TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Sims update

So i know my legacies arent exactly super famous or anything but i thought i would let you guys know what my plans are for all of my legacies.

Its been getting a bit worrysome for my, with the simpsons hood having like 1200 sims in it, thus having lost the graves for many of the simpsons (Daniel and Rochelle can't be resurrected at all, like the files are dead!) and my contemplation of adding Uni to the IDKs for a while. I decided that after all the heirs of the generations (minus the Pimlicos) become adults I will clone them in body shop and start a new neighborhood for all of them wont be for a the hunters have been played to poll, the pimlicos are an easy fix of just moving in the parents and lot moving it to the new hood, The simpson heir is in Uni right now so maybe like another 3 updates possibly, and the IDKs i dont even know how long til I'm ready for heirship on them. Its just to let you know so that when the scenery changes you arent surprised
Tags: hunter, idk, pimlico, simpsons, sims

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