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The Simpson Legacy 9.3

Last time was EPIC! Bevin came back from the dead! You can't get more epic than that.

Driver: I can't believe that this kid is getting on the bus.
Ian: I think I should stay home today.

Not gonna happen there buddy.

Sly, who's still on a quest for 20 best friends, heads on back to the well for some more. Hey I give it at least a day to recoup.

Sly: O please, bring me some nice friends, and not deranged psychos.

OK I know you love the well and all, but trying to become one with it will not make it any better.

OK so i don't know which Happy is more excited about, the dancing or the fact she gets to go back to work. She is a fortune sim after all.

So the well brings us ugly townies. Meh they probably wont be seen after this anyway.

What the hell, Happy won't be home for a few hours, and it may get him a best friend in the process.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Sly was bi...cuz his date for the day, Illusion Von Prism. Yummy!

Sly: So we can go out and everything, but you can't tell my wife.
Illusion: You're married to a WOMAN?!

Sly: OMG! I know right? These people here think that I love her for her personality.
Illusion: *laughs*

Sly: You are more of my type, a nice strong guy to hold in my arms.
Everyone else *oblivious to cheating*

Well, it looks as if this date is going along swimmingly. But who is that in the background?

Its Alec Wolosenko from rikkulidea's Deline legacy.

Well there will be someone that could use his genetics, may as well get him known to someone.

Sly's date is going better and better. Sex and then pillow fights? You're doing it wrong!

Well this bitch is hard to get to a best friend...we need some help for it. Hello Mr Mickles.

Illusion: OMG! You are amazing!! Can we go out again? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!

Chance card fail...but at least she wasn't fired.

Harlequin comes home with Marion Simpson, one of Drake's wives, while Ian comes home alone.

Everyone was all OMG OMG private school please, so I think its time for the headmaster.

Just in time for Iago to grow up. I'm telling you, he's gonna be an evil genius. Also, Happy brought home Victoria Pimlico.

LOL While Marion and Randy swoon for Fox, he swoons for Victoria. The romance sim never dies.

What the hell dude? I serve you dinner and then you decide you wanna leave, well screw you too.

Uncle Giovanni isn't too thrilled that you rejected his nephews from private school.

Well Emmett has had a family reunion want for ages, so I finally caved. Thats alot of sims that is directly related to him.

Chance card win from Sly. Well will wonders never cease.

Emmett and Giovanni both get the Family Reunion memory...but Giovanni also gets lifetime aspiration platinum. I love these vampires too much.

Emmett: Does she not know the party is over?
Me: Leave her alone dude, she has basically nothing at her house.

So Giovanni finally does what I asked him to do...and the headmaster kicks the bucket. But my bitchass was in a bad mood, so we try to get him revived.

And it worked. The headmaster is back alive (though i completely took the wrong picture).

Then Giovanni goes after him again. Like I said, i was in a bad mood.

Giovanni: HAHA you're dying again. You should have let my nephews into your school.
Headmaster: Go get help.

Very little grief this time from everyone. I think Iago is just trying to cover up his master plans to be honest.

Emmett: OMG! He died again. Grim please don't take him away.
Grim: I know what you are doing, Not gonna happen dude. He's gone.

Now that i tormented him enough, time to get the next headmaster to the house.

Emmett: But we weren't done torturing him yet. *cries*
Aidan: Grim you asshole, you really left me to deal with my crying husband?!

Almost halfway there. Sweet.

And Sly is working on his LTW, I don't even know how many this is for him.

So I decided to try and get Aidan to be a good he has to work his way through Neutral. Emmett is making reagants, and Gio is just studying to max out his spell casting.

Igor is really just super adorable. I don't know how I am ever going to pick an heir.

Well with money not being an issue anymore, we hire a new butler who looks alot like Dave.

Not that it matters cuz Happy is happily knocked up again (you see what I did there?)

Ummm Sly, that is just plain nasty.

More cute family pictures. Aidan and Emmett being adorable and a poker game of brothers.

Well, Sly now has max skills. Now he should be happy for a while.

OK. Happy wins at a chance card, but I always choose the same option. How dare someone sue their mother for that?!

So Ronan is a townie that was randomly created and I decided to keep him. After all, the Simpsons aren't pixel_trade.

