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The Simpson Legacy 8.4

Last time, I sped through the whole beginning of the generation when I found out that there were 8 pregnant sims running rampant in the house,it was even more painful when we realized that 4 of the pregnancies were just a pain in the ass and made me have to redo generations of family tree. We sent off everyone to Uni, and moved out non-heir lineage, a la Glory and Dominick. The vampires were moved out to be moved back in after the great Uni send off.

So Griffin here has decided to take Happy, my beautiful heir, and drop her off at the dorm.

I had to give Happy a makeover. The Gen 2 Britney hair was making me feel nostalgic, but damn Happy is gorgeous with her makeover.

I also aged up a few of the teenagers in the hood, and well they turn out gorgeous, wouldn't you say? This would be Sylvester and well I already have eyes on him for making generation 9.

Happy: Hello there sexy!
Sylvester: *ignores*
Me: Well that can't be good, wonder why he's not interested.

With the magic crystal ball, we get these matches...and while the fine red head in the first slot is damn fine, Sylvester is NOT on this list.

Time for a change...This better give them chemistry damn it!!

Damn good! You better be awesome for Sylvester now!!!

I decided to get the ineligibles out of Uni as I did with every other one of them. Flower's graduation gift was a guy to deflower her. She is damn happy now!

Now back to our beautiful heir! She knows she's awesome...I think she may be Bevin re-incarnated.

Happy: Oh damn boy, you are some hunk of man meat!
Random Dormie: Wow floor show! and I have front row tickets.

Sylvester: So I really wanna kiss you. You are beautiful!
Happy: Well stop talking and start kissing.

So Happy called up the frat holder...the last frat holder in the heir lineage to hold the frat, and chatted him up a bit before heading off to the frat.

With enough points for the frat acceptance, Happy started to get her man! We ask him out on a date.

Happy: Daaaamn boy you are fine!
Sylvester: Damn that chick is ugly! *+500 points*

So Happy rolls a want for majoring in Economics during her date. Now i understand that she's a fortune sim and everything but that is just lame ass. I woulda rolled a want to rape Sylvester or something.

Happy dances away while in the background you can see Honor calling up Gareth to get into the frat. There was actually only 3 of them in the dorm at this time.

*is ded from the adorable*

Um, ow. That really has to hurt Haley. Having an arm impaled through you can;t be that fun.

Happy got her first kiss, I still feel bad about them not having a teenhood, but what else can you do when theres like 20 of them?

And after a very successful date, we end it as soon as it gets to dream date as knowing my luck, the score would plummet if i kept it going.

And the old frat house was actually driving me nuts, so after throwing everything in inventory, I had thrown Gareth out and had him set up the new frat in one of rikkulidea's houses.

Haley was pushing for someone to love, with the woohoo want, the first kiss want and everything, so i gave her a shot at the well.

Haha really, I guess Aqua plays for both teams, remember she did get her hooks into Drake a while back.

And just like that, its upto a level 5 frat! Wow some people are just too easy.

o.0 Um really?! Bad Happy!! No being a whore with your second cousin once removed (I actually looked it up with wikipedia)

Even the cheerleader is disappointed in the act of simpsoncest. Just look at that face, she knows!!

Me: Gareth, stop macking on Happy!! You are related!

Me: Oh Hell, i give up, DAMN YOU ACR!!

Let's see if she acts the same with her boyfriend around.

Happy: Oh Sylvester! I love you so much!
Sylvester: Be still my heart.

Haha worthless pledge! You were kinda stupid to accept, now you are basically a slave.

Or, you know, a now fiancee.

Of course he accepted! Like there is any doubt?!

This picture is two-fold. Happy and Sylvester are celebrating their engagement, and I'm showing off how awesome rikkulidea's koi tattoo boxes are.

Well at least this time she woohooed the RIGHT guy!

Those hearts better be for her Sylvester!! I don't wanna catch you fawning over Gareth!!

Oh no no no no!! No more babies in Uni...if you get pregnant you get the boot!

Haley is getting her body all buff for the ladies...

while Honor is getting her shot at the men! He is fug though so send him packing Honor.

If they weren't related they would actually make such a cute couple.

Does she have like taco flavored kisses or something? You are like devouring her face!

LOL she totally did this on her own....I didn't even know there was a fountain until she did it.

Honor is eyeing up the cow...seriously it's the cow girl.

Robin: Congrats on your uncle getting abducted!
Happy: You are kinda cute, thanks a bunch.

