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The IDK Legacy 5.5

Last time, there was a whole bunch of stuff that happened. We saw the births of DNA, DNC and ASL IDK respectively, who all became toddlers. DNW sprouted ears and a mohawk, instantly making him a front runner for heir. IMHO actually turned into an adult after postponing it for 2 days. We ended off with IMHO getting pregnant by Arthnír Moore, and LOL having an affair on her hott husband with his brother, Deimos Randolph.

To start off with, I get lucky enough to get the tombstones lost on this lot we need to fix this.

And well, this time I can bring back EVERYONE.

See what i mean by everyone...this lot is fuller than full.

And its time for them all to die again. Hey I only brought them back to get the graves.

And well, since they all DIED wherever they were, i thought they should be able to keep their platinum graves.

See it looks all pretty now!

Adorable toddler picture...Its only here because i am turning it into a picture in my game.

These two are really close, If they weren't flagged as family, I would have gotten very nervous.

Meanwhile, RTFM is being a nerd by spending all of her time online. I bet she's posting to LJ.

And well I guess for RTFM, life would suck being the middle child and all. Well at least the middle child of the interactables.

But that will quickly change. *cackles evilly*

Well for the first time EVER for me, A damn Freetime card that I actually won at!!

And IMHO gets himself a limo to go to work now.

Oh, and his LTW while we're at it.

So the week's been amazing huh? Nothing like puking your guts out to make it be amazing.

Ooh, What a great want. WE MUST DO THIS!

But DAMMIT! there is of course no Adventurer career today.

Awww I'm sorry but I am so partial to DNW, even if he is looking a bit drugged up today.

OK What the hell Calcium xie_belle?! This family has never been to Uni, why are you kicking over their trashcan.

Eros: Say there kiddo, Do you wanna become part of my experiment?
Random Townie Kid: Is this bitch for real?!

Birthday Spam, and GEEZ could I have anymore birthdays?

*must finish toddler skilling* Hey theres no excuse for this family, its not an ISBI.

But NSFW grew up, she's pretty too.

Go figure...she wants to be a slut too.

*pop* goes the belly.

Time to grow up everyone else now.

ASAP's stats. Hey he doesn't wanna be a slut.

and a belly rub. I barely catch them if they even happen, so dammit you will like them too.

NSFW dances with her little cousin DND.

AWOL dances with her daddy to an audience. LOL LOTP.

DNW here is being all adorable playing with RTFM i think.

The new toddlers. ASL, DNC and DNA in that order.

And the teen madeover ASAP. Now doesn't he look all yummy.

Eros: Look I know you didn't go to college and all, but I did go. You are carrying my nephew aren't you?
LOL: He knows I'm having a baby.

Me: Not the sharpest tack in the box people.

So she leaves him to pee, and to see how the Yankees did last nite. Y athey were bad, but tonite we can see Dandy Andy Pettite.

James, on the other hand, is clueless that the baby isn't his. They hump like rabbits, why does he even have to think about questioning it.

The swoon triangle...except LOL is barking up the WRONG tree. I think I need a straight heir next generation. All the pretty women and no one wants them.

Though seriously, with hotties like Dragon Snort Glittergaze simtasia who can resist using the men?

IMHO: Thanks for lunch LOL, you can't believe how hungry I am?

Oh I think she may have a clue.
Anteros:I'd be here for her if it wasn't for my jackass of a brother.
IMHO: Where the hell is Eros, that jackass.
LOL: *dies*

Dragon Snort: *I really am sexy enough for this family*
IMHO: Please don't take my sister death.
Everyone else: *cries*

IMHO: YES! I rock!
Eros: I smell.
Dragon Snort: Why is no one paying attention to me?!

And with that sentiment, LOL comes back to life to become one with the table.

And with her renewed zest for life, LOL works to make ammends with her husband...though really, sleeping with his brother is kinda disturbing, unless you are in a soap opera.

The teens have taken over the teaching, since the adults seem to pre-occupied to do anything else.

Like flirt and *pop*

IMHO: Say baby, wanna see if there's any truth to sex inducing labor.
James: I thought you'd never ask.

Or you know, go teach the toddlers some skills.

Hott Gardener: Since the weather is changing, I'm going to reduce the amount of days I come.
LOL: Oh no you don't asshole, we pay you for a schedule, and your ass is keeping to that schedule.

Me: She is a bit vicious with her zest for life.

And then for no reason, James decides he is going to be an asshole to ASAP. This family is damn psycho lemme tell you.

ASAP: Dad, I'm going to fucking gut your husband.
IMHO: Thats nice, just make sure you don't make too much of a mess.

Some interlude from the violence. Toddler teaching is always calming, unless you get sims with fucking ADD like me.

AWOL: *Is she mastering the skill of sluttery?*
Me: No i think your uncle has mastered that skill too well.

Headmaster time, ASAP had the want *shrugs*

Headmaster: At our school, we promote freedom of expression, Fuck that peace and diplomacy shit!
ASAP: So you don't mind that I will kill my stepfather?

