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The IDK Legacy 5.2

Last time, There was a lot that went on, so bear with me. Biggest thing being GTFO died right after the birth of his great granddaughter, NSFW, which LOL gave birth to. LOL got hitched to her baby daddy, none other than Eros Randolph. Fairfax got fired, thus increasing his appeal to IMHO. IMHO got knocked up by Fairfax while having a romp in the hot tub. The poor family kept picking on LOL's choice to marry Eros, which got her pissy. Gordon decided to take advantage of a grieving IMHO and Fairfax got pissed when he caught them cheating. At the end of the update, LOL had gotten herself pregnant again, and IMHO gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named ASAP.

Wow the house is getting probably doesn't help that there are now 2 extraneous sims in the house and i have a double heir in process.

IMHO did have a baby last time around, and well here he still is with the baby.

IMHO: OMG! I had a baby!
Me: Well I never said he was a genius!

After checking the crystal ball for possible matches of Quinkiesque gamage, I decided that IMHO needed someone who hasn't had their way with his grandfather. Sorry HHHE and Pollux but that would be extremely creepy.

IMHO: I wonder if my baby will be ok here while i go out manhunting?
Me: Well they did raise you, so I hope they would do good enough for your kid.

IMHO: Bye dad. Going out to find a man.
Michael: Don't be out too late, you do have a baby at home.

Back to Kings Garden IMHO went. Here we find Asparagus Crayola just standing around. But leenyland has been used already so no babies with him.

IMHO: But he's hott.
Me: Too bad so sad. There are alot of men around that are Quinkiesque.

Like this guy, James Farkelberg. He would be rikkulidea's submission for FC3. She was nice enough to send him to me with all the CC too, so he's basically ripped right out of her game. The young lady he is talking to is simplicist's founder. She's so pretty.

SO we gotta get some of the personal info out of the way, he's pretty skilled and he's got a decent job in the slacker career. Not that we need the money anyway, but it's nice to know i won't be scrimping ever.

Wow he's actually into boys, I'm kinda impressed, I wouldn't have figured i would have so many gay or bi sims. (He is bi in case you are wondering)

A little sweet talking can go a long way when you have bolts of chemistry with each other, plus it's funny to see the grown man swoon over the teenager for a change.

OK so this is basically what their date entailed of, Asparagus and James fighting over IMHO's attention throughout the course of it, even with me trying to keep cancel out Asparagus's actions.

IMHO: Hey aren't you related to me somehow?
Venus: Well your nephew is my brother if that is what you are asking.
Asparagus: *swoons* He is sooo hott!

James does mark his territory very well, especially in front of Asparagus. Poor guy.

Asparagus: You are just so hott.
IMHO: I know you totally are into me, aren't I just the catch?
Random Lady: You stole my pearl necklace, did you?
James: No I didn't ma'am but pearls don't flatter your neckline anyway.

James: Well that was kinda boring, should had more fun.
Asparagus: I really wanna go out with you IMHO!
IMHO: Really? Me?
James: *clears throat* I did say this date was boring right?!

After Asparagus leaves the lot, I had IMHO ask James out again, this time maybe they wouldn't get distracted. Things went progressively well, and IMHO didn't hit any kind of motive failure.

Though all of the Randolphs decided that they wanted to come to this lot too, kinda rubbing in the fact that Asklepios still isn't up for download yet :p

IMHO: So, do you wanna come back to my place for some fun?

James: NO! What do you take me for? A whore?! I'm leaving!

So while the cat's away, the mouse will play. And if i do decide to use one of IMHO's kids for heir, there could definitely be variety what with him being a romance sim. Say hello to Alejandro Valenzula music_simbol I don't know what it is, but I love this man!!
IMHO: But he isn't hot as James.
Me: I don;t give a rat's ass, if he likes you and I want him for spouse, he is yours!

He totally is smitten too...not that I had to change his orientation to Bi to get some action out of him or anything...I would never. *looks around sneaky like*

Well Dale Forest (simsforarayna) i presume! Aren't you looking particularly fine today.

Now I had absolutely nothing to do with this! Dale just decided he wanted to go flirt with IMHO. Seriously, can nobody resist IMHO for anything.

Dale: Are you a parking ticket, cuz you have fine all over you!
IMHO: Oh ya baby, I like the way you talk.

Dale: So baby, how about I go back to your place and you can take a ride on the racecar.
SimMe: I am just going to be leaving now.
FAQ: I totally should have been heir, instead i just live on forever and ever.

Dale: You are old enough to drink right?
IMHO: Well not yet, but i do have a baby at home that needs my attention.

And then James walked back onto the lot, and the thoughts of him going home went right on out of his head.

IMHO: James you look particularly stunning today.
Dale: Why is he hanging out with that goofball?
Ava: I think they are on a date or something.

Dale: He's on a date with that loser, I'm so out of here!
IMHO: So you think you wanna come check out my place now?

And just like that James comes moving on in with twelve grand in his accounts. That was a definite perk to this relationship. Also best friends!! Yay.

James has taken right into his role of step-father, he picked ASAP right up and started to cuddle him and feed him.

They actually had a high enough relationship to get engaged so before either of them rolled a fear for it.

And a quickie wedding in their bathing suits, no need to get dressed up you know.

Well sorry, he just moved in and got married, i think he's entitled to a day off you know.

