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The Simpson Legacy 9.4

So..Oh god what the hell did happen last time? I remember Sylvester being a whore and getting together with Illusion Von Prism. Emmett wanted a family reunion which consisted of everyone from Drake and Drew all the way to his grandkids...there were like 40 people at the damn party. A very pregnant Victoria Pimlico was dancing at the party, and Giovanni killed a headmaster for getting glitched and rejecting the kids from private school. Happy and Sylvester both got their LTW and Happy gave birth to 3 more kids: Ireland, Irving and Ivy.

Family shot...maybe someone could have oh i dunno...taken on of the damn kids from poor Happy.

When I left Randy, he was painting, when i resumed, he was still better be damn good Randy.

Happy was entertaining Sly's friend while Emmett and Aidan were snuggling on the couch,

and Griffin and Harlequin were going at it.

Giovanni was stalking prey and Sly is telling him a joke? Where are the kids you ask?

Ian was practicing on the piano in front of his great great grandparents,

And Iago was skilling...hey he can't be an evil genius with no skills.

And Igor was playing with the bunny while the trips slept away.

Then the lot lagged like i made the saddest decision ever.

The vampires were off to live somewhere else...permanently.

Bye Uncle Giovanni...thanks for helping to raise my sons.

So Randy finished the painting finally...I dunno I think the original was better so i kept it.

STOP HAVING KIDS DAMNIT!! You have 6 already.

So OK, they all have birthdays practically...but still, I don't wanna prolong this anymore.

Ian grew up beautifully, to be a fortune sim just like his momma.

Unfortunately, there were other surprises at hand...if I knew this maybe I wouldn't have moved out the vampires.

And everyone starts to bawl...even the guest that Happy was entertaining.

But i don't wanna go, I can't feel the pleasures of sex in the afterlife.

You have gotten numerous STDs from sleeping around, you should have died years ago.

Somehow I am not surprised that he left stuff to 47 people, I'm surprised that Gage is on the list though.

I bet Fox died screwing this asshole!! I'm gonna murder him

Nope he's gonna be good enough for a spouse.

Ahh the pain goes away with the money...Not like they actually needed it or anything...they now have a million liquid.

It's okay to be sad to lose him Griff, He's your dad, at least your other one is still here

Ummm about that...

It's time you join your husband in the afterlife.

I guess he died of a broken heart :(

And Griffin can't even grieve properly because he's going through "the change"

Griffin, you better say your goodbyes quick honey.

Well, this is just kind of pathetic right after Fox...Happy isn't even on the list :(.

I just can't believe it Harl, both of them in one day. Why did this have to happen?

Let's not tell him about the third death that happened today. It has to be from stress, that's all I can say.

Well the lot was laggy beyond belief even with everyone I moved them out and back into the same house with all the furniture...they lost all the pictures though. A+ parenting there Happy.

And well we do have to get started on the heir portraits again...Everyone in the house minus the kids have maxed creativity so it should be quickly redone.

And Igor post aging...I forgot that I forgot to take the picture...sue me.

The trips are being grown up now though... Lets see how they come out.

The proud grandfather holding onto Ireland. Totally adorable.

Mama here is holding Irving, also adorable.

And Ian gets to hold his little sister Ivy...adorable...Its a good load though Iago still has my heart.

Who's the pretty little girl, Goochie coo.

These two...practically inseparable.

And both, filthy damn cheaters. This should be interesting.

And, Well Ian has realized he probably won't be heir, and has turned to the booze. Poor kid doesn't handle rejection well.

Happy's spellbook was actually lost with the old house, so Happy called up the evil witch for a new spellbook...and well Ian decided to take his chance with her...she actually seems receptive to him.

He gets his first...umm kiss of boob or something? Maybe its just sex he's after.

Ahhhh...he's hungry for her ass...teenage hormones and how i've missed them.

God bitch you reek, go take a bath.

Why you little careful who you talk to like that

But i want some more sex.

Then maybe you shouldn't have insulted your sex friend.

Not that it matters, he's off to Uni...i cheated his age up to go...recently installed the age hack of Uni til 18.

What the hell, how dare you try to cheat!

Like you've never cheated.

But I never got caught! You need to play better.

Um Hi, why are you walking around in an evening gown?

Because its a beautiful dress.

While Sly was tanning, and apparently fell asleep and burned, the poor evening gown chick's gown caught on fire and she burned up I am not killing townies, why would you ask?

Tanning, well its the in thing since the fucking snowstorms WON'T. FUCKING. STOP.

Happy comes home with a promotion and Victoria Pimlico, who is heavily pregnant...or at least I think she is.

Yes, I was right...heavily pregnant.

While Griffin gets a tan, poor Harlequin gets burnt. I was wondering how the tan would look on Harlequin.

Birthday spam...geez it really does sneak up on you. Time for toddler training.

Happy gets to train Irving,

Sly gets Ireland,

and Griffin gets Ivy...hey, there isn't much time now is there.

Wow even more spam...and yes nothing of any interest actually happened that day.

I did have someone call for private school..and I mean it's sad that I just played this like Sunday and I can't even remember it.

DAMN! Iago grew up hott.

Here's some stats for the sexy hunk...don't believe that he's that hott?

TAKE A LOOK! And I get to see that every time I play :D

Shots for the birthday crew...Iago, Irving, Ireland and Ivy respectively. Though if you confuse Ivy with anyone I'd have a good laugh...she's the only girl kid in the house.

And since Igor and Iago get along very well, despite finding each other cheating every four seconds. So Iago gets to help him with his homework.

Then he goes and gets himself abducted by aliens...Hey, hes the one who wanted to get the damn scholarship for being abducted.

Then off to school like nothing ever happened. What will ever happen?

- Sorry it's so delayed but I was on a playing binge and when I actually enjoy playing I can get on a long playing binge.
- IDKs are next...I hope for next weekend but who knows...I do have fun playing with them.
- I couldn't believe that Fox and Randy both died the same damn killed me :( then of course all the crying was getting to me.
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