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The Simpson Legacy 9.2

Last update brought the generation 9 heir, Happy, home from Uni after being my first drop out. After moving in Sylvester, we tried to have a wedding, but Sylvester bolted from the altar, makin Happy mad and being the first one in my game to be left at the altar. Sylvester comes home and loses his marbles right next to the taxi. Both Happy and Sylvester drink some strawberry lemonade and clear the furiousness with each other, and Happy decides to give birth to Ian. What a shock, a boy. They finally fall back in love and get hitched, to the delight of the whole family. Happy wound up pregnant again and gave birth to Iago, a boy with normal skin and Happy's eyes! Ian also became a toddler after spending time living on the floor.

So I decided that Harlequin could stop birth control...IF accidents happen, they happen. Im not completely stupid though..Griffin is still on birth control.

And the heir portraits are done...I'm not too happy with Griffin's though...I'll have to redo it when i get a better picture.

So someone wanted to invite over Gareth, so how was I to argue against it.

Needless to say, she didn't wanna invite him over for dinner...just dessert.

Whoops! This isn't a very good sign for me. Well at least not for Happy anyway.

LOL as Sly (I can not type Sylvester everytime) comes home, These two decide to take a romp in the photo booth.

I decided that Sly didn't deserve to be fired for my i gave him back his same job and sent him back to work. Mmm Mmm Sly.

I also decided that Griffin could quit his job too. While its nice to have everyone out at once, he just wasn't entertaining me in dance anymore...I want like a cult leader or something.

Wow Happy is just being a whore, a bit of photo booth, a bit of the hot tub,

and a romp in the sack to end such an eventful party. It looks like Happy is the one leaving with the party favor though.

And Seth decides to be an asshole and start scaring everyone in the damn house.

And here's the start of the Aidan Roberts love! How could you hate a face like that?

Seth decides to go haunting some more...not that the house isn't scary enough with 2 vampire warlocks, a werewolf, and a vampire werewolf warlock.

Happy just found out about her little party favor. She's surprised by this though.

Look, its a ghost a bump and a baby on the floor. What is the weird thing in the picture? Nothing.

Iago grew up into a dapper tux for him. Kinda clashes with the baseball cap though.

Giovanni: How come I'm destined to be alone forever? I want love too.
Poor guy, He's kind of neglected in the love game.

These 2, still go at it like rabbits. Its kind of the reason they get very little air time.

But unfortunately, that leaves the responsibility to the unoccupied people. Emmett and Aidan seem to take control of the kids rearing though. When parents say no, and your grandparents are too busy sexing each other up, go to your great great grandparents, they can do anything.

The happy family celebrates that Ian will be able to go to school and leave the house for hours on end.

Happy: Look hunny, even Daddy is here to celebrate!
Ian: Mommy better!

LOL serves your ass right Sly. You're late to the party, you get scared by the ghosts.

Griffin: So now that I retired, we can go at it all day.
Harlequin: I'm gonna get laid more often *cheesy grins*

Oh i do believe that Sly is trying to compete for hottest male in this house. He is a close second behind Aidan, lemme tell you.

Randy: The random dude I met was pretty cool, I wonder what his name was.

Fox brings home some random hooch from work. Thank the Lord she just wanted to go hula and not jump his bones.

Happy has to do some financial counseling in order to get that lifetime want of being a hugely rich sim. It doesn't pay too well for her though. She would probably get there faster is she sold herself on the street corner.

These two...things never change, just the side of the bed.

And here is where i downloaded these really awesome shelves and started taking pictures for keep sakes. You are so jealous of them aren't you.

Dom, GO HOME! and take the hooch with you.

Ian: Grampa Randy, we've been playing all night. Will you please move?
Time spent with the new generation...+500 Asp.

With a lifetime want of 20 best friends, and being a townie that barely knew anyone really didn't help either. So back to the wishing well we go.

Hi random slut, a Ratna Deline wannabe and Javier Valenzuela. And would you look at the newly fit Sly. He should go out for Rocky.

Sly: So i hear you have a huge set of balls.
Fox: Oh they are by far the nicest. If you're a good kid i'll show you them one day.

So story behind the resurrectomatron...Well my game decided that all the graves should leave the lot. I will not lose all of my graves...I will have at least one of them. Fox however is unable to get them back.

Emmett: Did Aidan die again? That sexy man just keeps burning himself up doesn't he?

As you can see, there's a whole bunch of people missing to i dunno...Emmett's parents. But the one very important person is there.

So I half debated bringing her back as a zombie...but just no..Bevin is hugely awesome and this now makes the update EPIC!!

Bevin: Oh shit! I'm back in coporial form.
Emmett: Can I go back to my crypt now? I feel all burny.

Emmett: Great grandma, welcome back.
Bevin: Everything is going according to plan, soon I will overthrow Grim.