They have a high boltage relationship, so they endlessly flirt and woohoo. Wow its LOL and Eros 2.0

FYI has managed to keep NSFW from crying her eyes out, and yet LOL, the one who has had the kid can't keep poor ASAP happy enough to not cry.

Ahhh he just wanted his diaper changed, took you long enough to figure it out LOL. Not that you coulda smelt that diaper when you fed him.

The couple that studies together stays together right. Right?

Awww my poor GTFO has come out for a haunting, only to find out he's dead. That has to be heartbreaking.

Well then errors started popping up left and right for JAS and Fairfax. I heartbreakingly decided that it was time for them to move on as well. They lived their soap opera lives, they deserve to be together forever. They got the proper old age send-off.

Fairfax was too happy to go knowing that he would be at peace with the one he loves, and poof he was gone.

And somehow LOL became his beneficiary...I would have expected it to be IMHO or at least one of his 4 kids.

JAS though, didn't take to the agreement as well as Fairfax did. After all, Michael is still young...and alive.

WOW! JAS only gave out to 14 people...i bet like 90% of them were family though.

LOL: God why is my mother-in-law standing around here? Can't she leave already.
Me: A little harsh there LOL.

LOL: This has just been a horrible week! First grandpa, and now dad! My life sucks.

Oh that is just totally creepy and wrong!! You two are in-laws!!

Poor Jacob finally realized that his father died, and his other father (Bot) has been recycled (he moved out and i deleted him...he was being a pain in the ass)

LOL NO! Bad LOL! No fawning over Gordon! You just got a ton of money.

NSFW did actually manage to grow up at some point during the fiasco, isn't she just precious?

This shot is to show ya that James's teenage husband, ya I'm talking about IMHO, is bringing home just as much as he is. That just made me laugh, so sue me.

IMHO: I got promoted today hunny! *leaps into arms*
James: Congrats sweetheart. Let's go celebrate!

L8R: I can't believe daddy's gone *sigh*
Michael: Its ok hunny, I'll help keep your mind occupied.

James: He better not be thinking about going after my husband.
IMHO: God I think I'm pregnant again!

So these two were just getting in the way, so wave goodbye to Jacob and FYE. They are going to the sim bin.

I told you, all over each other! Between the photobooth, the hot tub and the beds, they go at it like rabbits.

This makes me laugh, How could this possibly make any sense is beyond me, but 75 grand is 75 grand.

And we have a pop. Daddy #2 for IMHO. Kinda feels like my nephew's mom.

L8R: You know, I'm sick of not getting any airtime!

James: Hi baby! I'm your daddy. I can't wait until you're born.

I decided to let LOL let ASAP grow up, and everyone is actually attending the party. Even NSFW.

He's totally adorable! He just needs a bit of work.

This adorable picture will be up somewhere in the IDK house soon. The cousins hanging out together.

He has alot of Fairfax in him, but he really is just super adorable.

Michael: Who's a cute little grandson. *tickles*
L8R: Uncle Michael, I wanna play now! Pay attention to me!
Me: GOD stop being an attention whore L8R!

LOL has broken her water!! Baby time!

Let's live dangerously, random!

Yup just another single birth going on here, they really need to get better (I found out something had gone wrong with the hack and i re-downloaded it, but it wouldn't be for a while.) This beautiful blonde girl is named RTFM.

Otis: Boo!
L8R: *screams in terror*
Me: Otis you had to pick GTFO's only kid in the house to scare. There are like 8 more sims in there.

He really is just super adorable. I love him waaaay too much. (I also realized, i need some male teenage pregnancy clothes)

Oh great! Its the new JAS, Fairfax, Bot triangle. This is not what i wanted!

James: Daaaamn you are totally hott. I love older men!

Of course there had to be at least one toddler to play with the toilet. Not like there is an activity table, a bunny head, a xylophone and a logic puzzle sitting around for you to play with anywhere.

Michael finally tops the slacker career, and brings home a potential Quinkie sim. Not that any of generation 4 wants a uterus, but at least it's there.

Seriously?! Banging til you fall in love is super tacky!

James: Thanks for the sex stud, but my husband is running around somewhere.
Kay: The blonde guy is hott, but did he just say he was gay? *shock*

Kay: Oh hey guy that I barely know, I think you would hit it off with my friend. Wanna go out with them?
Gordon: Absolutely, when?
Kay: Right now.

Wow he got Barrett, what's with the recycling of lovers people?!

James: How could you date someone else? You said you loved me!
Gordon: But you're married to my step-grandson.
James: That's not the point!

IMHO pops again right in front of Rhys Rowan (a la simsforarayna).Run Rhys while you still can.

Shock of shock, Gordon is back to the photobooth, but with a new man this time! Good luck with him.

Art: I'm so getting you a raise.
IMHO: Dude, I've been on maternity leave for about 4 months. Remember, I'm having my husband's child.

Well Barrett was easy for GTFO to seduce, why shouldn't he be easy for Gordon to seduce?

And we have the first accident of the generation, poor IMHO was too busy trying to hold the damn baby, he forgot to use the bathroom.

This seriously was in about 2 sim hours. They did nothing but woohoo and makeout. Not that they really need to anyway.

Haha James is worrying over his niece and not even thinking about his poor stepson, or the fact that his husband just peed himself.

Hes actually telling him that he smells something fierce.

- I got super caught up playing the IDKs that i actually have at least 2 more updates to come, but i do need to keep some time from them.
- Tomorrow nite i should be posting my first post of the Fauna Round Robin im part of, and the third round of my king bee
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