Emmett wants to be a celebrity chef. Emmett doesn't eat, why would he wanna be a cook?

Fox comes home with Dragon Snort Glittergaze, a la simtasia. I think I love him. It looks like Ian does anyway.

Dragon Snort: You should be careful who you make friends with...
Fox: He's in good hands, I'll leave now.

Dragon Snort: The friends you meet online may be as huge as a sumo wrestler and want to have their way with you.
Ian: That actually sounds insightful, but sometimes you meet hott people.
Me: You tell him Ian!! *no I'm not at all prejudice* take a peek

Happy just couldn't take the hottness and passed out. Hey I faired better than she did.

Aidan, why are you not in your crypt like i told you, and if you need to pee...GO PEE.

So Craig Dorsey calls up and Sly is at work, so sorry, no he isn't coming to the phone.

Here's headmaster number two...Now let's try this again.

We use Mr Mickles at the start to get the schmooze points. It works alot better with a romance sim than a fortune sim.

Look Fox, I'm sorry that kissing the headmaster made you uncomfortable and all, but it worked. The kids got in.

Igor had himself a birthday, and OMG he's precious.

Emmett: OMG! She's smothering him. He will never grow up to be evil.
Me: Dude, Iago is the evil one. Igor loves the attention.

What better way to celebrate a birthday and to show off for new neighbors, than to put plates through your husband's head.

Dominick doesn't look enthused to be playing poker with his niece and her husband. Im sorry Dom, but your kids just weren't as interesting.

Emmett: So I show him love, like play with him?
Me: Yes and he smiles and your heart melts. I knew i should have made you a good warlock.

Awww Igor's laughter has brought Emmett's warm heart back.

Igor: Gwampa funny!

Harlequin is feeding a drug habit, thats why Iago is starving. Sorry, but it happens.

Sly: You know your Uncle Drake is pretty damn hott.
Happy: *stares*

Griffin: Oh, did anyone see this. I can't have anyone see that I can't cook.

Really? These Freetime cards suck ass. I don't think I have ever gotten it right.

Why does everyone call while Sly is at work? Seriously, how can he maintain friendships?

Someone's gears aren't working? Gear depervation? Really? Anyone ever gotten this?

OK, I'm getting annoyed at the fact that none of you can seem to find the toiler. Its even worse that its right in FRONT of you.

Harlequin: Bubblegum, what's up? I hear you are a dad now. Congrats, how does it feel? Don't they just grow up so fast?

Fox's senility has just gone overboard now. He just wants to clean everything.

Griffin: Why can't one of our kids get engaged? I'd love to see them get married before I get old.
Harlequin: They just haven't found the right person dear. They weren't as lucky as us.

OK you are her friend now, can we send fuggo home now...she scares me.

And to fill Sly's lifetime want, we make best friends with Emmett. Thats right, Emmett is friend number 20. Now to get Happy's done.

Well buying and selling community lots should be easy enough to get that money.

POOF! Done! I should have just done that to start with. And Happy agrees with me, or else why would she have that face on her?

Emmett: Hey, can you go home now instead of sleeping at our house? *Get the fuck out you money grubbing bitch*

Happy's new LTW...gee I haven't seen this one before. NOT!

After a quick bang, Happy goes into labor.

and attracts the neighbors apparently. This isn't a floor show people.

Well She gave birth to a baby boy, Ireland, who is a genetic clone of Iago. Not happening.

Damn right i got her ass pregnant and birth with the insim. I want a damn girl. Which i did. Say Hi to genetic clone of her mother, named Ivy. How about some variety people? I did wind up getting her pregnant and birthing again, but its an Iago and Ireland clone named Irving.

I decided that since Aidan wouldn't do anything in the house anyway. He is now jobless and can spend his day in his coffin.

You will NOT yell at the babies for going in their diapers! That is what babies do!

Who's ready to pick an heir for looks? Cuz I so far can't pick an heir yet.

Uncle Giovanni and Grandpa here help train Igor to live life in the grown up world. Walking, talking and pottying can be quite the hassel.

And we end as I have Randy repaint one of the heir portraits. I wanted to see if they could come out a little better, but we will just have to wait and see.

So that is the Simpsons for now I do have to finish playing the IDKs before you can have an update, but I'm off on friday so that will be nice. I honestly can't even think of anything else right now
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