Fox: Do these two do anything but have sex?
Me: Nope, and you're the second sluttiest sim in the house

Emmett: I felt all weak, so I sat in my throne of power. I wonder if great grandma wants to sit in it too?

Fox: Slutty old bitch! Get off my lawn.
Bevin: I will get you for calling me old!!!

Grim: Bevin! I found you at last. Why did you leave my side?
Bevin: But I wanna rule over the underworld.

Happy: The smell of death is around.

I'd say they should get a room, but this is the first time they have been out of the room.

Aidan: I remember when he was bringing home A+ report cards.
Giovanni: I remember when i popped out 2 kids who are older than me now.

Oh ya, this picture just screams flattery for Happy.

Happy is only a third of the way to her LTW. She needs to get to work during her maternity leave.

And Happy finally meets Asklepios Randolph. Well I would want him!

Happy: So the chick at the make up counter was trying to give me foundation to make me white, and i was like whoa bitch.
Asklepios: Shes hott when she rambles.

Sly comes home at the top of his career. He's now a full on rock god. and brought home an ugly person.

Dominick Deline calls to chat up his grandfather in law. Something about he should call more often.

Ugly Townie: Dude, you should get your own TV show, like Ozzy.
Sly: But I hate reality TV! Its useless and if you get a show like Jersey shore, you lose brain cells watching.
Happy: My husband is hott.

Oh yay! Hula dance fever has now spread inside the house!

Aidan: Ive been alive for this long, and no one gives me any respect.
Me: Dude you get plenty of air time with me.

Giovanni: What was that grandpa?

Giovanni: Why does my brother get a loving spouse? And why can't they do anything else but be all over each other.

Heavily pregnant won't stop Happy from getting her max enthusiasm in Games.

And Giovanni is going for the same in Music. Modern day Mozart at his sexiest.

Emmett: I will teach the little one my evil ways, so he can be the ultra evil wizard the prophecy says.
Well his name is Iago.

Harlequin: I love being an addition to this family.
Emmett: Shouldn't you be attached to my grandson in one form or another?

Sly goes for maxing out his skills...he only has cleaning left! So i guess he was a nerd in teendom?

HOLY SHIT! HAPPY IS A PRIMPER!! Yet another first!

And for an old guy, Fox still has an amazing body!

Emmett is making up some reagants, or whatever they are called, for a little magic spell.

These two, well they are kinda boring. But their age bar is creeping along slowly towards the end.

Griffin, the smarty he is, figures that if you're hungry, you should go cook yourself food. Better than some of the idiots I've had.

Yes, that is Sly going outside in his underwear! Yes i did take the picture so i could just stare at him.

And Iago, the evil genius goes and maxes his charisma. He will get people to do his bidding yet.

Then Griffin goes and rolls grandfatherly things like teach Iago to walk and talk...not that his PARENTS would roll either of those things. What is wrong with the parents in my game.

Harlequin got his lifetime want he just stays there. He's so close to elder, I think he is suited wonderfully for it.

Ian: Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Can either of you help me with my homework?

Ian gets help from Sly while Happy goes and primps some more...Why I do believe that Happy is my second favorite heir now!!!

Happy's hungry so she primps and thinks about doing her husband.

and then gives him a backrub. Ummm you are hungry...AND PREGNANT!

Giovanni! Bad bad Giovanni!! And right next to the toilet too....I'm ashamed at you!

Oh look who starved to death! Ian does not look so happy to have his meal ruined.

Sly: Oh please Grim, please don't take my wife.
Aidan: Hey grim, dude. You're killing me bro, Bring her back dude!

Grim: I'll bring her back, but watch her, cuz i won't do it again.
Sly: YES! I beat death!
Aidan: He's lost his mind, but whatever. Thanks Grim, I owe you a solid!

Brought back to life, and gives birth, what are the odds to that? Hey be surprised that everyone isn't constantly pregnant in my game.

And yet another single birth. What is with the hack not working in this neighborhood.

Another boy, Mom's brown hair, Dad's red eyes. He gets blessed with the name Igor.

LOL Oh no hunny, your great grandfather is off limits to you. He's happily married to Aidan, making him a gay man not into incest, sorry.

I done made happy a witch...i wonder if the witch idles will overcome the primping? Only time will tell.

Haha If i put all the pictures of him together it would be a huge spam, so instead I give you story between. Here he is being all evil!!

This picture is just totally adorable!! Love the adorableness of my game!!

Poor baby Igor. At least the other two had some time before they got the floor treatment. Iago is the genius, and Igor is the bane of existence i guess.

Fox finally goes and changes a diaper without being directed...its about time he does something grandfatherly.

Some sexy times for the happy couple. This picture looks so clear to me, I think I will make it into a picture for the game.

Wow you need to calm down a bit with the babies there Happy.

Emmett: The evilness grows in this house!

So i finished this update at 530 so im going to bed. I will have an IDK update for trhe end of the week. I am going to try and rotate out legacys of having one a week, lets see if i can hold to it.
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