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What the hell

OK so for some strange reason I keep getting comments from anonymous users and its nothing but a bunch of garbage and like spam...so for now, probably for a while too, I will only let registered users comment so if i get spam i can ban people...I also have reported it to Livejournal

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simsforaranya February 23rd, 2011
I get a lot on this journal. especially on my stickypost. Vair annoying, especially the ones for Russian porn. -.-

mikelisryker February 23rd, 2011
I've been getting comments like this the past couple of weeks. And I just enabled anon posts. Poo.

radiationpoison February 24th, 2011
I keep getting these weird, rather pointless comments on my writing journal :\ Not even sure what they are.

so_goshable February 27th, 2011
I'm getting a lot of that on my personal journal and community. I've noticed that it seems limited to public posts, especially ones with an uploaded gallery/scrapbook image. Awhile back, thanks to 'LJ Toys', I discovered some sights that posts all the images uploaded through LJ, which links back to their posts - these were PhotoBucket images or anything, just one's hosted by LJ.

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