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sorry guys for my lack of updates but alot has come up right now

- my manager at work is being an evil bitch and is now telling me what i can say outside of work...needless to say im not a very happy camper at work right now
- sims got corrupted on my hard drive so i had to delete it, and then when i tried to install it all over again Uni kept having an updter error and cant be installed.

needless to say im not very happy right now

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*hugs* I know Nett had the same problem with her installation on her pc and the only solution is to keep trying to install until it works *headdesk*

WTF at your boss telling you what you can say outside of work?!

Ugh.. I'm sorry. I had a boss like that too, she'd even troll the net looking to "catch" people.

I had the installation problem with Seasons (I think), and had to keep installing & reinstalling it. It finally worked!

what do you mean what you cant say outside of work

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