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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 1.1

So everyone knows this lovely young lady, she's "Bekah" by simpurity but in this game she is Victoria Pimlico. She has been chosen to be the newest founder in my game, in the same neighborhood as the Simpsons. The theme for this update, for those non-UK based simmers or with no knowledge, is going to be UK underground tube stops. Victoria Pimlico gets to be named based on my friend Trudy trudyblue. She works at Victoria Station, and lives by Pimlico Station. That is about all the introduction you need i assume. I played this about 3 months ago when the VDSL was planned but never got around. Its something I wanted to play regardless of restraints.

So Victoria lazes about her new lot, waiting for life to hand her some challenges. She has such a nice beach lot, no wonder she's gazing out into the ocean.

And here is her lovely starter shack, why so basic you ask...well she has no money left. Beach lots are super expensive.

Not that it matters though, she can't go inside it anyway. Well it will help her meet someone, thats for sure.

So while we wait for the paperboy to come deliver, I have Victoria dig for something worth while, hell she needs SOME money. I can't make a decent whore when they can't get paid for sex.

and Victoria finds a piece of shit! Seriously...where is the treasure chest?

Well seeing as digging isn't getting her riches, she needs herself a job. A Law clerk will have to suffice for now hunny.

She does get herself a start to skills, I don't even know how she could get skills without anything, she's got very little cash.

And whats more fun than stomping on your creation. Seriously, she did this all autonomously.

The welcome wagon shows up...and gives us a few familiar faces. Dean Fry from simnels and 2 Simpsons, Well its Forest Simpson and Lynette, the garden club chick from Simpsons 1.0 if you care to read that legacy.

Well it doesn't look good for poor Dean, He will still have to be my townie spawner lot. Victoria is looking for a beautiful sexy lady.

As her bladder needs some relieving, I send her out on her first community lot adventure.

I shouldn't leave them alone on my property, they may steal something

You don't HAVE anything to steal? What on Earth are they going to steal?

When we get to the park, we meet some interesting people. Marcus Ross simnels, Hera Randolph rikkulidea, Brooke Simpson and Faith Simpson...What the hell is with the Simpsons ruining this pixel_trade legacy?

Gotta get some introductions in place, how else can we get the legacy moving?

Well Victoria has found herself someone of interest! I wonder if Hera knows what she's in for?

You are totally a fashionista! I love your outfit Hera!

Really, this old thing? It's some patchwork I sewed together.

Um Well i guess Hera is straight, she went for MArcus as Victoria went out to the bathroom.

When oblivious Victoria gets back, Hera and her start to bond over some tunes

The new Westlife CD is going to be amazing!

Westlife is still around? They haven't been in the states in 10 years.

Can you leave now, I need to talk to Hera about stuff!

You know what Victoria?...

You totally are awesome! I'm going to give you my furniture discount.

Well it may help when Victoria HAS a house, but not right now.

Well hello Puck Underwood stakeit_uk. I gave him some different eyes, cuz I absolutely LOVE these eyes.

So they say that winter this year is going to be worse than it was last year.

I hope they end this strike with the locksmiths! I need to get into my house before winter.

Unless you let me stay at your house Hera *giggles*

Oh uh...

I'm flattered. *OMG where the hell is Marcus to save me from this nut job*

Is it nice and warm at your house?

So Victoria comes on strong?! where's the harm in that?

Would you wanna hang around with me? I could teach you things that you'd like

Um..Sure *what am i getting myself into*

Well I am not going to just stick with one option for poor Victoria, Lucky Von Prism radiationpoison just happens to stroll onto the lot.

As she meets up with Lucky, Hera is having a heart to heart with some anonymous sim, prolly discussing that she got suckered into a date.

Oh Hera, you are so fun, a spontaneous pillow fight in a park.

Yup so spontaneous *You suckered me into this date, you better pay attention to me*

Dude, seriously its Liam Roberts leenyland!!! What's he spying with his little eye?

A bit of girl on girl action. Victoria has stepped up her game! I guess she knows what she wants.

Hot damn! They must be getting along great! Making out already.

*Holy hott damn, she is a fantastic kisser! I want more*

*If i buddy up to her friend, she will totally want me*

You know what, I kinda need to get a bit of shut eye, I got a long day of work tomrrow. I'll call you when I get home

She isn't into me, is she?

Then she takes the time to introduce her to Marcus and TOWNIE SPAWNER leenyland. TOWNIE happens to play for both teams.

SHIT! We don't have any money we can afford to lose, We are totally out of this lot.

Not without meeting Hera's nephew Dionysus rikkulidea

Back home, Victoria forgot that she left 2 random strangers on her property.

When is Hera going to call me?

I think you are totally hott.

I have no shot at her, do I?

Sorry Forest, no shot at all.

Haha, Victoria may be exhausted, but she can;t even get settled into her bed for the time being.

Hera call and she's fine and dandy!

OMG! Hera, you wanna take me out somewhere? I'll go anywhere!

It's getting leta, and I'm going out on the town. Please leave.

No problem baby, here's my number, call me sometime.

And now, she walks her ass to the taxi to go meet the girl of her dreams.

OMG grilled cheese is so amazing, I had some before I came to see you.

God damn it Victoria! She does not wanna hear about grilled cheese...

..or maybe she does. Either Hera is accommodating Victoria, or she is just as stupid as she was in her teen years.


