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The Hunter Awesimsauce ISBI 1.1

So I have actually had these pictures around forever. Since my last ISBI ended in utter failure of the hood not opening anymore, i decided to start a new one with a twist or two. Since the Drunkenmillers Hunter family is in the same hood as the IDKs, they will be pixel_trade meaning that all married in spouses/baby daddies will be made by someone else wonderful in the community. On top of both of these, i added a bit of an extra spice to it by also making it an awesimsauce challenge. What is an awesimsauce challenge you ask? Well if you venture over to awesimsauce you can take a look, but it laymans terms, its a rainbow challenge with challenges for each generation. My blue generation will be a bit off from normal rules because of my use of a spare but I'm hoping it will still be fun for you guys.

Emma Jean: I hope you don't plan to be a leech on our family. You are an adult now, get out and get a job.
Drew: I have a job already mother, and seriously, I can't take this overbearing anymore. I'm moving out.

And thus Drew found himself a cute little house. The famous architect rikkulidea has left it here in the wake of gift giving. He had to take out a mortgage on it, but after a few years, it will be worth it.

Drew: Ahhh the smell of ownership is the sweetest of all!

So seeing as he is the blue generation, there aren't any specific challenges for him, but he does need some blue to him. Off to the clothing store.

Upon arriving, we are graced with Eros Randolph-IDK, who apparently is a quick easy whore now that he is married. It took ages to find him the first time and now he pops up easily.

OMG! Brent Deline!! I have yet another idea to go forth for him, but thats another day in another neighborhood.

Wow, um apparently in this incarnation, Brent is gay and highly in love with Drew. However Drew is very very straight.

But connections are connections. Brent will be a nice guy friend...and if Drew doesn't get any luck, a baby daddy.

Also on the lot, Aidan Roberts, who i completely overuse but love. WTF IDK and Trent Hale, GTFO's lover.

And this pretty young lady is Taylor Leippert, my birthday gift for rikkulidea. She is adorable!

After the quick introduction, I mean it is Aidan Roberts!! We can see the blue makeover for Drew, impressed yet?

We have SUZI SOWHUT, looking absolutely stunning. We do have to get started dating you know.

Drew makes SUZI's acquaintance, but no ACR queueing yet. He isn't that picky though.

I mean take a look. He can't have LOL (YES this is so old, LOL was still a teen), and i don't really wanna use a leenyland sim just yet.

Though SUZI apparently wants the ugly townie instead. Well we didn't want you anyway. Aphrodite Randolph is just standing there wondering why she isn't old.

Either that or she wants action. As for Taylor...not a clue who she's mad at or why.

Taylor seems to love Drew though. Poor girl isn't getting herself any Drunkenmiller Hunter sexing.

Everyone decides that they need to follow Drew into the bathroom and well it caused an error. I had to force an error and kick everyone out.

Now to purchase a cell phone so we can keep in touch with everyone.

Aphrodite: OMG its so exciting to meet some new people!
Drew: Im as new as youre gonna get hunny.

Then we get to meet Ava Laroux, a la simplicist fame.

And Barrett Lackadaisy, who apparently wants Drew as much as GTFO and Gordon.

And lastly we get Moonstone Crayola leenyland and STFD IDK. I understand that the IDKs have 4 generations on them and all, but seriously?!

Drew decides to get out of dodge while the getting is good, leaving behind a sad Brent.

At home, the magnet that is the exercise bike has drawn Drew to it...

thats before i realized he has alot of max enthusiasm. Since he did actually EARN these reward before the legacy started, I will count them towards the challenge of getting all 10, but i will try to get decendednts to get them as well.

After a wonderful nights sleep in his blue underwear, there are plenty of things to do.

We answer the phone for Artemis Randolph, a coworker of Drew's that we found out about dunring my reign of the Drunkenmillers.

And we hire a gardner. I can not be bothered to keep up with the flowers when im going to focus on keeping the family sane.

Then off to yet another community lot to try and find a spouse.

And what a shock to find Eros IDK hanging around this lot too, but at least he brings Cameron Roberts with him. But Poor Cameron is wearing the same outfit as Barrett, I should change that.

As also when i was playing this, it was World Cup season, so this was awesome when i played it. Not so much anymore.

Then we moved on to basketball, and FTW IDK decided to grace us and bring Bot IDK. Gee Thanks for that FTW.

Eros also decided that he wanted to do a little swimming in the meantime. Hey who am i to argue with sexiness.

Drew decides to buddy up with Cameron, hey everyone needs friends outside of their psycho family, am i right?

More meetings, this time with Phobos Randolph...WHAT IS WITH ALL THE RANDOLPHS!!

And some random old dude was all I gotta meet him, while Bot stalked him, why does my game have the weirdos.

Drew: Oh Danilo, what's up, hows the family?
Danilo: Dude, Mom has lost her mind, she's patiently waiting for one of her kids to get married. I mean Jared went to live with Grandpa and Kelly went off to star in that TV show, and you are on your own. I need an escape.

Drew then hangs out with I think Yael Francis of selzi fame. I could be wrong though.

Drew: Its a gorgeous day!
Charleton: If you give me your life savings, I will teach you how to make 10 times as much
Old Dude: Here go you sonny, just don't hurt me!

Danilo: Its a gorgeous day outside, it can;t get any worse.
Eros: This dude is hopped up on something.
FTW: Drugged up? Where?
Drew: I am so out of here!!

