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The Hunter Awesimsauce ISBI 1.2

Last time with the Hunters, we re-met Drew, the oldest of the Drunkenmillers who decided that he needed to be in the limelight. He moved out from his parents and changed his name so people wouldn't know who he was. While he was spouse hunting, we found out that Brent Deline of rikkulidea fame was very much into him. Drew proved that even the smart people can be idiots by passing out twice. He eventually met his perfect match in Élchiril Moore, also of rikkulidea fame. They had an awesome wedding party and last we saw, they were trying to have a baby.

SO let's rejoin the happy newly married couple, don't they just look thrilled to be married?

Haha, she's ready to go back into the sack. Damn girl, you don't need to ride him til next Sunday you know.

OK so maybe she does o.0

Haha someone thinks she may be pregnant. Really?! Are you shitting me with this one?

LOL now she does what 3 bolters do...stalks her man til the day he leaves her.

Wow first a spongebath in the kitchen, now getting the mail in your underwear. You really are a class act Élchiril.

I am so hungry, I know that this is a fridge and all but I'm hungry.

So she can't go to work because she can't feed herself...Ya this legacy is so going to last long.

Oh hunny, thank you so much for the omlette. I don't know why I've been so hungry.

It's because you're pregnant. I'm a doctor, I should know.

LOL Why am I not surprised that this message popped up. She doesn't have vacation...go figure.

Damn it Drew...didn't your mother ever tell you to not pet cats with stripes on their back?

No she was to busy screwing the neighborhood


All showered and ready to go to work

Shit! You are leaving that idiot home alone?! Really?!

Wow well at least she found the toilet, maybe this won't be so bad after all?

And wow she even knows how to work the fridge, maybe it won't be that bad after all.

OMG! Drew was right. I am pregnant!

Remember people she's not supposed to be the sharpest tack in the box.

Yes hunny, I am getting plenty of bed rest, and I'm eating ok. Will you please go back to work, I'm trying to nap

Well I guess someone heard Drew and his care on the phone, and decided he would be a better GP then what he was. Sweet!

He came home and snuggled his wife...Awww <3

So Drew has had the want to befriend Levi Roberts since he was a kid, so i figure why not let him finally become friends.

So that's the mother of my future niece or nephew.


She looks stoned


Or maybe she was just tired? I mean she didn't even finish her burger.

So I decided that this family needed some drama...Sooo Drew called up Brent.

Who of course was super happy to come see Drew, I mean he is like in love with Drew.

Élchiril wakes up just in time to pop...

and catch her husband cheating on her in the hot tub. Whoops.

While Brent decides that he can't have an affair with a married man, Él decides she needs to pee on the grass...I swear she is like the perfect wife isn't she? /sarcasm

and then she passes out just for good measure. I guess she's an idiot for a reason.

So wanna go hit the town?

Drew, you are married to a woman. I will not take a back seat to anyone.

Now Drew is all fuck my life because he got shot down by his mistress (is it a mistress if it's a guy?)

SO Drew decides he needs to cook to help him get over it. LIke all heartbroken girls, he goes for food...REALLY!?! WTF is wrong with this family?

Well we know Él isn't the only class act at least. BUt Drew at least does it in his house, and not strutting the streets in his underwear.

Ya Danilo, I have no idea what I should do, how should I make it upto Él? I mean she can't really go out because she's like 7 months pregnant.

You don't say, really?

Ya I wish i knew what he said too.

Él came down for some food, but apparently was too tired to finish eating. Poor girl just has no will to live.

But wakes up in time to give birth. Of course I picked random.

It's a boy with his mom's grey eyes and I believe her black hair...His name is Indigo (to go with the generation color)

YAY! Baby!

Baby, meet will get along just fine.

Then Einstein Él goes ahead and eats some spoiled food, and gets sick. Good job there.

Oh then she passes out in the food...That's even better! Moron.

So this is where I decided that they needed a new house...and its craptastic. It's allso the sight of our little home business.

What's that asshole doing here?

Listen, just because he doesn't wanna be a homewrecker doesn't make him an asshole.

Even Él gets along with him, and thats with her seeing you cheat with him. But Drew is off to work leaving the new business in the hands of someone with the brain of a child...and the baby. Good Luck to us.

Aphrodite decides to talk up the scary townie bitch with too much makeup on about cooking. Maybe it should be about applying make up a lil less, or rinsing it off.

Aaron Magnolia radiationpoison decides he needs to come to the lot and piss everyone off...Maybe I'll get a fight *hopes*

Shane Roberts leenyland and a townie exchange greetings as they run from each other.

Drew is just racking up the promotions these days, though it really did help that he had all skills maxed reaching adulthood. But ya i don't waste money on games so that other pop-up needs to go byebye.

