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movie you rented : Hmmm i think it was Chicago and Uptown Girls
movie you bought : On The Line *swoons* Lance
song you listened to : "Next Time I Fall In Love" by Amy Grant and Peter Cetera
song you had stuck in your head : LOL "I'll Never Stop" by *N SYNC!
person you've called : My cousin Meaghan to pass along a message from my sister
person that called you : My sister LOL...i dont get many phone calls
movie you've watched : On The Line..I'd watch it all day
person you hugged: my sister
person you kissed : my sister again (mom hasnt gone to bed yet)
person you went to eat out with: *cries* no one ever wants to hang out with me...I think im a loser
person you danced with : I don't dance...I'm a white guy with no rhythm
person you yelled at : My brother...but we are over it..we are a strange fam.
person who made you laugh : its_davy_baby hes a funny guy
person who made you smile : sparklediamant She always makes me smile :)
person who said they love you : I can't remember...its been too long
person talking to : its_davy_baby and sparklediamant
feeling: Weirdness at South Park, bad for Matty cuz i was talkin to him and my bro took over the comp when i went to the bathroom


you have a gf/bf : I have no sorta seein someone but like we haven't gone on a me understand men

you wish you could live somewhere else : yup...Somewhere closer to Internet friends
you have piercings : none yet...maybe one sometime soon
you have tattoos : same as piercings
you drink: occasionally...far apart
you do drugs : Just Ewwww
you like cleaning : no that's my sisters job
you write in cursive or print : print mostly, but i have actually done both in the same sentence
you carry a donor card: blood donor card


long distance relationships: im for them...but i'd rather have a close distance one
using someone: against..ive been used, so i know how it feels
suicide: against, though i have thought about it from time to time
killing people : Against...Ewwww i wouldnt murder my worst enemy...just throw soda bottles full of soda at their head
Smoking: sooo against...Ewwww nasty habit...My mom needs to quit!
drugs : Against...As stated above EWWWWWW
premarital sex : For. Just be smart..and dont sleep with everyone either
Death Penalty: hard call for me...some people deserve it and others deserve to rot away their lives in jail
Abortions: im on the fence...Only if the pregnancy is a result of a rape or going to cause health issues for the mom
gay/lesbian marriages: For...why shouldn't they be allowed...i want a valid argument


song : If i could live with 3 songs for the rest of my life...Britney Spears "Shadow", Michelle McManus "Emotional" and N SYNC "I'll Never Stop"
thing to do : a shopaholic...just need the cash to keep up with my habit
thing to talk about: anything mostly....i dont have a picky taste
sports : Beisbol LOL...Baseball...i'm a yankee fan through and through...though i miss Tino Martinez
drinks : Orange Juice, Apple Juice, soda, milk, water...pretty much anything
perfume/scent : I like Vanilla scent...but citrus is nice too
holiday : Christmas, I love the feel of the season...everyone is all so happy!!
ever cried over a girl/ boy : Nope...havent had one to yet
ever lied to someone : everyone lies...just matters how big a lie it is
ever been in a fist fight /arrested : fist fight...i rammed the class bully's head into a file cabinet in 7th grade
first crush: in kindergarten...Liz Turro....liked her all the way to 8th grade...finally asked her out and she said no :\.. first was Rick...and what an ass he was
first love: No love for me *cries*
most recent crush: Celeb...Lance Bass *swoons*...real guy...none..cept the guy im sorta seein


are you scared of : Bein alone....It makes me sad to think of it
do you look for in a gf/bf: A great personality is a big thing...sense of humor...he/she has to like me for me...i dont change for anyone! They have to be at least decent looking too...i dont wanna date a 400 lb man who sits around all day and does nothing


of times I have had my heart broken: Probably twice...that is it if any
of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: 2 real life friends, like 10 online
of people I consider my enemies: DANIELLE! If i see her i am either gonna throw a bottle of soda at her head or run her down with my car and break one of her legs...STEPH...she is just evil!!

1.. What's on your bedside table? The table in front of my bed has my boombox on it...lets me listen to my music

2. What's the geekiest part of your music collection? The Spice Girls...thats all i have to say

3. What do you eat when you raid the fridge at night? Never raid at nite...tryin to lose weight

4. What is your secret guaranteed weeping film? not a film, but episode 100 of Angel, You're Welcome (me too matty) , But a movie that gets my eyes going has definitely gotta be Walk to Remember

5. If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done? I like me as I am! None for me thanks

6. Do you have a completely irrational fear? Martha Stewart...shes the devil incarnate!

7. What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moments? I can't make eye contact...and i stumble on my words

8. Do you ever have to beg? ya but when i do..i get what i want LOL

9. Do you have too many love interests? Not really...Lance will be mine soon!!...LOL

10. Do you know anyone famous? I met a couple of famous people..... Mandy Moore, Andy Roddick, Stephen Jenkins

11. Describe your bed: It's bland...its my father's old bed from when he was younger...i dunno what else to say

12. Spontaneous or plain? I like spontaniousity...but i can always go for a blah day

13. Who should play you in a movie about your life? No one can play me better than me...and Lance can play my boyfriend *inserts Cheeky Grin*

14. Do you know how to play poker? Yup...i rule at cards =)

15. What do you carry with you at all times? dorm key, SUNYCard and Cell phone

16. How do you drive? like a maniac...thats why i have 2 speeding tickets, lol

17. What do you miss most about being little? Being able to get away with whatever i wanted to....I want a second childhood

18. Are you happy with your given name? Doesnt bother me

20. What was the last song you were listening to? Wasn't this question asked already!? "Next Time I Fall In Love" by Amy Grant and Peter Cetera

21. Have you ever been in a school play? In elementary I was in this cheesy play and played a guy named Luigi...worst Italian ever!

22. Have you ever been in love? Not yet...hopefully i will be one day

23. Do you like yourself and believe in yourself? Mostly i do...but i have my off days where i wanna curl up and die

25. Do you think you're cute? I think I am cute...not hott and not ugly..though i think im ugly sometimes

26. Do you consider yourself to be a nice person? Yup..if i wasnt i probably wouldnt have lots of friends online...but once you cross me you are screwed.


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