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Kingbee Challenge #9

It's me again...aren't you just sick of me?

Lava Niji racetrackd looking all adorable in his orangeness. Hey I pestered her enough to send him to me well beforehand, and i just sat with it on my computer because of my damn job.

I finally wisened up and decided to make everyone in the neighborhood gay..Lava wound up with 2 bolts with me. This was waay too easy.

SO these are the faces of people who know they just made a baby. Don't they look excited?!

Time for labor...you all knew this was coming...but one other picture for you guys.

LOL even the babies don't want another sibling...poor kids. SO the naming theme comes from our lovely Lava...Lava for some reason made me think of Hawaii...so the naming scheme is Hawaii-esque.

(Elf Ears)

Download Aloha Niji-Andrews

Download Aloha Niji-Andrews with no CC

Download Luau Niji-Andrews

Download Luau Niji-Andrews with no CC

Download Maui Niji-Andrews

Download Maui Niji-Andrews with no CC

(Elf Ears)

Download Oahu Niji-Andrews

Download Oahu Niji-Andrews with no CC

Download Palm Niji-Andrews

Download Palm Niji-Andrews with no CC

(Elf Ears)

Download Pineapple Niji-Andrews

Download Pineapple Niji-Andrews with no CC

(Elf Ears)

Download Volcano Niji-Andrews

Download Volcano Niji-Andrews with no CC

Download Waikiki Niji-Andrews

Download Waikiki Niji-Andrews with no CC

If you'd like a sim of yours used...just comment :)

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racetrackd March 9th, 2011
I am taking Luau, Volcano, and Waikiki! Gorgeous :3
You're doing so good on your kingbee, I jealous. I can't see to get past the rut I'm having with mine.

Oh oh! And I'm taking Oahu! <3
Thanks for using Lava in your simsperiment! :D

kingmike1224 March 10th, 2011
LOL i dunno it seems like its hard but really it isnt...and Lava was great at helping out

I dunno personally i absolutely love Aloha and Pineapple...I think they came out amazingly!!

flowne_lytehart March 9th, 2011
Oh, wow, they look awesome! *debates taking them all*

kingmike1224 March 10th, 2011
Thanks...but really it isn't hard with the hott dads I get to use.

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