Hey, don't you go cheating on LOL, even though your douche of a brother slept with her.

Drew: I'm exhausted, can i stop meeting strangers and go home yet?

I guess so, I mean all you have met are guys.

Mmmm Hott gardener. Nuff said!

Wow, I never figured Drew would make it so early in the legacy to have a stat change...well i guess it's my fault for running him into the ground.

But after a quick nap, he goes to be a pirate! Who wouldn't wanna be a bathroom pirate?

So i cheated! Sue me! I decided to give him a spin with the magic crystal ball, I mean he isn't exactly a starting out adult, he was missing a few days. Lets have him take Élchiril Moore out for a twirl.

She just looks ecstatic over this date doesn't she? Drew, are you taking a page out of Deimos Randolph's book of love?

Drew: So do you want a massage?
Élchiril: Do I look like I'm interested?

What better way to play hard to get, then to answer the phone for another girl while on a date?

Apparently it worked! Élchiril turned up her game on Drew. A simple flirt goes a long way for Drew.

And Drew can charm his date by cooking up some mean Lobster Thermidor. Doesn't everyone use lobster for a date?

Drew: So I was thinking if you could pop out a kid or two for me, maybe getting hitched, it would be a great year for my mom.
Élchiril: You are joking right? We just met like an hour ago!

Oh but tickling makes sense? Have you been out on a NORMAL date?

Drew: Hey Danilo, gotta call you back! On a date.

Really?! Which one of you actually is wearing the pants!! You can flirt too Drew.

Flirt? Pillow fight? Is this like the great seduction secret? I really would like to know. *gets out pad and writes notes*

Drew finally gets some balls and makes the date official! Its about time you guys, Drew isn't getting any younger.

And we get in some networking.

I don't actually remember what i said to this, to be honest. Its been a few months since i actually played them.

Woohoo we get some sexy times for Drew. Wouldn't you hop into bed with him?

LOL some swooning post sexy times. Élchiril have you no shame?

They really are too adorable.

So Drew gets the bolt next to move in, so i figure why not?

except she probably sensed it and bolted! Smart girl!

HAHA! He goes to his second love of the exercise bike. I hate when I am partial to sims, cuz I overtake pictures of them.

Wow such a change from Anthony to THIS! I hope the poor kid ages with grace.

Drew does some menial tasks around the house, after all he has high skills and everything.

But at dinner time, he lets me know that he wants some company.

So why not call up Élchiril for a date and get this legacy moving.

Oh this just SCREAMS date going well.

HAHA she doesn't even get into the house, cuz she has to go screaming at the fire. IT WILL GO OUT ON ITS OWN!

Ya, why not just run out on a guy who wants you to be his bride.

But she does come BACK for a real date. Good girl, poor good girl. Maybe the first idiot I hope.

And we have our first idiot. She agrees to finally move in.

Two grand. That is a decent bring in for a first generation. And as you can see, without a fire, the date goes pretty well.

I guess I spoke too soon. But at least she isn't screaming like a banshee, and theres a smoke detector inside.

HOLY HOTT DAMN! I think one of the kids from this generation of IDKs may have to marry this man. I love him!!

Stay classy girl. Sponge baths in the kitchen are super hott.

Cute proposal picture, y/y?

and some post engagement celebrations! Well some ADULT celebrations.

Well the whole Drunkenmiller gang comes on over for the celebrations, along with FYI. Poor Emma Jean got stuck in a heinous formal outfit. And it looks like Kelly's early dismissal from the Big Brother house let her come to the wedding. (Top to bottom: Kelly, FYI IDK, Taylor, Venus, Anthony, Isabella, Danilo, Jared and Emma Jean)

Some cute marriage spam, Hey part of the rules stated that I had to have a wedding party.

Wow, what does Michael Charvat rikkulidea calling Élchiril for?

Michael: OMG you are so awesome, I will pass word how awesome you are

Really? you call on her wedding day for that?

LOL well its good to know not everything goes easy around here. Danilo is getting picked on by teen FYI...that is just sad dude.

Well, at least it got a great party review.

You make the commentary on this one.

And we come home to some sexy times for the next generation. Will it be a baby? Only time will tell.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 0
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 2
Self-Wettings: 0
Pass-Outs: 1
Fights: 0
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 0

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0

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(Deleted comment)
kingmike1224 August 31st, 2010
LOL i dunno, I like the challenges i guess...Im enjoying myself when i play though, thats all that counts.

Well the first one I lost was the Carters...It absolutely devistated me as I loved them so much...though i guess it was good cuz i could never imagine having to deal with like 12 babies at once. It did get myself over my head. My other one was the Storms...for some reason the neighborhood never opened up again, so i deleted the neighborhood. It was full of so much fail, lemme tell you

I hope so, It already has a better start to crazy than rikkulidea's Randolph legacy, and look at how nuts that one has gotten (if you don't read it, I definitely recommend her legacys)

quinctia August 29th, 2010
Be careful! El isn't related to Michael, so he might be looking to get some, remember all of Miranda's relatives had the hots for her husbands' second set of children...and their mother.

kingmike1224 August 31st, 2010
Haha I remember but she wasn't the one that got the date with him right? I think it was Daeiel that got him wasn't it? I'm still so disenheartened that that RR lost its way. I hope the others I'm participating in wind up finishing.

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