again!!
Aphrodite: I didn't take the youth potion just for the looks, of course i heard. Congrats!

Eros: God! I love my job, punching the clock has never made me a happier person.
Aphrodite: You know your wife is right there.
Eros: She's happy too, because she doesn't have to work ever!


Seriously...You are aware that Haley Peet is actually related to him, right?! Of course we want her number...she changed it on us a while ago.

Nothing really happened up until this...Birth time!!

Random again, single birth again.

Here is ASAP, A unique tone to this family, Fairfax's black hair, and IMHO's green eyes. This is where I eneded because i got out of game and deleted this awful skintone. I hate it with a passion!!

- Updated the family tree here with generation 2 fixed up and generation 3, generation 4 won't be updated until they become adults, as well as the heir pictures taken.
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