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The Fauna Round Robin 2.1

"I usually don't include a recap in my actual entry posts, but this time it's necessary! This is the first post of my round of this round-robin legacy. That means if you want to catch up or start over from the beginning, you can't do it by hitting tags in my journal. Eep. So, for your convenience:" (taken from rikkulidea)

dorkasaur_sims: 1.0 | 1.1 | 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 |

Lion figured she would never be able to accomplish her life goal of screwing 20 sims if she stayed at home with her family. Lemur kept trying to pick up the half naked men that would walk out of her room anyway, so she moved out and into her own little house in the next town.

I also figured that i would add a bit of spice into this round by taking on mini-challenges every sim week (Mon-Sun). This would be the challenge for week one, not too hard considerring that she doesn't even know anyone. This will come in handy later though so we keep it around.

Lion: I wonder how the Bluejays are doin this year.

I actually think Toronto is playing well this year, Baltimore is the sucky team this year.

Lion: Dear Diary, I miss some of the comforts of home that i had, like my big screen TV. I can't even afford A TV right now.

But like a Rock God like Lion would ever need a TV.

LOL Her carpool was scheduled to show up an hour after she got the job, so now she gets to call in sick on her first day. Great start on that career path Lion.

She gets the day off, and not get caught, and just in time, because the welcome wagon arrives. There's AFK IDK-Klein, Emerald Crayola and James IDK. The cat doesn't count cuz i hate pets and the cat was never greeted.

Lion: So i wanna have sex with as many guys as possible. I mean I am going to be a celebrity.
Emerald: That's interesting, you should have started a whorehouse.

Ooo this can't be good, now can it?

Lion: OMG! He is just so hott.
Emerald: So my house was robbed the first day I moved in.
James: That is just how it happens, but I think those pesky criminal masterminds are gone.

Nice way to remind me that JAS and Fairfax are dead there James. Asshole.

Lion: Say baby, you look damn good with your clothes on, how do you look with them off?
James: Wanna find out?

Emerald: Hey guys, where you going? Can i come up too?
Lion: Bye Emerald!

I guess Lion approved of his nakedness, despite him being married and everything.

So we can't even call this friends with benefits? Then i will just call you a slut.

NO NO NO NO!!! You are not allowed to get pregnant by James. (I finally figured that if the percentage is lower than the random, they don't wind up pregnant, or at least thats how it seems in my game)

Using the magic crystal ball that Lion bought and hid under her stairs, we see that the only eligible PT member that she can have is Alejandro, but nope not happening.

To show you guys how lucky I am to have a Romance/Family sim...Im showing you the randomizer showing that it says family. Why conflict yourself Lion?

James: Baby that was a hott time, call me when you want some more.

With James out of the house, Lion ventures out on the town to a pet store. LOL Animals.

At the pet store we run into Giancarlo Townies (stakeit_uk), whose outfit seems to have been deleted,

Melissa Charvet (rikkulidea),

Aphrodite Randolph, again from rikkulidea,

Mila Hale (simplicist),

Einstein Brilliantcat (brilliantcat) and Arthnir Moore, again rikkulidea. Yes i have alot of her sims roaming the hood.

While Art would have been a great guy for Lion, he is also a bit of an asshole and pranks Lion right after introductions. Good way to stay a bachelor there.

Lion: You asshole, do NOT touch me again. Better yet, just leave my presence.
Art: I thought girls liked guys who treat them like crap.

Lion then decides that she needs to go after Giancarlo, but I do apporve of him. Go Lion!

Deimos Randolph comes by and starts to act like a pirate. Let us not forget that he is a douche. And i do tend to try and stay away from heirs in legacys.

And good old teen Brannion Moore comes in and promptly leaves. He knew staying would just be trouble.

and Miranda Charvet-Moore. OK What the hell! I may have alot of her sims, but I DO have other creators in this hood.

Not that Lion is even paying attention anymore, she has found her playtoy.

Nothing to show here but a really ugly warlock and a super hott professor. Prof. I put a transfer in for you to start teaching at Sim State (a la Simpsons)

Why yes, they have absolutely no shame to themselves. Seriously, in a pet store.

Ahhh crap, say hello to baby daddy. She is like a day into adult hood and already pregnant.

Damn if you had waited Lion, you could have had Radium Element (xie_belle)

Ava Laroux from simplicist decides to come running by the pet shop. She would probably kick one of the animals if she went in.