I love you!

I love you too.

Who knew all it took was grilled cheese to get them to sleep together.

Issey Emery (the late simrenity) serenades the girls with a love song.

Caaaaaaan you feeel the looooooove tooooniteeeeee

So it was horribly off-key, but it was a nice gesture.

TOWNIE and Dionysus head on to the club to hear Issey massacre a classic, but i think Dionysus is even more pissed that I deleted his original outfit. Oops. (i fixed it last night, so next update if he's around he will be in better clothes.)

OK so you are on a date with her, and you wanna be friends with a guy...One you already made out with?! Well you totally are not a keeper.

Well if TOWNIE will ever try to get into this legacy, she needs to raise the relationship.

*cops a feel of Delores's tit* Um Deloris is like 600 years old, just FYI.

Oh man, that red head is totally gorgeous.

Hey D, I think someone over there wants your attention.


So I just lost my virginity to your aunt, you aren't uncomfortable with that are you?

*stares off into space*

You totally would look hott in a pink dress.

Oh well this isn't great for his sexual orientation.

So he is just a raging metrosexual, but he should really stop chatting about dresses.

Pink totally does not look good on me, it's why I switched to yellow, I look better in it.

Boring! Pink looks better on a beautiful woman such as yourself.

OMG! You are such a fantastic date, ditching me to talk to my nephew. I have never had such an awesome time.

I'm a doll babe!

So we should get to work on other people...after all, some lesbians have sperm donors.

She is so adorable playing nicely with my nephew.

D, why on earth did you move here? I heard your other town was more exciting. And you had a huge house...that i could crash in.

You're so funny Victoria, You can stay at my place NOW..It's a one bedroom apartment.

LOL No love match here for Issey, she rebuffs the blonde, who I think is one of the men Fawn is seeing.

She came home to total darkness. To a house with no keys to get into. Hope there's no theives tonite for you Victoria. But her ass didn't waste money on video games, so bad box in the corner.

So hey D, wanna come on over for a date?

Absolutely baby, I'm coming on over right now.

Just wait a few minutes, your aunt just came by with flowers for me, need to make sure she's gone.

Dean sweetie. How's life going with you? Any slippery slopes?

Hera drops off a fountain and a bouquet. I thought the gifts were always backlogged?

Awww she actually hopped into her hammock and got a few minutes of a nap.

Well before Vampire Werewolf Giovanni the Warlock comes to...steal the paper? Seriously?! Couldn;t you have like done a magic spell or something to steal the paper. You are all powerful!

Thinking about Alex Storm is not going to get you anywhere (There's an adult incarnation of him in this hood cuz I needed to take some shots for the download post.

Well, this is definitely not a good sign of your date when the first thing you do gets a negative symbol, now is it?

But D makes it all better for Victoria by cooking her some grilled cheese. He must love her to do that...or to be gullible enough to be influenced to do it.

I had her dig, but she comes back with a conch shell...and a bump. Hera decided to give her another present when they went out.

Shy flirting is so adorable! Now when the baby comes, if D marries Victoria, is it step daddy or cousin?

Hello in there little one, what a little surprise you are.

I know, I had no idea you can get pregnant the first time you have sex

Did some of Hera's stupidity rub off on you, Victoria?

and a cute little kiss to end the date. It was a good date I think, it was like 3 months ago when i played it you know.

So there's no work to go to, but I couldn;t very well send her back out right away to pee, so i caved and put a toilet on the outside of the house too. The paperboy will never see this house the same again, that's for sure.

Well, no work means you can dig for treasure!

I smell really bad, I need to find a shower

you found one thing useful. You need to do more than that first.

Ok a half built castle is not going to get you anywhere.

Will you shut up?! I'm trying to get a tan!

Well I'm not gonna tell her that Brits burn, they don't tan.

Yo lazy bitch, I need a shower!

WTF?! How dare you call me a lazy bitch!


Treat me with respect!

Fuck permission, I'm going on my own

D: Do you see how my sims treat me?

Well I guess the gym would have showers, she's smart enough to go there.

I sent her to the Kiddie Castle for food, but nothing worth while happened there apparently (I have no pictures from these places. I remember at the gym she kept wanting to waste money at the snack machines though).

Then back at home, she decides to live up her second nature of being a slut by calling over Dean. It's not just because he had a high enough relationship or anything.

Dean you are so strong, look at those guns.

She knows my weakness, my sexy body *gets weak in knees*

So i was out at a club the other night and this loser tried to hit on this awesome chick with a cute rack. She was so out of his league.

I hate when ugly people think you are interested in them. I have gotten so many fat old chicks trying to stare at me in the shower.

So I have about 10 other lovers, you have no problem with that, right?

I don't really care, just have sex with me

*Damn she is smoking in the sack*

*Damn he is amazing in bed*

LOL flashing blue bed

He has stolen her pose. I was going to use this for the teaser but i thought that mighta given it away.

*I totally love her body. She has huge tits*

*I could totally fall in love with him*

Wanna move in with me and help raise my child?

Can I have more sex with you?

Absolutely, with your moves you are a sex god!

He came with extra padding, but I took 20 grand off. He was my spawner lot, so he had extra cash in the house.

Then heads on over to the easel to help earn money. He has no skills and no job. Worthless bum.
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