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Kingbee Challenge #8

Well as I promised, there is a new picture of me. Aren't I adorable?

So I told Christina Aguilera that those pink shoes are ugly, and then her husband left her

He's so passionate about celebrities, I think he's on crack

I think I scared him

Say good looking, would you wanna go out with me?

Sure why not?

So I guess I'm a bit obsessed, aren't I?

I guess he isn't complaining.

I guess it was a good time for everyone involved.

And birth time. This time, the theme is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. LOL i found it very fitting that Percy Jackson falls onto the MYTHos.

Download Percy Mythos-Andrews

Download Annabeth Mythos-Andrews

Download Luke Mythos-Andrews

Download Nico Mythos-Andrews

Download Connor Mythos-Andrews

Download Travis Mythos-Andrews

Download Beckendorf Mythos-Andrews

Download Ethan Mythos-Andrews

Download Michael Mythos-Andrews

Download Grover Mythos-Andrews

And some bonus pictures:

So I was determined to have a damn girl! I wanted an Annabeth.

All of them wanted my attention, and actually crowded the stairs.

So this is cute. See in the book, Connor and Travis (these two) are actually brothers. I found it extra adorable...sue me.

And while I was trying to get to know everyone, Arthnír and Argon decided that they were gonna get it on.

If you'd like a sim of yours used...just comment :)
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