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The IDK Legacy 5.4

Last time, I was completely wrapped up in Percy Jackson and the Olympians...Yes i love that movie/book series. IMHO had given birth to FOAF and then started to have an affair with Caranir Moore, yet another rikkulidea sim to invade the house. On NSFW and RTFM's birthday, both LOL and IMHO get knocked up. L8R grew up into a teen and wound up getting pregnant by Michael Peet, so they were both unceremoniously shipped out of the house with no regrets. Then to add more insult to injury, with the 2 pregnant sims and 4 kids already, James decides that he wants to get pregnant. IMHO also started to have affairs with Andrew Broke simgarooop and Pollux Randolph. LOL gave birth to AWOL and then became an elder, teaching me that they can't have a birthday until they give birth. We ended with IMHO giving birth to Caranir's twins, DNW and DND, then getting pregnant with Pollux's kid.

Andrew has decided that he wants to launch ASAP into orbit. What did the child ever do to you Andrew?

Gordon: You would love to live here Pollux. We have tons of money, you would never have to work again.
Pollux: That's what I'm hoping for.

Pollux: I need to show them how wonderful I would be. I'll take care of their baby.

Pollux: It's just like a big old rainy day here. If I moved in, it would be a huge sunshine day.
Eros: Do you really think it is all that great here? It would be awesome to have some normal people in this house for once.

Well, normal is not a term i would use around this house.

LOL again, they are still gunning up the career ladder together, a few promotions away for each and then they will be perm plat. But one of them decided to bring home Giancarlo stakeit_uk before his winding road with Lion Fauna.

I really can't say there is any normalcy in this house...why would every single person be in one room?

RTFM just wants you to know how adorable she is, don't you agree?

IMHO: FOAF, can you say daddy?
FOAF: Daddy.

James, meanwhile, is very very pregnant.

Some more toddler training for FOAF...but why would this be?

Of course, it was her birthday and we need to get her trained first.

LOL is guessing she's pregnant. She has had 3 kids already, you would think she would know when she's pregnant.

But she may be having sexy fantasies of sleeping with the extra fine Erik Deline. Haha it rhymed.

RTFM: So I think Mom is sick, I heard her throwing up this morning.
NSFW: Oh geez, yet another sibling. This house is getting way too crowded for us.

SOme more belly rubs. Hey its better belly rub spam then spam of something else.

LOL sells off her masterpiece. I love the custom painting option. I can take any of the great pictures from people's games and make them into pictures for my game.

First bump of yet another child into this house.

Eros, though, loves having more and more kids. Hey as long as he keeps it to single births, I'm ok with it.

And first bump for IMHO. This would be Eros's cousin technically. Wow that could be just a little weird.

So IMHO came home from school, and i sent his sorry tushy straight to work. Hell, he is a promotion away from his LTW.

Birthday spam. This would be where i found out that you can't have your adult birthday while still carrying a kid.

Its a good ting that Pollux had a dream date rather then a horrible date. IMHO gets pushed up a promotion on James, and yet both of them are as pregnant as could be.

Birthday time for all the babies...get ready for the awwws

Even the ghosts are coming to the party. I'm a bit scared now.

Here is DNW, sporting the 'hawk

This little cutie is DND, as you can see Caranir has some pretty good genetics.

and this adorable little one is AWOL.

sometimes a bit of homework help is needed to help get the kids an A. I think I read somewhere where the kid went to school the first day and got an A, but can't remember where.

James decides that he has to go into labor NOW and he doesn't care that its in front of his step-son.

Random as always, pre changing out the hack.

And we get an adorable baby named DNA. Boy, girl...i don't remember. Whoops.

Gordon: Are you kidding me? You're pregnant again?!
IMHO: What do you care old man, You'll be gone soon.

IMHO is letting the pregnancy hormones get to him a bit.

Meanwhile, Eros has decided to scar FOAF for life. She does NOT need to see you in your underwear.

I would say that I'm surprised, but I'm not anymore. have you not seen how many pregnancies we've had already?

If James gets pregnant, I'm killing one of the two of you.

Some adorable toddler picture. Look at the adorable.

And this was forced...up until something happened.

