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King Bee Challenge #6

I was planning on taking a new picture of myself but since i've taken these pictures, i deleted like 99% of my TSR downloads and apparently my facial hair was one of them.

Tyler Peet dothesmustle was actually given to me as a blind date. What are the odds on that?!

Sexy times are necessary and i didn't even have to do anything, we have 3 bolts!

Haha! I just seem to pop out the kids even before i get to take a picture. Our theme is....American Idol!

Named for Alison Iraheta from season 8

Download Alison Peet-Andrews

Named for Blake Lewis from season 6

Download Blake Peet-Andrews

Named after Carrie Underwood from season 4

Download Carrie Peet-Andrews

Named after Diana DeGarmo from season 3

Download Diana Peet-Andrews

Named after Jordin Sparks of season 6

Download Jordin Peet-Andrews

Named after Kelly Clarkson of season 1

Download Kelly Peet-Andrews

Named after Kris Allen of season 8

Download Kris Peet-Andrews

Named after Vonzell Solomon of season 4

Download Vonzell Peet-Andrews

If you'd like a sim of yours used...just comment :)
Tags: kingbee, requests, simself

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