Sexy birth time!

And we have a cute little girl, with Arthnír's eyes, and a mix tone. Her name is AKA.

And then RTFM decided she wanted to enter hormone world.

Oh yay! another fortune sim...well i have a ton more choices.

Sorry Eros, that isn't your baby. You don't even have one on the way.

Oh this should be interesting...Gordon finally had enough of the cheating.

Oh and apparently RTFM has issues with homosexuality. Poor girl is so not going to be happy living in this house.

This picture doesn't need anymore of an explanation. There is just simply too much going on.

ASAP: OMG! You are still doing it. We don't need anymore family members.
Me: But there are so many more sims to impregnate him.

LOL then decides why not become Japan and deal with overcrowding.

Meet DNK, a red haired green eyed little boy of Deimos's seed. Kinda scary isn't it.

Ok, so overcrowded is a bit of an understatement.

A bit more toddler training is needed. She actually had the want for one of her kids.

DNW has decided to have some bonding time with his stepfather. Say it with me...Awwww.

OK ASAP decided to bring home I think BJ Lutzen, I did change a few more sims into teens.

And poor Gordon has finally decided to go find GTFO...I guess seeing IMHO cheating on him broke his heart.

OK why is everything getting left to NSFW?

So with the baby's birth, we need to get moving. There is still a ton more sims to bang.

Off to rikkulidea's HOOPLA, to find hopefully one of her sims.

All we found there was Jared Drunkenmiller, and I thought of getting him for a notch in the bedpost...except that they are related, so I quickly moved to the next lot.

At Spark!, we run into Spandex Vendetta Glittergaze, looking awfully dreamy.

We also see SUZI SOWHUT, Clive Dork and STFU IDK...Wow i think someone needs to be aged.

But the Evil Warlock showed up and well quite frankly, I need to marry him in somewhere cuz he's hott. But for now...He's good for a date.

Its good to know that Logan agrees with my statement.

OK, So IMHO is getting famous for being a whore...thats always something you want to have, remember Easy A, IMHO.

I guess he doesn't care that he's the town whore...He's led on more guys than GTFO, thats pretty whorish.

I get it Spandex Vendetta, you are need to run around in a speedo for me to notice you.

SUZI: Look, I don't know who taught you to apply make-up, but seriously, you look like a clown.
Calcium: Ya, There is looking cool and looking a fool.
Townie: At least I get action, not like you two do.

Dude, two hotties just graced my presence. Brent Deline rikkulidea (sweet) and Hsigo Mythos tinykat.

IMHO So if you get the ball past me, you can sleep with me, and if I block it, I can sleep with you.
Hsigo: Um how about we just play for fun.

IMHO: *sad panda*

Well, While IMHO finds Brent irresistable, as do I, Brent doesn't feel the same way. But here's a good look at niloublue Celeste Nelson.

Brent: Look, I'm sorry i was so abrupt, but I have my eyes out for another guy.
IMHO: Its ok, I'll find someone else.

So off to the Kiddie Castle, and we find Nick Laurince.

And Norah Deline is here too. Well I love her to death, so its good to have her around.

This however is not a good thing. Bad Norah, not going to happen.

Dude, Norah is a fucking creeper,

A biiiig fucking creeper.

and then there is Dementia Glittergaze.

Arthnír also happened to stop by, and we gotta keep this relationship up.

Since Arthnír would NOT leave, we go on by to King's Garden. Kelly Drunkenmiller is barking up the wrong tree, seriously, He isn't even remotely interested in girls. States Lutzen also makes an appearance.

Well look who came out to the lot. Dale Forest. I wonder if he is still into IMHO.

Well I guess he is, but Issey Emery and Platinum Element have decided they wanna hang out with the gays..Hi fag hags.

OK so now we know why the girls haven't moved in, they are fucking creepy. Were off to another lot.

Back to HOOPLA, and we get to see FML having a breakdown...i guess FML is screaming FML.

More Randolphs stop by, namely Nyx and Adestria.

a bit of networking,

and a free date. Sweet I love you Nyx...I bet its like Hermes or Asklepios.

Or it could be my guy i havent posted for my Person below me challenge...we need Quinkie blood, so come on over Nick.

Some photobooth loving for him...much to Adrestia's displeasure.

OK the Glittergazes are not that new to this hood, WHY is all of them popping up...mind you that this is 4 out of the 5 I have in the hood.

and Michael Charvat, Daaaamn he's hott. We will see about him next baby.

Spiderspaz got into a brawl with another P_T townie...but for the life of me I can't remember who it is.

Not that it stopped IMHO from getting what he wanted. He got into Nick's pants again. He had a hot tub woohoo want.

And that would be the end of their date. Its always a dream with IMHO.

- I finally fixed the problem with my game, so i can play again.
- The Hunters have a small update butI can't find nice purple furniture for the next generation. Any ideas where to look guys?
- I have more sims to still add to the neighborhood...but i have no idea how many more kids there will be.
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