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The IDK Legacy 5.3

So last time, which seems like forever and a day ago, was basically IMHO-centric. After giving birth to his first child, ASAP. IMHO went out in search for a sexy man for himself, and came across quite a buffet of man-meat. Among the smitten were Asparagus Crayola, Dale Forest, Alejandro Valenzula and James Farkleberg. After seducing James, he finally decides to go home with IMHO and moves in. After a very quick engagement, they got married and James became a loving stepdad to ASAP. JAS and Fairfax both died, leaving a very grieving family. Michael decided that since he wasn't married anymore he would bang Aphrodite, his in-law. L8R got entertained by Michael because of her father's death and FYE, FYI and Jacob all moved out. NSFW and ASAP became quite adorable toddlers, and IMHO got knocked up again. LOL gave birth to a baby girl named RTFM, and everyone rejoiced. James and Gordon decided that they needed to make a love triangle, and Gordon got set up with Barrett Lackadaisy. We ended last update with IMHO peeing his pants and James telling him he smells like ass.

So what better off to start an update from months ago than with a birth? I can't think of one.

Here we have a cute adorable baby girl named FOAF.

She has IMHO's brown hair and James's blue eyes, and a skin tone...well it looks like IMHO's so i have no idea.

Onto my next target. Hey what use is a romance sim if he only had kids with one sim. I do have tons of rikkulidea's sims roaming around my hood...and even more since this update. This fine hot man is Caranir Moore.

Ok while this picture looks great, Barrett and Eros getting along since Barrett is around the house an awful lot, why on earth is Eros, the straightest guy to ever step into this house, heart-farting over a guy?

Caranir: I totally love meeting new people. It's always exciting to meet someone new.
IMHO: I can show you just how exciting meeting me can be.

Since IMHO is a bit busy, I had Eros teach ASAP how to potty in the potty. Enthusiasm has no bounds on Eros.

Awww 3 generations in one picture. LOL is actually a really great mother, despite her caring for the toddler more than her infant.

Holy shit. That's alot of birthday spam.

So NSFW is aging up, wow generation 5 is a kid already. I'm excited.

And the whole family crowds to watch...and even some non family. Stephen Peet is being kind of a creeper here.

She is so totally adorable. I'm tempted to make her heir right now, but there are more kids on the way. We just have to wait.

While Michael gets to take care of the baby, LOL is trying to have yet another one...really?! I can't wait to see this baby.

In front of the toddler! Really LOL?! Have you no sense of decency?

Seriously?! What is with all the trying for baby in this house? Want to be over-crowded and starve to death?

RTFM grew herself up, and wow she already looks great! Lets get a full frontal view of her.

Awwww *pinches her cheeks* She really is just super adorable.

So both of the teenagers in the house are pregnant, and IMHO with yet a new man's am i going to even fit this into the family tree.

NSFW: I am firmly against X-rays. They have been shown to give you cancer, and sterilization should only be for the stupid.

So IMHO has down yet another AL course, and LOL is working her way towards one as well.

LOL: I know how to deal with fires.
Me: Just learn to not miss the toilet. The mess you left behind last time was disgusting.

Gordon has been around all this time and we just now find out that he likes science. Poor guy needs to crack open a book more often.

These two are always around each other, either both at toddler toys, at the toddler table or following each other around.

But with ASAP's birthday up tonite, we need to get his remaining toddler skills learned. IMHO did roll the want to teach him to walk too you know, so its a nice aspiration boost.

He is so happy to be a dad too. Look at that face as he hangs out with his kid.

These two, well skilling is the only reason I would hope they are both in the same room in their underwear.

James: The youth of today is too absorbed in video games and TV that they have lost all of their creativity!

Its definitely time for more birthdays. And L8R doesn't get a cake cuz she isn't in any kind of heir competition.

ASAP looks so excited that he gets to hang out with NSFW and gets to go to school with her now. Or maybe that he can actually do things for himself.

Awww FOAF has elf ears! She's also bald but we can fix that with a makeover.

See, look at how adorable she is! This will definitely be a tough heir race, thats for sure.

James: You know the day I married your father, I went to city hall and adopted you because I love you that much.
ASAP: Thats awesome, so you are my dad.
James: Yup I am, just promise me you won't go into politics.

Eros: Damn my wife is sexy hott.
L8R: I am so out of this room.
NSFW: You mean great-grandpa died the day that ASAP was born?

These two are so in love, which is scary cuz they have both been cheating on the other, and haven't been caught yet.

LOL pops while she is potty training RTFM. Well crowded house isn't the half of this house.

RTFM: *so I won't be the baby of the family, this sucks.*

I would tell you two to get a room, but then you would just make even more kids for the crowded house.

L8R: I know I was a late addition to my family, but I wish my father would pay a little attention to me.
Michael: I'll pay all the attention to you that you want.

WHAT. THE. FUCK! Really? That is just sick and wrong.

Well her pregnant ass is moving out with her baby daddy. Michael Peet will no longer be in the house ladies and gentlemen.

And IMHO pops, gee can you just smell the impending doom coming to this house? I know I can.

Well, Its nice to see that James takes parenting from his stepson to his daughter. He's over the moon to be a dad.

IMHO: You need to stay away from pink dresses, they so do not flatter you.
LOL: How can you say that? I look great in pink. Eros tells me that all the time.
IMHO: You really think your husband would tell you that you look bad in something?

