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King Bee Challenge #1

So i decided that i needed to do a king bee challenge because i seem to love having babies in my game so what better way than to have this. I decided to do a pixel_trade because why not, people have awesome sims to use. Lets see what comes out.

SO who else would i use for the bee, but my own self sim. Seriously, so much man candy could only go to me.

Asparagus Crayola is my first baby daddy. He comes courteous from my bff leenyland.

A little wooing is all it takes before the sex times come.

And here's the money shot! Birthing time!! Naming theme for this round will be Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Download Buffy Crayola-Andrews

Download Cordelia Crayola-Andrews

Download Dawn Crayola-Andrews

Download Harmony Crayola-Andrews

Download Willow Crayola-Andrews

Download Xander Crayola-Andrews

This is the first round, if you'd like a sim of yours used...just comment :)
Tags: kingbee, requests, simself

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