And apparently a glitch happened. Poor DNW doesn't want his clothes.

But all fixed, and totally adorable. I think I may have a front runner for heir.

Radioactive toddlers anyone...only 5 bucks.

At least she can't get anymore pregnant...and he has no interest in men, so he won't be getting i would be stupid enough to get a telescope now.

LOL just shows him how horrible a few pregnancies can be. Her poor back is finally hurting her after all these years.

Holy shit, its an IDK walkby. Hi FTW and Pongy the cat.

Gordon: Did you get him pregnant again?
James: I just had a baby, do you think I want anymore kids, stupid ass!

and third trimester begins for the both of them.

IMHO decided to bring home Henry Blossom radiationpoison, while they are good friends.

Henry shows his alterior motive, and what the hell, its not like they are growing weeds or something, stop sniffing the flowers.

The kids decide to come home while Henry and IMHO are chatting it up, and well they kinda do whatever they wanna do. It wasnt like they actually had homework.

I feel so bad for poor Gordon, he hasn't gotten any loving in suck a long time. But all he wants is to max out skills for his LTW.

Again, IMHO will grow up tomorrow, except he actually WILL grow up tomorrow. At least he won't be as bad as GTFO with having a kid in your own age group.

LOL: I totally wanna be like that Duggar chick and have 20 kids with my husband. I would be so popular and have like the bestest mom ever.
Me: You would not have any time to pay attention to one with 19 others looking for something.

IMHO: SO my bff Henry says he would totally be into a threesome if we wanna have one.
LOL: You should meet Gordon, they don't call him the silver fox for nothing.

Finally, what took you so long?


The toddlers always get a bunny head for charisma as to me, its the hardest skill to max, but they don't even use the damn creativity table i bought.

I took a peek at Eros's relationship screen and saw that he was getting very low with his siblings, so I had him call up a few to start raising them up.

Eros: Deimos, bud whats going on. I havent heard from you in ages. Did you know I'm the father of 3 and have a fourth on the way. You should really come by and see your nieces.
Me: You will regret that!

IMHO decides hey, the best place for him to give birth is out in the street like some kind of hooker. Poor Tyler Peet never even stood a chance.

Another single birth in this nut house.

You know, for having a kid with Pollux i was kinda hoping for the green skin to be passed to him, but I wouldn't be that lucky! His name is DNC.

LOL decides that this would be a perfect time to pop out her own kid. At least she has the decency to do it INDOORS.

and again, a single birth. I didn't happen to catch a picture of the baby, but you can figure it probably has the same genetics. Its actually LOL's first son, names ASL.

and IMHO finally gets to grow into an adult...after postponing it like 2 extra days.

LOL he's a raver. And he totally got a makeover after this, like you even had to guess.

Deimos decided to pop by for a visit, and brought a few of his neighbors from Brazen Meadows in the land of rikkulidea. He's chatting away with Arthnir Moore (Caranir's bro) and LOL is chatting up Alec Wolosenko. Somewhere else around here is Anteros.

Here's where the devilish plan starts.

LOL starts reminicing with Anteros about when he tried to pick her up as a teenager, and IMHO is macking on his friend Anthnir. I don't know how, but they had a super high relationship.

See a single rose from IMHO...

Makes Arthnir fall in LOVE with him. and Deimos is just excited about all the adultry


And these two seal their deal.

SHIT thats a shitload of birthdays!

Deimos: You know I'm an artist, but I sure do have a knot in my back
LOL: Your brother is such a genius, he taught me this massage trick to help get it out.

Deimos: THat feels so much better, Thanks a lot.

Yes Arthnir is a sexy beast, and I love him alot. Eye Candy ahoy!

and before I know it, these two are getting all over each other, Deimos is a horrible brother.

Really horrible. He just banged his sister in law and his brother found out.

Then does it again, just for good measure...and gets her pregnant.

Deios: *sly smile* You think my brother is mad at me for sleeping with his wife?


And Arthnir brings the update full cycle by trying to launch ASAP away. Really?! Why is it only this one child?

I will not be updating the family tree until i decide to put these two on birth control, as I wont know how many baby daddies I'm going to need.
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