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The Hunter Awesimsauce ISBI 1.3

So to recap, last time we saw the birth of the first born kid of the ISBI, named Indigo, a cute little boy. Él decided to stay extra classy by getting the mail in her underwear. Drew decided that with numerous sims in the neighborhood by rikkulidea he would find one to get it on with, though when he tried the guy lusting for him, Brent Deline, he was rudely rebuffed. They moved into a new house and started a home business, which many customers though that Él was out of her mind, even though she claimed she wasn't. It got so bad that even the nanny they hired to help take care of the house was complaining about how nuts she was. Él almost had a miscarriage but managed to give birth to twin boys: Eggplant and Mulberry.

SO with all that being recapped, Drew makes his way into town, leaving the poor kids with Él, poor things.

At the Kiddie Castle, we run into Taylor Leippert who was a birthday gift to rikkulidea and just roams around the town

When will I find love?

Never hun, or at least not with Drew.

But its pixel_trade day here, with White Chocolate Von Prism, Haley Peet and Rafe Roberts (radiationpoison, dothesmustle, and leenyland respectfully).The other 2 are townie bitches who need to go away.

Oooo shit, free things are always good.

We leave for King's Garden and happen to run into SHAKIRA SOWHUT leenyland trying to concoct a scheme to get into the fame, as she was shunned by her family for her little sister.

Faelni Moore rikkulidea stops on by here for some food, after the whole round robin she was in fell apart...She doesn't look happy about it.

Giraffe Fauna decides to roam around, forgetting that she's an old and probably dead hag that went to live in a far off land of bondchick_nett's game.

Levi Roberts...or as i was told after he came over Israel Roberts leenyland decided to catch up with his new friend, after all Drew wanted to be friends with him since he was a kid.

SHAKIRA and Drew just decide to hook up randomly, despite the fact that Faelni is standing there and is definitely worthy of her uterus being used.

You know, I think we definitely need to hook up. I'm so drunk right now.

Wow, what a slut.

Really, wow and she's taking charge. Drunk sluts are go these days i guess.

Oh shit, here comes SHAKIRA's brother. (leenyland SOLAR SYSTEM SOWHUT)

SO apparently drunk is also good for exhibitionism...seriously I think ACR needs to be turned down a lil bit. In front of IMHO, an old dude and the charleton.

Drew comes out of the room to be swooned over by almost everyone...except the lesbian townie that wanted DIAF way back when. But who's around...Ananke Randolph rikkulidea...but seeing as I have somewhat of an issue using the heirs, she might be useful in another way.

So my house was totally robbed and my husband didn't do anything.

That sucks, I'm sorry he's a lazy bastard.

Ooooh, this could be awesome!!! Yes i do have a particular person in mind.

WTF?! You gave me the damn papergirl. I hate you Ananke....better watch your back bitch!

Why isn't he talking to the girl i introduced him to?

Is he really on a date with that teenager?!

No Kelpie, he isn't on a date with her...but some stupid bitch tried to set him up on one.

So I heard that Nick Laurince got someone pregnant at HOOPLA the other day, isn't he like your cousin or something?

Does it really look like I care, why didn't you talk to the date i set you up on?

She was 15, I don't need to go to jail. Besides, I have a couple of kids at home.

Mmmm hello Adrenaline Mikelisryker (yes he got his last name from his creator.)

Back to the homestead we go, this nite out was a severe bust.

And we get to see Michael Charvat and Panther Fauna...

and Aphrodite Randolph. Haven't you whored up one family enough yet bitch?

So Él has decided to even piss off her best friends...namely Michael. At least she's not going after him even though they are idiots.

And the fail has finally passed onto the next generation. Poor Indigo just has no shot of being normal does he?

I mean lets take a look at who he has to look upto, his mother is narcoleptic even when she isn't pregnant.

Look I only gave you my number out of courtesy. I mean I really just couldn't think of a fake number. It was a fling, not gonna happen again.

After all who would wanna marry a guy when his house looks like crap. Can we please clean up this shit?

Stop looking at Bailey Lutzen simfinite like that Drew, shes forbidden and a teen. But at last we find out beautiful target arriving to the lot. Hello Athena Randolph. (other sim is Miranda Charvat-Moore)

So Bailey and Ball of Stink both decide to watch a bit of TV with Indigo a bit before his birthday.

Miranda catches a seat right as Indigo grows up....horribly...what did you expect? He wasn't trained at all.

Aren't I a brat blocking the TV on you? Leave now before I yell.

So good looking, how about you and me learn some math.

Whoa dude! Isn't that your kid that just had a birthday?

Well Ya, but my wife is mentally unstable...

..and I think i passed down to my kid.

I hate you dishwasher. You suck.

Um ya, mentally unbalanced is a check.

Ugggh really Él, you couldn't even try to make it to the bathroom?!

Really, you pee and now you go grubbing in the damn least make something for your kid to eat.

Good girl...hey it may not be nutritious, but its food.

Oh gee, I wonder why on earth she missed work...cuz she's a fucking moron you're right.

Heeeeey, If you think its a problem, maybe you should do something about it.

Haha the first sign of her cracking. I'm surprised it took this long for her to start cracking.

And the babies birthday apparently...Mulberry pre-makeover.

and post-makeover. I think he looks adorable...and he has elf ears.

and here's Eggplant ears for him unfortunately.

LOL decided to stop by, cuz what better way to waste space in the house than with someone who can't do anything with.

and Jade Crayola leenyland,

and Drew's little sister Kelly...I guess her life isn't all that it's cracked upto be in simtasia's game.

