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The Simpson Legacy 9.1

Last time, Happy was named as heiress to the Simpsons after a long reign of male heirs, her being the first sole female heir since Bevin. We were also introduced to Sylvester, the teenage beret wearing hottie that turned out super sexy. After a one date seduction, Bevin moved into the frat house and banged Gareth, her second cousin once removed. Haley tried her luck with the frat wishing well and got Aqua Murray, who has made herself known very well to Drake. Happy got engaged, and then the game crashed. When we got back to it, there was yet another suitor for Happy, the hott alien cow named Robin. She got re-engaged to Sylvester and also got herself knocked up. She also wound up getting caught cheating. We also found out that Honor, Glory's daughter, made friends with Lucas, who hasn't been seen since generation 3 went to uni. We left off with Happy dropping out of Uni, and Ada Mack taking over the frat.

Happy: Hey Grandpa, I'm home.
Randy: Damn kid, I can't believe she wasted a golden opportunity.

Griffin: Welcome home honey.
Happy: Dad, I'm so happy to be home. Can you help me plan my wedding?

Happy's LTW if any of you guys care. I know I do cuz this one is kinda easy.

Happy: You love me, look I'm belly-rubbing.
Me: You are also my first Uni drop out, and you are probably your great-great-great-great grandmother reincarnated, and she was the best! So I guess I love you.

Happy invites over her happy fiance for a romp in the photo booth, its pre-wedded bliss sexing.

Sylvester moves in with a pittance of cash, the epitome of a poor college student. Giovanni looks sad that he is going to be alone for all eternity, yet Happy gets to get married. Sorry Gio.

post move in age transition.

Happy: OMG! My great great grandfather is so hott.
Sylvester: WOw i have all ten fingers still/
Britney Spears: OMG! What the hell did you do with my bed bitch?!
Giovanni: Do you know how long its been since I have seen the sun?

Well apparently Dionysus does not agree with Sylvester marrying into his family. Tough luck Dionysus, its wedding time!

Sylvester and his cute knocked up bride. Doesn't say shotgun wedding at all does it?

Sylvester: Whoa! I think you are moving a little too fast.
Happy: What do you mean moving too fast? We're getting married!

Happy: We were supposed to be happy together forever.

Wow Happy is just being my first for everything now isn't she? First drop-out, now first left at the altar. Poor girl.

Griffin: OMG! Im so sorry hunny, your wedding day is ruined.
Randy: Its a shame.
Happy: I'm going to gut him like a fish.

Aidan: So did we miss anything interesting at the ceremony.
Giovanni: I hear yelling and crying.
Harlequin: Let me go out there, I should be at the ceremony after all.

Fox: My poor grandbaby got left at the altar. What will happen to my great-grandbaby?

Happy decides to indulge on some juice to help calm her nerves. I mean while she patiently waits for her fiance to come back home to gut him.

Sylvester decides to come home and have a breakdown. Well if you feared it, why did you run?

Doc: SO you say you ran away because you were moving too fast?
Sylvester: Ya and she is pregnant with my baby too.
Doc: That's not a rush wedding, that's a shotgun wedding.

I definitely still think I made the right decision. Look at how hott he is.

Sylvester decides to get a drink upon returning home too, Hey its better fruit juice than alcohol right?

But Happy ruins his cute moment with going into labor.

Happy: OMG! This hurts. Why didn't anyone tell me that this was going to hurt?
Emmett: Hunny, what did you expect? I had kids too, and trust me, it hurts a guy alot more than a girl.

Of course we pick random, It wouldn't be me without having 4000 sims in a house.

And its just one lonely little boy, Ian. He has his parents' brown hair and brown eyes.

Say hello to generation 9. The first time I have ever reached this far in a family. Ian, you are a very lucky baby.

The couples seem to have paired up for ultra woo-ing. You have to think poor Giovanni is probably outside praying for the sun to come up.

Well we have the whole she-bang around again, lets give this another shot then.

This time, lets get this right. Sylvester will propose to his girlfriend. They had their first fight and came through it.

And right back out to the altar. Hey with the first time, I can't take any chances for either of them to have enough time to screw it up.

Now this is the type of picture you would totally frame for the house. Its such a cute wedding picture. Kinda reminds me of my cousin's wedding.

This however, does not remind me of anything from my cousin's wedding...maybe that night, but I wasn't a witness for that moment.

These two right here are totally adorable. Harlequin is so enraptured to Griffin. I have to double check but they may be 3 bolts.

and poor Ian has somehow found the floor in the house, even though i keep directing people to put him back in the crib.

Sylvester's first day as a married man, skilling up so he can get himself promoted. Hey, he came with like no skills.

Chance cards. I like to play them as I would do it. SO i would not mess with the competitor's model. Knowing my luck, I would get caught red handed.

Woohoo! See honesty pays off, well at least in this house. For me, i get shafted.

OMG! Happy! It so isn't nice to cram your stepdad into the backseat of the car.

But Halrequin is happy enough to do it. Hello LTW! And she got promoted too. It shall be called the carpool of win.

Random townie: She's hott, can I have a turn with her.
Harlequin: You are going down a slippery slope there dude.

Wow, is that Horace from all the way back? He really should contribute his genetics into this legacy at some point in time. Who knows what the new generations may bring.

He's studying again. and she's writing in her diary. You would think that she would want to write in her diary in private? Just a thought there Happy.

I...I just have no words. Strip poker family edition hits too many creepy buttons.

