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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 1.2

Last time, I was completely disrespected by our founder Victoria simpurity. All because she was super pissy about being locked out of her house for a week, well it sucks to be her. She decided to leave random strangers on her lawn, including the very sexy Dean Fry simnels. She ventured to the park where she met some Simpsons, Dionysus and Hera Randolph rikkulidea, Liam Roberts and TOWNIE SPAWNER leenyland, Marcus Ross simnels again, and Lucky Von Prism radiationpoison. She managed to get a date with Hera because she is as dumb as bricks, and they went out to a pub where we came across Issey Emery (simrenity), TOWNIE and Dionysus again. She decided to have her way with a few men and a woman and subsequently got pregnant. When we left, Dean had moved in and she was very heavily pregnant.

Well its good to know that Dean hasn't moved in the god knows how long ago I had played this lot. But its all about to change...

Cuz someone is in labor

This shit hurts like hell.

See what I mean about Hera's stupidity.

Random of course because I live dangerously. (note: The generations won't actually change until the heir takes over officially)

And we have one single boy, named Paddington. He has his mothers' eyes and Hera's brown hair...yes Paddington is Hera's kid...I don't have very high hopes.

The baby is a work of art.

That's nice, want some grilled cheese, hon, before I eat it all.

Victoria is actually a very decent mother, and not at all smothering the baby that was asleep. And Dean has gotten some better underwear than Maxis.

Though keeping it on is a bit of a chore, these two have got to be exhibitionists or something, I would never get that naked in public.

Babe, How bout i give you my sex bomb

Tee hee sure.

*looks away very awkwardly*

But awww look at the cute!!!! *resists taking multiple pictures*

Dean is growing on having the outdoor everything, coming from a house that had like 2 mill cash to this has got to be like culture shock or something.

What I just like being naked

I don't care, I get to cook what I want, and he doesn't say anything.

Has Hera's stupidity gone that far, that fast?

Dean, though, is a wonderful father figure to Paddy. He feeds him, changes diapers, the whole bit.

Though when he can, he sleeps when the baby can. He's unemployed after all...for now.

Haha, so i kinda made sure Dean walks around alot in his can thank me later.

But he does find 2 maps...the 2 that Victoria was actually missing...though the dumb box closed as i was taking this...They dug on this hole quite alot without hitting anything.

Dean does have to keep friends to help out right now, which means greeting the walk-bys as they come...but I swear I need to wipe out the hang loose, its like the fucking plague...everyone does it.

And of course...all of his old roomies that are now townies do call to keep up with him as well. How they got the number though, well I have no idea....stalkers.

Victoria does happen to come home with a promotion though, which does help go towards a house fund...right now they still only have the box of a bathroom that no one can get into anyway.

And she does find a map, so I guess where their first vacation will be if they get one.

Victoria took a nap, only for me to wake her ass up to go greet David Peet...cuz he rocks..and was totally my choice for Peet heir way back when. (Ask dothesmustle if shes still alive that is)

Dude you are banging hott

Apparently...Damn is she a whore, who knew grilled cheese sims had it in them? (it does kinda look romantic though)

Well apparently we will be having a new addition to the house soon...Just to let you guys know...its still week one (i think this was thursday or friday...i can't remember)

Dean however has to make sure his territory is marked. Poor townie guy has no shot.

Don't fucking try to tickle me, I don't know you! *seeths*

I'm...I'm sorry

I wonder what he would do if he found out that I slept with David

Dumb bitch, he was on the lot, he knows you slept with David

Don't call me dumb you asshole

Seriously...I'm still being disrespected by her, and she's a mother.

Wait til my kid can talk, I'll teach him to hate your guts too


Remember to flush when you're done hurling honey

I'm gonna kill him.

God, please don't tell me that I'm pregnant again.

So soon you'll be a fat dumb bitch then. >:D Revenge is sweet.

And nothing happened the following day apparently...cuz it's now Paddy's birthday. I invited over his other mother, and Dionysus cuz well...he still hasn't banged her drum at all.

Here's a before pic...right after transition...I just couldn't deal with that look.

Starving Victoria, has to get a piece of cake before she can have any interaction with Paddy..poor kid is gonna get neglected, isn't he?

IN the middle of the party, Happy calls Victoria for a chat...Umm no she can't come to the phone right back later.

Then she starts macking on Dionysus...Its your kids birthday, your boyfriend is there...and Paddy's other mother who is also Dionysus's aunt. Doesn't this just sound like a Springer show waiting to happen?

Oh someone is getting upset by the lack of affection for him. Look at that face...he's gonna gut someone isn't he?

And just for everyone's Paddy's new look...*pinches cheeks*

Paddy no, bite that hand. He's evil.

D: I am not evil. I state the obvious.

Paddy, the tickle monster is coming to get you.


Well she may be a dumb bitch, but she isn't neglecting good on her. She gets an A in parenting

I better you pain in the ass

You know your girlfriend slept with me, and she's about to sleep with my nephew right?

She wouldn't sleep with him at Paddy's party, she's too good to do that

No but she'll strip in front of him and take a shower...I think she has other priorities.

