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The Fauna Round Robin 2.3

"I usually don't include a recap in my actual entry posts, but this time it's necessary! This is the first post of my round of this round-robin legacy. That means if you want to catch up or start over from the beginning, you can't do it by hitting tags in my journal. Eep. So, for your convenience:" (taken from rikkulidea)

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Last time with Lion Fauna, she found herself a new mother to triplets and newly engaged to Giancarlo. Upon going out to celebrate, Lion found herself drawn to the charms of While Chocolate Von Prism, and had an affair. Giancarlo, pissed by the betrayal slapped Lion which caused an end to their engagement. The tryst wound up with a pregnancy and she wound up giving birth to another set of triplets named Deer, Panther and Fox. Kitten, Zebra and Tiger became very unique toddlers.

Lion has surprisingly adapted to her new role as a mpther of 6 kids, but even she decided that she needed to splurge a bit on herself, and bought some brand new clothes.

White Chocolate decided that Lion could use some extra money seeing as she now has to support 3 of his kids, so he decided that a 4000 buck vase will make up for it...and it totally did.

Cute random bugs make me go *squeee*

Having a lock to make the evil warlock your friend is awesome in my book...I wish i could have her marry him.

Giancarlo actually kept calling to chat, so i figured that their relationship would be high enough for a date...and it worked. She got some charisma lemme tell you.

Lion: So come on over Giancarlo and we can talk things out.
Giancarlo: Ok I'll be right over.

Well the week was over so i decided that Giancarlo can marry in now.


Lion: Ahhh! What a good day to be pregnant.
Me: You son of a bitch....6 kids isn't enough for you?

Birthday spam!! Some cute kids i hope.

Giancarlo moves in just before birthday time. After all they are his kids.

Some toddler skilling...hey they don't have to be retarded or anything...just have a brain cell or two.

LOL at least Lion will be getting some skills cleaning the toilet again and again.

Heres Fox, not horrible looking

Oh dear poor poor Deer.

Oh and she decided to pop during this period of time too. Just jab the knife in there.

Quickie engagement,

and wedding before any fears came rolling around.

Lion: OMG! what on earth did i just do?
Me: Haha too late surprise me, i surprise you.

Here are all thie kids...they grew into their looks, so im pleasantly surprised.

HOLY HOT MAMA!! Panther is adorable.

Oh Lion you screwed yourself with that fear *locks fear*

Im sorry but the kids were actually more entertaining than the sleeping toddlers.



and Kitten...don't you agree they look alot better than when they were toddlers.

Giancarlo is actually a decent dad...he feeds the kids and rubs her belly all day...better than when he stalked her and sat in the bed for hours on end while she slept.

Skilling...what else can toddlers do.

I actually took this picture to just show that she has on a new outfit.

Awww shes a cuddler. At least she didn't kick his ass out of bed.

But the stupid bitch stayed in bed too long and well...she died.

Giancarlo: Please let her stay here. I can;t take all the crying. I need to go to work.

Grim: Pick a hand. If you find her soul, you keep her.
Giancarlo: Which hand has that slut smell?

Giancarlo: Ya baby!! I can escape this hellohole for a portion of the day.

POP #2 for her last, and i do mean last, baby.

Tiger: This super cool toy is mine, you have the lame ass toys
Me: Tiger remember, i could have her grow up bad and she will kick your ass.


She literally wouldn't budge so i had to have Giancarlo help Zebra. WTF is wrong with this bitch?

HOLY FUCK! A belly that big could be a huge problem. No quads please.

Zebra is the only smart one to put leftovers away, the others ignore the food altogether.

birth of the last baby. Well at least i hope its only one.

The final Fauna baby this generation would be Giraffe.

LMAO! Oh hell no!

Well that want definitely wont have any chance...not even with risky woohoo in.

Yet another outfit.

WOW Deer is really just not going to grow into her looks now is she?

Panther is growing up hotter and hotter though.

Fox has her own look to her. I wish she coulda been in heir running. But she wasn;t one of the first kids.

Yet another new outfit for her.

its Giraffe's birthday...and its also monday.

Ummm ya...the house has 9 sims in it, this challenge can't happen.

Ooo a vampire really...and Well he will be a teen soon.

Panther: Why can't I be in the story more?
Me: Um cuz i need to finish this generation and you wont be in the heir poll.

So i decide to send Tifer and Lion to the club, but Tiger had no desire to go, I wound up with only Lion.

Lion: Well that guy is hott.
This could be really easy then.

Wow its Nathan Deline,

Caranir Moore, and Shane Roberts...see i knew i had more than just rikkulidea's sims

A quick woo so we can try to get Mr Grand Vampire home.

WOW its Spandex Vendetta Glittergaze simtasia

Well we gotta get the Count home for Tiger, so we get these two out on a date.

WOW seriously...i think i need to kill some sims and make a graveyard if i keep getting rikkulidea's sims

A quick sex romp then home to Tiger.

Tiger: I hear being a vampire is awesome. You get to travel anywhere.
Count: Yup just nowhere tropic. The sun burns.

And apparently Giancarlo doesn't like that Lion is dating around while they are married.

Lion: Hunny! I was just bringing the guy home to talk to Tiger. He isn't dating me at all.
Giancarlo: How stupid of me to assume you were sleeping around again. What was I thinking?

Giancarlo: Evil bastard! How dare he try to steal my wife!

Poor Giraffe...She doesn't want dad, she wants cough syrup high mom.

Well bitch, you didn't wanna help with it the first time around, so you get this round.

Haha wow its ASAP and RTFM IDK...ya i need to play them some more.

Apparently one of the IDK kids isn't very friendly with the townie kids. Violent much.

Teen Time...i get the pop up, and decided i had this generation for far to long, so they dont get to have some teen years. Here's Kitten,


Poor unfortunate Deer



Its Giraffe and Fox

Here's Tiger, the romance sim

and Zebra, the pleasure sim

and here's Kitten, the popularity sim.

Poll #1588905 Fauna heir
This poll is closed.

Who should be heir for the Faunas?


Sorry, its a bit late, but work sux.
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