Hunny I am so sorry I decided to have an affair, I don't know what came over me.

Just don't let it happen again...especially with another man.

Well there definitely are some yummy men around. Dallas Simpson, I believe that Yael Francis is from selzi,

Alejandro Valenzula music_simbol and Rafe Roberts leenyland just to name a few.

But there are also pretty women walking around the neighborhood, like Nagini Mythos tinykatsims

Funny story about this young lady, She was a nanny who I actually liked, so I reverted her back to a teen so i can use her in something hopefully.

And to round out this trip of townies is Spandex Vendetta Glittergaze simtasia and Snorri Sowhut leenyland Yes I have alot of guys in this neighborhood and alot of Leenyland's...sue me.

I think Él is not happy having food poisoning. Its like being pregnnat without the pleasant afterward.

LOL Dementia Glittergaze just decided to pop up now.

Why is the baby on the floor?

His mother said something about hanging out with his best friend then put him down...

This house is full of nut jobs isn't it

Oh hey Amethyst Lutzen simfinite, you may just wanna run past the property and not stop til you hit Canada, k?

Helllo, I need a shower.

Is this bitch for real, that's just disgusting.

Drew comes home from work FAT and comes across Dragon Snort Glittergaze and Einstein Brilliantcat paying for entry...It kinda makes their house seem like a crack house the way the people are looking.

WOW, do I really wanna grow up the baby into a toddler in this nut bet I do :p

What the fuck is wrong with your wife? Is she just a fucking basket case or something.

Captain Zap, what are you doing here

Hey Danilo, ya i scared the shit out of this guy who was just complaining about the house.

Well if he wants to complain he should find a therapist and not rant to me.

Oh right I am the owner. Oh well i lost a customer.

Hsigo Mythos tinykatsims tries to befriend a townie who i don't care about.

Where are the scrubbing brushes that are supposed to come out of the drain and scrub my shower?

Townie bitch, I would just run away. Go pee in the woods.

What the hell is wrong with you?! I think you should be committed.

Why does everyone keep saying that to me?

She won't mind if i steal her dinner

Mmmm Michael Peet-IDK is strutting his sexy self around here.

Ahhh Crap! Aaron is here...hopefully he picks on ugly there...DO.NOT.WANT.

SHIT!! Please please no...the kid may turn out crazy and like bi polar into cannibalism or something.

Those are the faces of sexually satisfied people...DAMN IT!

Well at least she knows about it earlier in the damn trimester. But look at the pigsty of the house. Is there any wonder why I get complaints.

You need to do something about that screwball of a wife of yours. She keeps getting in my way while I'm trying to take care of the baby.

I'm sorry, I just don't know what to do with her.

LOL Oh ya, and poor Indigo has to deal with being glitched and not being able top be grown up...did I forget top mention that?

But after a force error, I manage to get him aged...and well now to try to make him over into purple.

Awww adorable!! *pinches cheeks*

Here he is all purply. I think hes adorable...and he has elf ears.

Ummm ewww I think you should really clean that Él.

Oh so now what, your excuse for being a disgusting pig is going to be that you're pregnant?

I try to be sane, just act insane to scare people away.

Wow is she really just smart enough to fool everyone, me included?

I really can't understand Spandex Vendetta? Why continue coming here if you think Él is disgusting.

I wanna see what she'll do next.

Oh is this the crazy house? (Mim Starling tinykatsims)

Nevaeh was just hoping to get a bit of motherly attention, since she will never be a mother for now.

Even Dallas is getting some action. Albeit from an ugly ugly man, but its still action.

Let's see what she does when i put her kid here in the puddle. I bet she goes batshit and yells at the fence or something.

Ok you people are just reaching now.

Drew and Él actually are cooking for their guests.

Who include a new face to the house..Cordate Mikelisryker. She doesn't seem very happy to be in this house.

Uh oh...what's wrong Él?

I kjnow you're pregnant....wait you aren't far along enough to be in labor?!

Ahh, just some cramping...Drew orderred her to bedrest. I guess it is a good thing being married to a doctor.

Drew decides to take a sick day to make sure that Él is ok before going back to work, which i probably would do too.

He cooks up some nice eggs for Él for breakfast.

Then goes fishing to have some fish for lunch (remember, he does have a gold fishing badge).

So Drew is a slob, and all three of them need a bath badly...but yet only one manages to get a bath, greeeeeat.

Then Él decides after thats done, she needs to go to the kitchen to pee on the floor. I...I just don't even know if she's faking or not anymore.

STOP! Labor time. /lame joke

And I leave you with the birth of twin boys, Top baby is Eggplant who has green eyes, bottom baby is Mulberry with grey eyes

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