Drew finally befriends Indigo...and it only took like halfway through his childhood...they basically have no interaction because Drew is too busy when he gets home.

Drew decides that since he has the day off tomorrow, he needs to get out on the town with someone. And Indigo starts acting like the little shit I expected him to be, stop making a mess, dammit.

And he decided to invite out Athena with him.

The Crypt-o-Night Club is always a great spot for a has almost anything you could ever need.

Drew was so excited to get out of the house, he didn't even change out of his pajamas. Lets see who else is around...

Malachite Crayola leenyland, Ash Yarn eleme...

and Ginger Smustle dothesmustle is tormenting a random townie. Man that girl is a bitch.

So we start with a romp in the photobooth...

Then he takes her home and gets it on again...I wonder why Él never cared. (to be honest I forget where she was but she actually wasn't mad)

I decided to have her as a baby momma...It would be nice to have some options.

Um well that didn't take very long now did it. I bet she planned this shit.

Athena, though, is very unlike Él. She can actually handle customer complaints, and talk them up. Its like day and night.

Dragon Snort Glittergaze simtasia, Noah Deline and Eros IDK rikkulidea show up to complain, and even States Lutzen simfinite is gonna join the party.

LOL Eros lost a star and Él went nuts. I don't think i've read an ISBI with a therapist this early.

Athena is getting hit with morning sickness...

and an almost miscarriage. Seriously Now that sounds like the Athena I knew to love.

She takes into practicing for motherhood, not the the kid's mother will actually do anything to help out.

Hey Eggie, wanna get some food?

You Athena, can you grab me a sandwich. I'm so glad Drew hired you for a live in nanny.

Again, not the sharpest tack in the box.

I wanted a sandwich, not pork chops.

Él you need to keep up your strength.

Athena pops...I wonder how on earth she's gonna explain the kid to Él.

Chance card...damn i wish i could pass would be alot easier, even if i do win them most of the time.

Birthday time for the twins. Wonder if they will grow up horrible like Indigo?

Well half right, but seriously, How the fuck did Eggplant grow up well?

LOL time #2 really Él, stop being pathetic. At least your kids have some brains.

Drew, I think we need to tell Él that I'm pregnant with your kid. I love you enough to take the brunt of it.

Hey In, did you hear that nanny Athena is having a baby?

I heard them making the baby, I'm scared for life.

Mom's nuts

Él's nuts.

Like you expected anything else.

She's in the middle of a breakdown and manages to finally catch them cheating. Well I guess they dont have to tell her anymore.

Well as if we didn't know this would happen. Spousal abuse and the kids running and screaming into the night.

Look, it was a one time thing, but I got her pregnant, so I have to help support the baby.

So you aren't still sleeping with her?

You know she's sleeping on the couch, how am I still sleeping with her?

Athena seems to be growing bigger and bigger these days.

Just take a look at her, she better only have one in there.

LOL she got herself addicted to the exercise bike that I threw out into the yard.

and then she passes out in the bathroom. What the hell is this shit. You were doing so well Athena.

Geeez she tries to take the easy route out and dies! Not gonna be that easy sweetie.

Don't take my love, she's carrying my unborn child.

OK, but be careful with her this time, I won't be so forthcoming again.

LOL she comes back to life, and pees on the floor...really Athena. At this rate I don't know who's the bigger idiot.

Then i kicked them out and moved them into a new house...cuz there wasn't enough room in that house for the whole family. I found this houseplan on some site, and modified it a little bit.

Aren't they just so happy about their new house.

Everyone decides to start fishing...after all its apparently everyone's favorite hobby.

AFK IDK decides to stroll by, but gets nothing because Drew is at work and i can't control anyone else.

Drew does come home with Kelpie though....who knows with 3 boys around its a good chance a male will be heir LOL.

and Lion Fauna decided to take a stroll by...sorry hunny, but you are not for Drew now shoo.

So Kelpie comes home with Drew, but Nagini calls non stop every day to talk to him. Think they really wanna get into one of the families.

And Athena decides that now she is gonna go into labor...lets see what we get this time around.

WOW we get an adorable little girl, mom's eyes, dad's hair...her name is Violet because well its the perfect girl's name with a purple theme.

Hermes rikkulidea must have heard that his sister had a baby, and decides to come see how she is. Katrina Farkelberg simplicist decides to stop and stare at how hott Hermes is.

Él, seriously it hasn't been that long since you had a baby

How do i get him to stop crying? Drew always did that.

Well you could try to change HER diaper since she smells something rancid.

Woohoo, another chance card! and i lost, go figure.

make that 2 loses and one win.

Él finally decides to leave the baby care alone for the day and take up something else. Reading is fundamental after all.

Awesome, Athena still had enough points to get promoted, and since it's 3pm.

I use her one command to send her tushy right on back to work. She may reek and everything but she's goin to bring back a paycheck.

Pollux decides to stroll by, while Ananke leaves...really this family is all sorts of dysfunctional, and it isn't even mine.

correction 3 failures...and I'm out.

Amethyst Lutzen simfinite comes by but again of course, no one is coming out to greet, not that it matters though cuz it's a business.

And I leave you with Indigo's birthday celebration...what will he turn into being?

A fat pleasure sim who wants a hard working buff person who isn't a zombie...No orientation for him yet.

As you can see, I went against the Awesimsauce rule of 2 kids...but when the poll comes it will be down to 2 sims

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 2
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 2
Self-Wettings: 4
Pass-Outs: 8
Fights: 0
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 0

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: fauna, hunter, idk, yarn

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