Oh and Emmett has to join in on the festivities...OK I'm done with this game, onto the non-incestuous people of the house.

o.0 I don't think i can win. Though at least Griffin just wants to talk to his dad, not like get half naked and stare at him.

*POP* Well Ian will have some competition for heir anyway.

LOL SO i got to this point and i realized that I didn't have heir pictures for Griffin and Happy. I mean after all Griffin was only figured out to be the G heir when Happy went to Uni. So they got to work painting.

While Aidan was out getting yet another LTW, Damn boy can look good in anything can't he?

Even Sylvester came home with a promotion, though the house was boring up til he got home anyway. Having 3 sims that basically sleep during the day while they aren't at work doesn't get very exciting.

An autonomous diaper change before his party. I bet you are all excited to see how adorable he is.

And I of course had his daddy take him to the cake. He is daddy's little man obviously.

After his toddler makeover, he is so totally adorable.

Edward has also decided to become such a nuisance around the house, prolly pissed that I sold his bed. Too bad so sad. Also, no real reason why Aidan is lsying in the bed, but rest assured that Fox can not get into his pants.

OK the cuteness factor is gone now, go get a room.

Or one of you could go pay attention to the toddler that seems to be getting eaten by the couch. Please save Ian, anybody?

Awww Bubblegum called to keep up with Harlequin. I do love radiationpoison for putting her sims up for download :)

Some cute pictures for you guys to see. Can't you guys love some cute picspam?

And this, well this is for me. No idea why I love this bunch of pixels so much.

Fox: Here you go Dad, Here's all of my personal belongings. I don't think I will be around much longer to enjoy them.
With Fox's life bar coming so close to the end, I made sure everything in his inventory was given to Emmett.

Griffin decided to hang out with Ian while he played with the rabbit head, lounging around quite oddly. I've never seen it like that before, but then again, when do you see werewolves interacting with children like this.

I did assign Aidan to be the family butler though, poor guy never has a free moment to relax. There's cleaning the toilets from morning sickness from the other day.

and potty training Ian. Well he look happy enough to do it.

Aidan: Its a snack.
Me: No! Bad Aidan! No snacking on the kids.

LOL Aidan is teaching the kids, and the parents are sleeping. Really doesn't seem fair considering that Aidan already taught his kids, and even helped with his grandkids.

But here he is, happily teaching yet another generation their basic skills.

Aidan: I have such a happy life with alot of family running around me, what else could make me happier?

Though Griffin did roll the want to teach Ian the nursery rhyme, so why not let him do it.

Fox meanwhile, has all these impossible wants locked and everything. Its rough to control all the sims I already have in the house and then try to get him some loving as well. Poor guy.

You have to feel bad for the poor Romance sim, he wants the world, while Griffin is perfectly content ravaging Harlequin with love and sex.

Marty: I wanna kiss you.
Happy: OMG! You remind me of this loser from my parents history. He tried to get with my great-great-great-great-great grandmother Rochelle.

Marty: Wow that chick is so unappealing now.

Sylvester: Hey kid, wanna come in to play poker *and get beaten by my in-laws*
Justin: Sure I got the money if you got the table.</i>

So it wasn't Randy that was wiping the table clean, but it definitely wasn't Justin.

Ya, they finally did get a room for their antics, and thankfully, they won't be expanding their family.

Mother and son skill bonding time...except there seems to be a pesky wall inbetween them. Good thing theres no such thing as kidnappers in Sims 2.

Fox calls up Russell Sexcasual to get that tick from crush to love, and it kinda works when you have a high relationship from not seeing them at all.

So I had Aidan look for leftovers cuz for some reason, he was hungry, and well you take a look.

Every single leftover dish was empty. When you clicked on one of them, it basically was just like a jump bug, they took it out and stood there. I don't understand what could have happened.

Rochelle: Boo! Don't speak of the dead to that creep. He was the bane of my existence!
Happy: OMG! Ok. I just wanted him out of the house and away from me.

Happy: OMG! I love that you are so artistic and creative.
Harlequin: Congrats on reaching enlightenment honey, can we have sex?

And then Gene went and scared Harlequin, though Harlequin enjoyed it. I wonder if he realizes it.

Sylvester: You know, the politics in our country are absolutely laughable, all the campaigns do is sling mud at each other, they never discuss the issues.
Fox: I asked you if you were rooting for the National League or the American League to win tonite, nothing about politics.

Sylvester: It feels as if we are all pawns in a game, and we have no idea where we will go or what we will do?
Aidan: National or American...nothing too hard to decide there dude.

I had Sylvester wish for friends cuz he was pining and whining, and look who he gets for friends. Alejandro Valenzula, Hyde Emery, and Craig Dorsey. And Craig is already networking.

Really? As much as I would love to say yes and see who he would get, I have to decline for the sake of the household.

And then Craig and Alejandro decide that they need to get together with each other. Sexy times for everyone.

Labor time again for the lovebirds. Lets see what we get this time around.

Random of course, i can't pick anything else.

Woohoo. Luck brings me yet another single birth. I must be lucky (or have a bugged hack like i did).

Sylvester: Did she really need to be that loud? I was trying to sleep.
Happy: Look I'm having a baby.

Its another boy, named Iago. I names are hard to come by, ok.

Iago has his parents brown hair and his mom's beautiful alien eyes.

Sylvester: Say baby, wanna try for that girl yet?

- I had this around forever, but I had so much to do in so little time
- I did finish the Fauna's and Nett has the heir.
- I do still have IDK updates to type up but the Simpsons needed to come first.
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