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King Bee Challenge #2

So round two of my king bee takes one of my favorite sims from my second bff on LJ, rikkulidea. Ivan Laurince, who I've loved since he was basically born from Hannah. It was a toss up between him and Brent Deline.

Here i am again, *waves hello to simself*

Ivan looks super excited to get the chance to be a daddy to a couple of kids.

Ivan: So you really like to play with balls, I like that.

Birth where is Ivan?

There he is...he actually ran to see the birth. Such a good dad isn't he?

A brief interlude to show you adorableness before we get to the kids...Awwww. The naming scheme this round is One Tree Hill.

Download Lucas Laurince-Andrews

Download Haley Laurince-Andrews

Download Nathan Laurince-Andrews

Download Jamie Laurince-Andrews

Download Julian Laurince-Andrews

Download Marvin Laurince-Andrews

If you'd like to recommend a sim ...just comment :)
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