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King Bee Challenge #4

I should really take a new picture of me, shouldn't I?

Kirk Emery simrenity is really just hott, I wish simrenity was still around. She was so nice.

Sexy times are necessary for the King Bee challenge.

LOL I go into labor, and he goes to the bathroom. I guess he really needed to go.

Toddler dance spam, aren't they all just adorable all dancing to the radio.

This time around, the theme is Twilight.

Download Angela Emery-Andrews

Download Alice Emery-Andrews

Download Carlisle Emery-Andrews

Download Emmett Emery-Andrews

Download Jacob Emery-Andrews

Download Renee Emery-Andrews

Download Rosalie Emery-Andrews

If you'd like a sim of yours used...just comment :)

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olivethegreat June 3rd, 2010
You got a great mix of the parents this time around. I think Angela may be my favorite. She is very pretty.

kingmike1224 June 11th, 2010
LOL i totally loved how the kids turned out...i love Emmett :)

simsforaranya June 11th, 2010
I have stolen Alice to go in my VDSL hood. :D

kingmike1224 June 11th, 2010
YAY i may have a chance of having one of my sims actually popping up and marrying into someone elses game...all ive had is walkbys in Quinkie's game

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