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King Bee Challenge #7

Again, I don't have the new picture...but its coming i swear on it!

Bubblegum Von Prism, the very under-rated member of the Von Prism family. He had a soft spot to be used somewhere else, so here he is.

So with Bubblegum rolling to be straight, It was alot of effort for me to nab him.

But it was worth it because I did wind up getting pregnant. He just seems lost on the idea of a man giving birth though. Our theme is Reunion, the short-lived TV show that was super awesome!

Download Aaron Von Prism-Andrews

Download Carla Von Prism-Andrews

Download Craig Von Prism-Andrews

Download Emily Von Prism-Andrews

Download Jenna Von Prism-Andrews

Download Samantha Von Prism-Andrews

Download Will Von Prism-Andrews

If you'd like a sim of yours used...just comment :)
Tags: kingbee, requests, simself

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