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The Fauna Round Robin 2.2

"I usually don't include a recap in my actual entry posts, but this time it's necessary! This is the first post of my round of this round-robin legacy. That means if you want to catch up or start over from the beginning, you can't do it by hitting tags in my journal. Eep. So, for your convenience:" (taken from rikkulidea)

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kingmike1224: 2.1 |

Last time with Lion Fauna, she moved out of her parents house and moved into a small little shack. She met James IDK and decided to have herself a little fun. Then she went to the pet shop and met up with Giancarlo Townies from stakeit_uk and got herself knocked up. WHen we left her she had just given birth to triplets: Kitten, Zebra and Tiger.

Lion: OMG! I'm a mom. This is such a rush.
Kitten: Where the hell is dad? This chick is hopped up on cold medicine i bet.

Lion: So i figured that since you are my babies daddy, i don't need to go out and meet new people.

Giancarlo: Funny you should say that? Will you marry me?
Lion: Yes! Holy shit this is a huge rock!

Lion: James? I don't think I remember a James?! Oh the dude who slept with me and never called again. Ya I'm engaged and a mother. I also found out that you are married to a guy! You are seriously twisted dude.

The newly engaged decide to take a trip out for themselves, leaving the kids home with a butler. I don't remember where I sent them but it's a nice restaurant.

OH SHIT! I didn't know celebrities would be here like Fuzzy Wuzzy Crayola! She's pretty!

White Chocolate here seems to think that Lion is sexy...bout damn time he gets involved with something!!

OK this makes me sad. He's so pretty but he isn't pixel trade so he can't make cute heir babies.

Well hello there Deimos, coming to yet another one of the Fauna updates to tempt me to use your genes?

Lion: OMG! You are just so hott.
White Chocolate: She thinks I'm hott.
Giancarol: How could you cheat on me? We just got engaged this morning!

Giancarlo decides that if she wants to be a ho, he's gonna pimp-slap her to next week

Lion: How dare you slap me! Get out of my life, we're through.
Giancarlo: OMG! This is the worst date I've ever had!

White Chocolate: I hope she invites me to stay the night.
Townie: That would be so awesome!
Lion: Nice to meet you Fuzzy, sorry you had to witness that jackass assaulting me.

Lion decides she won't even wait for Giancarlo to leave to seduce White Chocolate, and Fuzzy is being a creeper by watching it and smiling.

LOL, Classy Lion...sitting in your underwear in the middle of a crowded restaurant. You even coerced White Chocolate to follow suit.

And having creepy townies that aren't even eligible perv on you is just downright disgusting.

But lucky for us, Lion has no sense of decency and screws White Chocolate right there on the couch. This girl has no morals at all.

White Chocolate: That was the best public sex ever.
Lion: I think you impregnated me.

With crushes flying about, and Kay Harrington stirring, Lion leaves to enjoy some peace at home.

Lion: When did it decide to start raining?
Warlock: I made it rain baby! I wanna see thru your dress.
Lion: OK im so outta here creep.

Warlock: You look pregnant
Lion: Leaving now! Out of my way.

As Lion decides to take a nap cuz she's tired beyond belief,

Giancarlo moves out. He couldn't take being in the same house anymore.

Butler: You know your milkshake made him leave right?
Lion: Was it? I thought he left cuz I hooked up with another guy in front of him.

Lion decides at this very point, she needs to study Lifelong Happiness. Why is beyond me, but she wanted it.

Lion: Wow so i know how to stay happy, now i gotta throw up cuz I think I may be pregnant.

LOL, This was after i had her unclog and clean the toilet, poor girl can't catch a break.

Lion actually dotes on her baby, which one though, i can't be bothered to remember.

Then heads off to work. Hey she needs money you know...

and she comes home with her paycheck. Sweet.

She also came home with a bun in the oven. Well one day down 2 left to go.

This is going to be a very long pregnnacy isn't it? You need to know how to use the facilities.

Lion: You mean to tell me that I am actually going to have 3 toddlers running around here now?

Um..uh wow. This would be Kitten.

Since she can't afford a cake it was broken up. She did invite over White Chocolate for a date since she wanted one.

This, um, unique little girl would be Zebra.

And this distinguished young boy would be Tiger. Um wow Let's just hope that they grow into their looks.

LOL well you don't have to worry about that fear, seeing as you aren't engaged to him anymore, and he probably won't be back.

New week, new challenge. This needs to be put off, cuz she only has 200 bucks to her name.

Me: LOL Oh hunny, bad time to be rolling that fear.

Lion: So you are saying I have to be a single mother to 3 kids?
Me: No I'm saying you have to be a single mother to at least 4 kids...remember, you are pregnant.

So after ordering groceries, Lion decides to go into labor.

Butler: Can you tell this dumb broad to move so I can feed her ugly toddler
Me: Little harsh there dude.

So i only have the random one in my game now. She had triplets again...Oh lucky me.

The toddlers are being cute...I'm kinda torn about them right now.

Meet Fox Fauna, a girl

This would be Deer Fauna, another girl

and this little man right here is Panther Fauna.

Sorry, its a bit late, but work sux.

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Haha, you probably should've kept Giancarlo around to herd the children. XD

LOL i really wish i could have, but the last challenge was single parenting...Giancarlo couldnt stay. Its not that horrible...right now

Oh man, seems like White Chocolate had the same super sperm as Giancarlo! Or perhaps Lion is just that fertile! ;O

LOL im just happy someone got to use him...i hope i can eventually use one of your sims in the IDKs

Holy Moly!
The men Lion has been screwing around with must have crazy super sperm, or mutant sperm.
hopefully the toddlers will...grow into their looks.

YAY GENETIC DIVERSITY! :D Though I guess it doesn't really matter since only the first three are eligible anyway. OH WELL! I am going to totally enjoy seeing what they grow up like anyway. :D

I'm a bit confused about you rolling challenges for this - are you just kind of reading them out of interest since it wasn't part of the rules for this RR? *laughs* Cause if you are feeling like rolling challenges for your round just voluntarily - I'm perplexed you then don't actually do them. ^_^;; If you only have $200, then you've got to spend that on clothes and find more money to buy more/be able to pay for your house. Otherwise its not a challenge ;) lol

Lol I was actually going to put like one of the newer kids into the poll as well. Give the chance for diversity to the next player.

Lol well I just stopped there its only 4 hours into the first day of the challenge, so I plan to do the challenge for the week, just couldn't do money right there. I think she does have to go to her job. So she will get money :)

I'm just doing the challenges to keep the round interesting, its nice to throw curveballs into the game

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