James: You can't just wish that the kids will be more active, you need to encourgae that they get their fat asses out and run. Don't sue McDonalds for your negligence.
IMHO: He should really be a lawyer, he loves to have these arguments.

These two are incredibly adorable together though, you have to admit it. I think I love the couples this generation.

Almost at second semester for them, L8R has been gone a while, no idea why she is showing up.

Awww Belly Rub!!!I love belly rubs.

You seriously had to go and impregnate James?! You really couldn't have left it alone. I did not really need more babies!

ASAP: Thanks for showing me how to get in shape Dad.
IMHO: I just don't want to listen to another tirade about how you weren't in shape and playing video games and the whole guilt trip.
James: *he's hot when he talks about me*

Eros gets a call from Alejandro, prolly asking what he got himself away from by not marrying into the house this generation.

Awww both of ASAP's parents are watching him get all tough. Though, I don't really think that Fairfax cares all that much.

POP 2 for LOL, she shouldn't look so surprised, she's been through this twice already.

Then poor ASAP gets scared by his grandfather and father. The poor kid is going to be traumatized now or something. Either that or a knowledge sim in the making folks.

Fairfax: That kid will always remember me now that I scared the pants off of him.

And woohoo! ASAP maxes the body skill...he maxes stuff pretty quickly. Thank you smart milk.

*must not comment about IMHO and a golden shower*

and POP 2 for IMHO happens right in front of Danilo Drunkenmiller. The poor guy seems to be confused on that biology.

IMHO: Excuse me. I can't play the piano because ASAP is in the way!
Me: Really, that just makes absolutely no sense to me seeing as he is only going through the door when you said that.

Hey, even if i told them to get a room, it would have no effect. They are both pregnant after all.

James: You know, you look an awful lot like someone I met in college.
IMHO: You went to college? What is it like?

James: I had found my first love there. It was the best time ever.
IMHO: Hot damn! Sounds like fun, I wanna go.
Me: James should really break the bad news to IMHO.

Aunt LOL shows how she supports her nephew by cheering for him...through a wall. Hun, I don't think you could see exactly what he was doing.

But she has RTFM to keep her sanity up, and to give all of her affection to. Where the hell is NSFW?

IMHO: Don't ask me where she is, my back is killing me.

James decides that this is a good time as any to go hop into bed with Gordon. Well at least I don't have to worry. James is pregnant already, and Gordon is so close to elder he can't get pregnant.

James: Wait! Am I pregnant with Gordon's kid or with IMHO's kid. I really should not be sleeping with the two of them.
Me: Sounds like a good idea to me, I don't want any more love triangles in the house.

There is still roomance in the air, just gotta know where to look for it.

James: Hunny, I'm pregnant.
IMHO: Wait! You are going to have a baby too? We need to buy another crib.

Anteros decides to call up his sister-in-law to tell her how much he misses her and that she should have married him, would you really wanna live in this house Anteros?

Gordon finally finds NSFW and tries to hurl her into the next county. I really don't think LOL would appreciate it.

Meet the next Mozart/Beckham, ASAP IDK ladies and gentlemen.

IMHO comes home from work and brings home none other than Andrew Broke. Didn't know he was in the Slacker career path.

ASAP: Welcome home daddy. Why did you bring the strange man home with you?
IMHO: He has important business contacts for daddy. I need to get him to pull strings for me. A promotion means more time at home with you.

Andrew: Hey wanna go on a date with my friend?
IMHO: Absol-fricking-lutely.

Now how on earth did I not see this one coming a mile away?

IMHO: SO You used to know my grandfather right?
Pollux: Ya, he was an amazing guy. I really miss him.

IMHO: But I'm right here and I look alot like him I've been told. You are really cute, I picked this flower for you.
Pollux: You are just as sweet as your grandfather was.

And James finally pops, took you damn long enough.

IMHO: Awww you look adorable with your belly.
Andrew and Pollux: *patiently wait for a speech*

James: Why do they scare me when I'm pregnant.
IMHO: I feel super sexy!

Well GTFO's spirit has some effect on IMHO, cuz Andrew was easily seduced.

Really easily seduced. Thank you for IMHO not being able to get pregnant.

Though LOL giving birth is a great way to interrupt trying to get laid.

I live dangerously! Random baby!

Sweet! Only one baby! I have good luck apparently.

Here is another little girl, named AWOL, She has her daddy's blonde hair and blue eyes.

And just for a cute flashback, lets all reminisce from the old days of Eros.

Its Gordon and LOL's birthdays finally. LOL will finally be an adult. WTF is with the hate on Eros, Andrew?

Nice outfit there Gordon, mid-life crisis much?

and LOL, well just what the fuck is that outfit? blue shirt, jean shorts and orange fishnet stockings? Um ya that will not be staying.

Well Platinum aspirations will make them over the moon and super happy.

Gordon looks alot better with his makeover, he's a sexy grandpa.

and LOL looks absolutely stunning! Flawless isn't enough to compliment her.

Her new adult body still has the hotts for Eros, how can you complain when he's standing around in his underwear.

and then to top off the night, IMHO decides to give birth.

Random again, i have good luck so far, why ruin it by picking.

AH SHIT! Its a multiple birth.

and we have a bouncing baby BOY named DNW, Caranir's black hair and IMHO's green eyes,

and yet another girl in this family...seriously? its DND...she has IMHO's brown hair and Caranir's eyes.

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