Lion: Say baby, wanna come on back to my house?
Giancarlo: Ya Ya I do *nods head*

Wow they became best friends during sex...at least they can be friends with benefits.

Only to be ruined by her morning sickness. Its her own fault.

Giancarlo: You are the bestest date ever!! I wanna go out again!

And Gioancarlo moves in and brings in 4 grand...thats kinda small there dude. But at least we can partake in the challenge now.

Giancarlo gets a nice new outfit for his move in, and he decides to fawn over Lion again.

So with neither of them with cooking points, Lion has to use her perk to make some of Grandma's Comfort soup. Comforting to know that she didn't set the house up on fire though, am i right?

This picture would be so sweet if he hadn't decided to sit there for 6 hours and do nothing but stay put, not even daydream or read. Kinda nuts.

STOP STALKING LION! She should kick him out just for being a creeper.

Just because she is pregnant, doesn;t mean she's gonna keep herself all red, she proceeds to make her own fun, puddle jumping like a 5 yr old.


Its ok Giancarlo, you have an hour before work, you don't need to suffocate yourself on your breakfast.

Giancarlo: Must go earn paycheck

Sweet. I got a chance card right. This doesn't happen to often for me, and I'm even worse at the Freetime ones.

Lion, seriously. He has banged you more times than anything, and you asked him to move in. I don't think he cares what you write in your diary.

He might be more preoccupied with your inability to use a toilet though.

Awww how adorable. If only Giancarlo knew what was in store for him.

Besides banging a very pregnant woman. LOL she has a want and fear of marrying him. Well i guess thats a good sign.

I feel bad though, cuz he likes to make sure everything is clean around the house

and shares Lion's love of baseball

Giancarlo: I still can;t believe the Orioles are in last place.

Fun, chick with a mohawk, we must invite her in,

Unless all she does is high five everyone. Do something helpful? Do something fun. Hell, just do something interesting.

Lion did save me that trouble though by going into labor. That is something fun.

Oh just fun! What the hell...triplets first try. Could be entertaining though. Continuing with the naming theme.

There is Kitten,


and Zebra. Things can only get more interesting.

Sorry, its a bit late, but work sux.

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eleme May 28th, 2010
haha...triplets!! I like the names -- very cute :)

I like the skin on Lion -- especially that tatoo on her round belly o_o

what an interesting first challenge!! i feel worried for poor Giancarlo!

kingmike1224 May 28th, 2010
Well i wanted to keep with the animal theme hat dorkasaur_sims started so i wanted cute names.

The skin and tattoo are seperate. I think its my s1 which is like simplesoft replacements on MTS, and the tattoo is from an overlay box by rikkulidea

LOL it wont be bad, trust me :)

eleme May 28th, 2010
ooooh an overlay box. I have no idea what that is but the tattoo is cool -- thanks!

kingmike1224 May 29th, 2010
Ya she has a bunch of them, like 3 for tattoos and a male bodyhair one so its worth it

simsbabii12 May 28th, 2010
*tackles* Thanks so much for taking my turn. You're amazing :)

Lotsa babies. This'll be fun.

kingmike1224 May 28th, 2010
3 is not alot in my game, the IDKs (my other pixel_trade legacy right now has 10 kids and more on the way as the heirs just became adults

and its no problem, i like round robins for the reason its something new

simsbabii12 May 28th, 2010
Holy large amount of children. I must go read it now.

kingmike1224 May 28th, 2010
LOL i like them, and theres always something new i can throw in

quinctia May 29th, 2010

Somehow, I'm afraid to see Mila Hale with a live animal. That probably didn't end well.

kingmike1224 May 29th, 2010
LOL you have no idea, everytime i looked up i kept seeing one of your sims, and I definitely have alot more than your sims running around in the IDK hood.

Haha i think she put the bird back thru the cage, it made me laugh hysterically

bondchick_nett June 8th, 2010
Ooo this can't be good, now can it?
It can't?! But it looks REALLY good! xD I guess cause he's one of yours and is kind of attached... But still! ^_^;; xD

and Miranda Charvet-Moore. OK What the hell! I may have alot of her sims, but I DO have other creators in this hood.

OMG I hope this eventuates in kids, those ears will be EPICAL! Do want to play with huag elf eared heir!

Ahhh crap, say hello to baby daddy. She is like a day into adult hood and already pregnant.

Giancarlo gets a nice new outfit for his move in,
HOT!! xD

Oh just fun! What the hell...triplets first try.
HOLY SHIT! O_O;; Well, I guess that's your three kids, that's pretty fast? xD

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