Like showing off she's expecting.

and sleeping with Dionysus...but looks like someone got caught *pops popcorn*

I can't slap a pregnant woman who passes out on the ground after cheating on me.

Why not?

She's already pitiful enough

I guess you can tell I'm pregnant, right?

Yup, you know I'm still here because I care about Paddy right? You need to earn my forgiveness.

I guess I Deserve that.

Paddy, I'm going to take you away to Disney World when you're old enough.

*Buy me a xylophone and we'll call it even*

Dean does stay up all night to teach Paddy how to talk though, he really does love that child.

I guess he decided that the kids do need a father figure or something, cuz he forgave her very quickly.

ANd he decided that he needed to get out a bit more, so now he has a job. And in Eductation because, DAMNIT I want the bookcase!

*I'm on maternity leave, and Dean is sleeping...I wonder if i could call up Dionysus for some fun*

And apparently she did. Just as Dean is waking up...good timing on your part Victoria.

A lil lower there D, these pains won't go away.

Sunday went by without much going on...Dean played with Paddy, and Victoria's pregnancy sucked ass, made her sleepy and hungry...she didn't even get to hang with Dionysus very much.

Then Monday came around, and I decided that at 6 am, a new challenge can be rolled...This week is Victoria has to max charisma...feasible..challenge accepted.

And with all their earnings, and the money Dean moved in with....We made a house loosely off a floor plan I found. I couldn't do the actual plan cuz then i woulda had to level some beach and quite frankly I was no doing that.

So this grilled cheese sandwich I had the other day had some ba-

Will you shut up about the damn grilled cheese, I want to talk to you about the damn baby you're carrying!

Chance card for Dean...and Victoria can't believe Dionysus doesn't wanna talk about grilled cheese...such a fucking travesty I tell you.

Dean decides to bring home a cute red-head from work....Fawn Simpson..who gives Dionysus a damn stare down. She has got to know somethings up. WHile she glares the fuck out of Dionysus, Dean gets a call from Illusion Von Prism...probably rattling on and on about his date with Sylvester Simpson.

Illusion i really don't about how big Sly is in bed, I'm into tita and ass...and my girlfriends are huge.

Well ya she's pregnant.

Victoria decides that for the quick 5 minutes she isn't in some sort of distress, she should at least start the damn challenge. By the way...fall flew past with like no skilling on her part...Charisma from scratch...FML

Look bitch, Dean didn't pick you up in the red light district, so you better not think about sleeping with him.

Why, you've been whoring yourself up pretty good in front of him

You'll need an ambulance if you even try to sleep with him.

Hi old dude, no I am not going out with you, I'm very heavily pregnant, please go away.

Dionysus is still at the house, being an awesome father...I'm saddened that I didn't even think about him as a spouse or anything...but hey, the Simpsons could always use him.

And one of the damn adults didn't like the fucking sand cast6le...but i don't know which one.

So the time came where, we needed a nanny...I don't know if i should fear for poor Paddy.

And the new she tracks Dean's schedule.

Dean rushes right in to be with Victoria...while Dionysus decides to see if she's ok from across the house...really Dionysus?

Random of course...I like to live dangerously you know. Have you not seen the IDK house...actually I haven't been in that house in a while...but hey it's how my rotation goes.


Fuck me sideways...triplets in a house that couldn't even get Paddy fully trained with two functional parents. By the way...all three are have got to be kidding me with the fucking testosterone. All of their names mean something to me.

Victoria is holding Kew Gardens...Kew Gardens is a town/city in my county by which my mom actually worked in. The first time I went to London and saw this, I took a picture of the sign Kew Gardens just for her.

Dean here is holding North Wembley. If i remember correctly, cuz there are two Wembley stops, this is the stop I got off at when we took the Tube to Wembley Arena the first time I went to London to see Westlife, my favorite band ever.

And the poor guy on the floor is Seven Sisters. Now this one really bothers me cuz it popped into my head as something that was told to me. I don't remember if it was from my mom or from my friend, but the name stuck in my head for some reason, and my friend said that it has no significance to her, so Mom musta said something about it and I can't remember. Now you know a little about me LOL.

No seriously you two...stop you have 4 other kids in the house, I don't need more!

I hate you! >:(

The poor nanny is even being could also be from the fact that both parents are at work...Victoria better get a promotion to help with the damn bills and kids.

Poor Paddy is even getting sick and tired of the mess and drinking sour milk...

though this nanny is actually competent for the most part...color me surprised.

Excuse me bitch, what the fuck do you think you're doing

Oooh they are selling a violin through the paper

Bitch get the fuck up and clean up after the damn house...I'm not paying for you to read.

Ok so nanny is definitely missing brain cells...the changing table is right there...but why use it when you can just throw the diaper on the floor....will she clean up after herself or not...find out next time.

So I will try my hardest to actually update better...ive been playing forever just not updating...I have the Hunters played all the way to an heir poll, and I have this house played right now til Paddy is a teen. Hopefully I will get the Simpsons updated by the weekend.
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