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King Bee Challenge #3

So i decided that i needed to do a king bee challenge because i seem to love having babies in my game so what better way than to have this. I decided to do a pixel_trade because why not, people have awesome sims to use. Lets see what comes out.

Me again, getting tired of me yet?!

Andrew Broke simgarooop is next on my list.

So could you really blame me for using him? He's hott!

LOL and he cuddles, what more can you ask for?

Birth Time, and he's right there with me.

And still loves me when he's all done. Now it's time for the kids...This time around is The Tudors.

Download Henry Broke-Andrews

Download Charles Broke-Andrews

Download Jane Broke-Andrews

Download Anne Broke-Andrews

Download Katherine Broke-Andrews

Download Mary Broke-Andrews

Download Elizabeth Broke-Andrews

Download Edward Broke-Andrews

Download Margaret Broke-Andrews

Download James Broke-Andrews

Download Thomas Broke-Andrews

If you'd like a sim of yours used...just comment :)
Tags: kingbee, requests, simself

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