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Kingbee Challenge #8

Well as I promised, there is a new picture of me. Aren't I adorable?

So I told Christina Aguilera that those pink shoes are ugly, and then her husband left her

He's so passionate about celebrities, I think he's on crack

I think I scared him

Say good looking, would you wanna go out with me?

Sure why not?

So I guess I'm a bit obsessed, aren't I?

I guess he isn't complaining.

I guess it was a good time for everyone involved.

And birth time. This time, the theme is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. LOL i found it very fitting that Percy Jackson falls onto the MYTHos.

Download Percy Mythos-Andrews

Download Annabeth Mythos-Andrews

Download Luke Mythos-Andrews

Download Nico Mythos-Andrews

Download Connor Mythos-Andrews

Download Travis Mythos-Andrews

Download Beckendorf Mythos-Andrews

Download Ethan Mythos-Andrews

Download Michael Mythos-Andrews

Download Grover Mythos-Andrews

And some bonus pictures:

So I was determined to have a damn girl! I wanted an Annabeth.

All of them wanted my attention, and actually crowded the stairs.

So this is cute. See in the book, Connor and Travis (these two) are actually brothers. I found it extra adorable...sue me.

And while I was trying to get to know everyone, Arthnír and Argon decided that they were gonna get it on.

If you'd like a sim of yours used...just comment :)

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lil_pixiedevil October 24th, 2010
My, my! What a lot of sons you have! I don't think I've ever seen a streak last that long XD

kingmike1224 January 30th, 2011
LOL well i was actually hoping for some girls because I have a ton of girl names from the book i coulda used but it happens.

(Deleted comment)
kingmike1224 January 30th, 2011
Haha well it helps that Hsigo was so hott to help make the babies.

racetrackd October 30th, 2010
My neighborhood is gonna explode from all the sims but I definitely want some of these guys in my hood! Thank you!! They're so pretty [: Your selfsim is quite the looker too xD

kingmike1224 January 30th, 2011
Haha thanks...your hood has quite a few hotties yourself...some have already made it into my game..and dont worry when you get some more up I will be using one of yours.

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