Robin: Why won't you let me kiss you?
Happy: I'm sorta engaged, and I barely know you!

Robin: Well how about we go somewhere where we can get along better
Happy: You are so charismatic! Ok!

Happy, my cute alien slut.

And then the game got the god damn stupid 7am bug cuz i apparently keep getting character files saved at blah blah .1 (how do i stop that from happening?)

Happy: My milkshake totally brings all the boys to the yard.
Haley: I need a girlfriend. She has 3 men all over her and i can;t even get one girl.

Cute Dormie alert. But not what I'm looking for right now.

I just absolutely love this picture!! Whats your opinion of it?

Hi there professor. Come here looking for a kegger or something?

Stop hitting on anything that comes your way with balls please, you're fiancee won't like that too much.

Its like a line to flirt with her, seriously?! She isn't even part romance?!

Welcome back Sylvester! Glad to see that maybe someone can keep her under control.

You know, especially after you get re-engaged with him you know.

Wow he really is such a woman, leaping into her arms?!

Haha, Honor got her ass abducted...but fortunately for her, i don't have the female abduction pregnancy hack. I really should download it though.

Another celebratory woohoo for you two, well at least the pictures came out awesome.

Ya these pictures, well they have a story of Gareth banging her like a drum and Sylvester finding out. Would you really wanna see your fiancee after you just found her cheating?

Happy: OMG! I'm so sorry i cheated on you with him.
Sylvester: Ok I forgive you for now, but i reserve the right to bring this back up.

I had them hang out to try and re-boost their relationship. They would never be able to do anything without the boost.

I was surprised to see that Honor has such a good relationship Lucas, who really misses Carter I bet.

Honor: OMG its my new gay BFF!
Lucas: Hey faghag! whats going on?!

Well it seems that these two have patched up their relationship enough for some romantic actions. They are a totally adorable couple.

Stop that! Your relationship isn't all about sex you know!

Or maybe it is, since it seems to be the only thing you can do. But Yay for Lucas being a full frat member.

Seriously Haley, how did you get FAT?! You have barely been around..or even interesting.

OK i am not going to have service sims everywhere...You do know your grandfather was a llama, and your cousin is being wooed by a cow, and your great great great aunt was a cheerleader.

GOD DAMN IT! You are only a freshman!! There is no possible way you would ever be able to get thru Uni.

Oh well at least hes a full member of the frat, like that matters anyway!

Sylvester: *Seeths*That ungrateful bitch!

Honor's crystal ball matches. Jason Waters is a download from GOS but damn he is damn fine.

Though seriously, It would help alot if Honor paid any attention to him.

LOL at least she finished the paper before she decided to get morning sickness?

Sylvester leaves for the night as i force Honor to actually pay attention to her date for the evening. She really did not want any part of him.

I had Gareth call up the potential frat holder. Ada has been wandering around since around generation 3, so now we can actually use her.

But ya, that wouldn't stop Happy from seducing one of her men. She is so selfish with her men.

She's thrown up in almost every toilet in the ho-

spoke too soon, she has now thrown up in EVERY toilet in the house.

Gareth finally decided to roll a major want, Drama. Gee what a fitting major for him. He should totally find a role on a soap opera or something.

Well trimester 2 is under way, but why did her clothes disappear?

Well that can;t help her at all, falling in love with him could cause some issues.

Everything is better with just a cute quick belly rub. Why am i in love with a belly rub?

Griffin: Hey honey, hows your first year of college going?
Happy: Its going great dad, I got some wonderful news. I'm coming home, I'm very pregnant.
Griffin: What the hell? Are you kidding me? We'll talk about this when you get home!

Llama: I don't think that's how you are supposed to eat pancakes.
Happy: *snores*

Pop #2 only means one thing.

Its time for that phone call, the first full heir to do this.

Its official..I don't want any more uni least not right now.

As much pain as it makes me, Happy is done with Uni. Drop outs...Shes the first.

And Gareth finally manages to move in Ada before he leaves campus. And Thats it. Uni for generation 8 is over.

- Wow this update was played so long ago, and yet i still remember it
- The family tree is updated to generation 7 (G), and the request post is updated to include generation 8 (H).
- I have another updated capped and uploaded but i do need to work on my Viking Death Squad Legacy, i have the round in the Fauna legacy to get put up, i have a couple of IDK updates, i still have the first update for my awesimsauce/ISBI legacy and 5 more rounds of my king bee to post so i will be a busy bee for a while.
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